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English Grammar Class 4 - Conjunction

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Conjunction Examples for Class 4 - Download Free PDF with Solution

The concept of conjunctions doesn't sound too bad, right? You might be perplexed, but don’t you fret, the confusion that takes place is very much common and happens to the best of us. In English, conjunctions are one of the parts of speech and play huge roles in connection with grammar. Once mastered, students will tremendously gain from it, greatly enhancing their grammar skills as they advance to higher classes.

To begin with, what is the definition of conjunction for Class 4? It is used to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences and are of two types (coordinate and subordinate). In conjunction for Class 4, children will be learning how to use and identify conjunctions in sentences. With the conjunction examples for Class 4 and conjunction sentences for Class 4, which contain enough examples of conjunctions, students are able to patiently comprehend this grammatical theory along with several worksheets and exercises that ardently put their skills to the test.

Benefits of Learning Conjunction in Class 4 English Grammar

  • Conjunctions are a crucial part of speech connecting sentences and can also be effectively used when it comes to writing as it indirectly begins new sentences too.

  • They form part of the heart of English, just like the other parts of speech, revealing several kinds of connections between words, clauses, statements, and sentences.

  • Since many students struggle with it, learning this as a distinct topic in conjunction sentences for Class 4 will magnify their control and comprehension of English grammar.

  • Conjunctions inform the readers/writers about the possibilities of extending sentences as per their convenience, adding a lot of style-related variety to it.

Examples of Usage of Conjunction for Class 4

These are a few conjunctions exercises for Class 4 with answers example :

  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions :

  • I don’t like coffee _____ it is too bitter for my taste.

  • I bought bouquets of spider lilies _____ cherry blossoms at the flower shop.

  • I love skydiving _____ I am afraid of heights.

  1. Rewrite the sentences by choosing the proper conjunctions :

  • I love playing the piano. It makes me happy. 

  • I don’t like to run. I don’t like to exercise.

  • I wish to meet the Chesire cat. It does not exist in reality.

(and, because, but, or)

Interesting Facts about Conjunction for Class 4

  • The conjunction “and” is used to connect any two words or sentences that go side by side.

  • The conjunction “but” is used to join any two rods or sentences that do not go together.

  • The conjunction “or” is positioned between two words/sentences during the presence or a possibility of choice.

  • The conjunction “because” is used to connect a sentence with another sentence as an explanation/reason, usually answering the “why” questions.

  • A coordinate conjunction connects any two clauses/statements that hold equal importance and significance in portraying the meanings and consist of:

    • and 

    • but 

    • or 

    • either 

    • neither 

    • nor 

    • so 

    • yet

  • A subordinate conjunction joins one main clause/statement with another subordinate clause/statement to acquire the complete meaning, usually connecting two clauses/statements that are not equal in importance or rank, consisting of:

    • after 

    • as 

    • because 

    • although 

    • before 

    • than 

    • though 

    • if 

    • until 

    • that 

    • while

  • More conjunction examples for Class 4 that have facts and explanations help students find it easier to carry out exercises.

Important Topics of Class 4 Conjunction

These are the following topics you will be learning in conjunction for Class 4:

  • What are conjunctions and how, where to use them?

  • Identifying conjunctions in a sentence.

  • How to rewrite sentences containing different conjunctions.

  • Fill in the blanks with the suitable conjunctions.

  • Several other conjunctions for Class 4 with answers exercises.

Class 4 English Chapter 15 Free Pdf Download

  • Teaching grammar to students is a very hectic and difficult job. With these PDFs, teachers and students can say goodbye to the neverending struggles of manually trying to write things down on the boards hoping students will magically absorb them.

  • Pdfs are very much student-friendly and this form of file is exactly what Vedantu provides, with conjunction for Class 4 with answers and conjunctions exercises for Class 4 with answers pdfs available for free downloads at any time, anywhere.

  • The pdf format is truly ideal for students of Class 4 as it loads quickly and they don't have to worry about any information/content being misplaced as it is constant and can never be altered or changed unless needed.

  • These pdfs will also assist them as extra material in preparing for their exams and class tests.

The subject experts present at Vedantu prepare several grammar worksheets and conjunctions exercise pdfs that contain conjunction examples, definition of conjunction for Class 4, conjunction sentences examples, conjunctions exercises for Class 4 with answers, which turn out to be very helpful to their students of Class 4 in aiding them to understand this grammatical concept smoothly.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 4 - Conjunction

1. Can you begin a sentence with a conjunction?

You could start sentences with “and'' and “but” or other conjunctions but you may come across people who believe that beginning sentences with conjunctions is a grammatical error. Taking your audience into consideration while formating your sentences should do the trick.

2. Do conjunctions require commas?

When a coordinating conjunction connects any two main clauses/statements, then a comma is used before the conjunction and is not used when connecting short sentences or small, irrelevant words.

3. How important are conjunctions in writing?

Conjunctions are basically linking words allowing sentences to link together in order to offer more information about/in the same sentence. Their usage also immensely enhances the variety in sentences/paragraphs, making it an overall interesting read.