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All About English Grammar Class 4 - The Noun and Its Kinds

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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English Grammar Noun for Class 4 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

In Class 4 English Grammar syllabus, you have a chapter on nouns which is essential for you to learn. Do you know what a noun is? What are the types of nouns? The noun refers to a naming word. It names things like places, people, ideas, and other things. 

For example, Rohini is playing; I am a girl. The words ‘Rohini’ and ‘girl’ are nouns in these two sentences. In Class 4 English grammar syllabus, the noun is taught. In this article, we will learn various types of nouns. 

In English grammar, there are 6 types of nouns. They are described below.

Proper Noun

Proper nouns refer to certain places, things, or people. 

Example: Delhi, Taj Mahal, Rabi.

Common Noun

Common nouns refer to the noun which names a common type of things, places, and persons.


Example: boy, girl, book, tree.

Collective Noun

Collective nouns are nouns that name a collection of things, animals, and persons. 

Example: a flock of birds, a galaxy of stars, a pair of socks.

Here, the words ‘flock’, ‘galaxy’, and ‘pair’ are the collective nouns.

Abstract Noun 

Abstract nouns refer to the noun name of something that no one can touch or see but think about.

Example: love, bravery, sleep, truth.

Material Noun 

Material nouns are nouns that express a material from which things are made. 

Example: Gold, cotton, glass.

Benefits of Learning Nouns and Its Kinds for Class 4

  • Learning various nouns is very important if you want to learn English. Nouns are the most important part of the sentence, and almost every sentence in English has one or more than one nouns in it.

  • Along with verbs and pronouns, nouns are the basic parts of speech that can act as a subject or an object in a sentence. 

For example, Harry is sleeping; I like to eat chocolate. In the first sentence, the word ‘Harry’ is a noun and the subject of the sentence; in the second sentence, the word ‘chocolate’ is a noun and the object of the sentence.

Examples of the Noun and Its Kinds for Class 4

  • Rahim is singing. (Rahim: proper noun)

  • The dress is made of cotton. (Dress: common noun, Cotton: material noun)

  • I love my friends. (Love: abstract nouns, friends: common noun)

  • She gave me a jar of honey. (Jar: collective noun, Honey: proper noun)

Interesting Facts About Nouns 

There are many interesting facts about nouns: 

  • The proper nouns always start with a capital letter. (Example: Delhi, India, Ron)

  • Nouns are generally placed in a sentence after words like ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘some’, or ‘the’.

  • The word ‘noun’ is itself a noun. Isn’t it funny??

Noun Chart for Class 4

Proper Noun

Common Noun

Collective Noun

Abstract Noun

Material Noun



A packet of chocolates





A bowl of fruits





A circle of friends





A troop of soldiers





A bundle of note





A team of players.



Important Topics of the Noun for Class 4 

In the Class 4 English Grammar syllabus, you will learn nouns. The important topics of this chapter are as follows:

  • What is the noun for Class 4?

  • What are the different types of nouns?

  • Identify each type of noun.

  • Make sentences for each type of noun.

Class 4 English the Noun and Its Kinds Free PDF Download 

  • You can download the noun and its kinds for Class 4 PDF for students; it will provide them a detailed concept of the topic.

  • The noun exercise for Class 4 with answers includes additional questions and customised worksheets to help students practise the topic for their exam.

Vedantu’s experts will provide the online classes on the noun for Class 4. Students of Class 4 can check the online English grammar classes from Vedantu’s website. We hope the kids will benefit from attending these classes.

FAQs on All About English Grammar Class 4 - The Noun and Its Kinds

1. What are special nouns?

Abstract nouns are also known as special nouns as these types of nouns express things that we can’t touch or see but think about or feel.

2. What type of noun is school?

School is a common noun, but if the exact name of a school is mentioned, then it becomes a proper noun.

3. What type of noun is the word ‘Childhood’? 

The word ‘childhood’ is an abstract noun as it can’t be seen or touched by anyone.