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CBSE English Class 1 Marigold Solved Worksheets for Chapter 4 Story - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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CBSE English Class 1 Marigold Solved Worksheets for Chapter 4 Story - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Class 1 is when kids learn to recognise words and sentences, and read short and simple stories and poems. Hence, introducing children to interesting animal stories with morals is a good way to capture their attention, spark their imagination and boost their reading and writing abilities. Unit 4 of Marigold brings for Class 1 students the story Mittu and the Yellow Mango. The prose piece narrates the story of a parrot named Mittu who uses his wit and intelligence to get himself a juicy mango from a tree that was guarded by a crow who wasn’t allowing him to take it.


CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 4 - Mittu and the Yellow Mango are available here at Vedantu solved by expert teachers as per the latest NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. You will find a comprehensive collection of questions with solutions in these worksheets which will help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in a fun way. Download the worksheets for Mittu and the Yellow Mango to practise various image-based and activity-based exercises for Chapter 4 and improve your scores.

CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets with Answers for Chapter 4

Summary of Chapter 4 - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

The story starts by introducing a parrot to the students named Mittu who is green in colour and has a red beak. One day, when Mittu was flying over a tree, he saw a yellow mango. He wanted to eat it. A crow who was pretty rude lived in that tree. So, when Mittu tried to get closer to the tree, the crow shouted at Mittu to leave. Mittu got scared and fled, but came back with an idea. While returning he saw a red-coloured balloon and an idea came to his mind. In his beak, Mittu brought a red balloon. He burst it behind the tree. This made a loud noise. The crow fled in fear. Finally, Mittu got the mango and he ate the mango happily. 


The story ends on a happy note teaching students that you should not get scared of anything in life and always think wisely and come up with new ideas. If you stay brave, you can do everything in the world and the ending will be happy. 


Practise Worksheet Questions for Chapter 4 - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Select the Correct Answer from Below

1. Fill in the missing letters to complete the word:  P_rr_t

  1. Parrot

  2. Pot

  3. Peacock

Ans. Option (a)


2. What fruit did Mittu want to eat?

  1. Apple

  2. Mango

  3. Pear

Ans. Option (b)


3. What kind of bird was Mittu?

  1. Foolish

  2. Rude

  3. Intelligent

Ans. Option (c)


4. Who stopped Mittu from having the mango?

  1. The ree

  2. The crow

  3. A man

Ans. Option (b)


5. What was the balloon’s colour that Mittu brought?

  1. Red 

  2. Yellow

  3. Blue

Ans. Option (a)


Reasons to Solve Benefits of Solving Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 4

If you are still in a dilemma and are wondering why you should opt for our CBSE Class 1 Chapter 4 worksheet, here are a few reasons to clear your doubts.

  • Just reading the chapter from the textbook won’t do any good unless the kid learns it. Solving the worksheets makes them learn the chapter and the moral behind it.

  • Worksheets are designed by subject experts keeping in mind the most expected or frequently asked questions in the exam. This will help the student to score well in the exam.

  • The answers mentioned in the worksheets are elaborative and easy to read and understand. This will help students to learn each and every concept behind the chapter in a much better way.

  • If the students solve the worksheets they can self-evaluate their preparation and work harder on the questions they are lagging behind.

  • Worksheets help the students to check the quality of the answers with the answers given at the end of the worksheet.

  • Worksheets help them prepare for various match the following, fill in the blanks and one-mark questions.


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Build your child a strong foundation in the English language with Vedantu CBSE Class 1 English Worksheets with Answers. Download the free PDF file and take a printout if necessary to help your child understand the chapter, learn word meanings, and practise a plethora of exercise questions and objective-type questions. With these worksheets at hand, your child will not only learn their lessons well but also enjoy doing so, which will also be reflected in their exam performance.

FAQs on CBSE English Class 1 Marigold Solved Worksheets for Chapter 4 Story - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

1. What did Mittu see on the tree and how did he get it?

Mittu, the parrot saw yellow mango on the tree one day and since he was scared of the wild crow on the tree he couldn’t get it. He came up with a clever technique of bursting the balloon behind the tree to scare the crow. He was successful with his clever technique and was able to scare the crow with the loud bursting sound of a balloon, and finally, he got the mango when the crow flew away from the tree. 

2. What is the moral of the story: Mittu and the Yellow Mango?

The moral of the story of Mittu and the Yellow Mango is that the greatest thing you can do in life is not to be scared of anything that comes your way, no matter whatever the situation is, never give up and always face it bravely. Also whenever you are in any difficult situation you should not panic and always think wisely and come up with new and clever ideas all the time and try to solve any problem that comes your way without getting frightened.

3. How can parents use Vedantu’s worksheets to teach Mittu and the Yellow Mango to their children?

Reading the chapter from the book is not always easy and there are times when students find it difficult to grasp the moral of the story. This is where worksheets come to the rescue. Vedantu’s worksheets help students to understand the chapter easily. The worksheets are designed in a fun and engaging manner that helps students to grasp the concept easily. Worksheets also allow them to practice the various questions that are most expected in the exam and this way parents can ensure that they answer every question that comes from this chapter in the exam. 

4. What are the steps to preparing for Class 1 English Marigold Mittu and the Yellow Mango?

Mittu and the Yellow Mango is one of the most important and highest weighing chapters of the Class -1 book, so you should give more importance to this chapter.

  • Read the chapter thoroughly from the CBSE book, while reading keep your copy and pencil handy, and write down the important points like the name of the parrot, summary of the story, etc. 

  • To ensure you remember what you read in the story during the exam, make sure you keep detailed notes or a brief summary until exam time.

  • Prepare the word meanings, dictation works, match the following and fill in the blanks from the exercise given at the end of chapter.

  • To prepare Mittu and the Yellow Mango, you can also refer to worksheets available on and download the study material by downloading the Vedantu App. 

5. How to score good marks in Class- 1 English exams?

The following are a few steps you can take to score good marks in Class 1 English exam.

  • Scoring good marks depends upon hard work, and the efforts you put in, so make sure to read every chapter at least twice and solve every question given in the book.

  • The other way by which you can secure good marks is by solving the worksheet. Attempting the worksheet will help you get an idea of the questions that are expected in the exam. 

  • It will also help you analyse your preparation and help to spot your errors or mistakes.