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CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle

CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle is available here at Vedantu solved by expert teachers as per the latest NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. You will find a comprehensive collection of Questions with Solutions in these worksheets which will help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks in a fun way.

Studying can be very serious at times since after having so many concepts and other tough topics, students get stressed on the academic front. Competition also makes it more difficult for the young students studying in Class 1 to compete on each and every level to be the best but while doing all these things in a more interactive or fun way, the stress that a child hold onto can be relieved.CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle focuses on the interactive learning  so that a child can learn the topics in easiest possible way.

Based on the latest CBSE English curriculum, Vedantu provides you solved solutions to your NCERT English questions. In this unit, a young girl named Mohini learns how to draw circles and its uses as she bonds with her grandmother.

Students can also find detailed NCERT Solutions as per the different exercises and exercises that are included in this chapter. On our official website you can also find a link to download it, or just click on the following link. If you want your child to ace his/her exams with good grades, then you should also check out the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 for each subject.

You will be able to study Class 1 English and excel in the examination by constantly cross-checking and verifying your answers against the CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle provided by us. Also, you will have the authority to specifically choose whichever topic you wish to revise and complete the preparation for the exam at a pace that suits you the best.   

Both the sets, i.e. Set 1 and Set 2 of NCERT Class 1 English Worksheets for Chapter 5 with solutions will be uploaded soon on this page.

Summary of CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle Includes a Child and Her Grandmother's Story.

The Child's name is Mohini. The story covers a joyful conversation between Mohini and her grandmother. Grandmother draws various things which are in context with the Circle i.e. a ball, balloon, Wheel, clock etc and ask her granddaughter to draw that same. So by that, she can learn the objects related to the circle in a fun and with great zeal.

Conclusion of the Story

The Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle story concluded in that way as the importance of the objects around us and the way of teaching them. As my grandmother drew just a circle and Mohini made different things just from that circle gives the significance of the shapes around us and how important are those shapes in our life. Also, it is an easier and more interactive way of learning as you will always remember the things around you if you are fully aware of those shapes.

FAQs on CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5

1. Will providing students with English Marigold worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle be helpful for them to easily grasp the concepts?

With worksheets for learning, you will be able to understand the concepts of class two in a way that is fairly quick and simple by interpreting everything you read in your own words. In addition, it was common for Class 2 students to merely skim Class 2 books without really understanding what they were reading. However, when you take notes for Class 2 exams, your brain will attempt to extract every single sentence that you write, which is more beneficial. 

2. How can Class 1 English Marigold worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle help you score well?

English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circles can help you score well in the following ways- 

  1. Our Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Circles will help you gain a thorough understanding of a wide range of concepts and concepts prior to the school examinations on time.

  2. The short notes we provide for each chapter of Class 1 will help you learn and review all the main concepts right up until the arrival of the examination hall.

  3. To help Class 1 students achieve the highest possible grades in their exams, Vedantu has created a worksheet specifically for them.

  4. The knowledge that you covered all the key points of the chapter makes studying easier, as you won't have to carry the entire book around with you.

  5. To grasp the concepts quickly and easily, Vedantu's Worksheet is thoroughly explained and will help you score well in the final examination.

3. Explain how shapes or pictures are the best methods to grasp the content of any chapter?

By understanding the following mentioned methods in Chapter 5 - Circle, one can understand the topic in real-time:

  1. Spend some time contemplating the picture so your mind can help you answer the questions related to the shapes on it.

  2. Identify the shapes from your surroundings and compare them so that you can relate and learn the shapes. Note the shape names and try to remember whether it is a circle, rectangle, square, or any other shape.

  3. Concentrate on the meanings of the shapes instead of getting overwhelmed by them.

4. As a child, Mohini has been shown shapes by her grandmother. What shapes has Mohini drawn?

Mohini drew numerous shapes. Mohni was given a circle to draw first, then a ball, wheel, balloon, clock, big and small circles so she could make as many shapes as possible with those circles. She also coloured some of the circles to make them look more attractive. In addition to her face, she drew a moon, a rabbit, a sun, and a rabbit. Her face was filled with happiness after she had drawn all the shapes from the circle. It had been a sort of achievement for her.

5. How do you define the key criteria to follow when it comes to worksheets?

When working with English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 5 - Circle, you should adhere to certain criteria. We have listed them below.

  1. Note the important material that is presented in the worksheets, so that you can understand the topics briefly.

  2. The English Marigold Worksheets Chapter 5-Circles worksheets are designed in such a way that you can easily understand the details presented in them. So, as you read through each one of the worksheets in English Marigold Worksheets you should read it thoroughly.