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English Grammar Class 1 - Picture Composition

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Picture Composition Class 1 - Download Free PDF With Solution

Do you find it difficult to form sentences after looking at any picture? Don’t worry, you are not the only one as this is common to most of us. In English, Picture Composition for Class 1 CBSE is important as it improves a child’s creativity. Once you’ve mastered them, they’ll soon help you communicate words with great grammatical precision, heavily improving your grammar skills as you progress to higher classes. Once learnt, children will find it surprisingly easy in upgrading their grammar skills as they progress to higher classes.

Starting off, what is picture composition? It's where one observes the content in the picture given and forms sentences, putting the picture into words. In Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 21 Picture Composition, Students will know how to write sentences by looking at pictures. They will easily understand this creative concept by attempting a few exercises that will test and sharpen their creativity.

Benefits of Learning Picture Composition in Class 1 English Grammar

Picture composition is something which brings out the budding creativity inside class 1 students. In Grade 1 Picture Composition, they will soon be able to deliver good sentences as it is developed by using their imaginations.

  • Picture composition brings out the hidden creativity in students. Its usage confirms the creative development in students.

  • They belong to the artistic category of English, expressing innovation.

  • Most students find it difficult, so learning it as a separate topic in Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 21 Picture Composition will make their understanding easier.

  • Picture composition will develop our skills enough if students make the best of it, creating well-formed sentences and imagination.

Examples of Usage of Picture Composition for Class 1

These are a few sample picture compositions for Class 1.

  1. Look at the pictures and write a few sentences with the words given:


(Image will be uploaded soon)

Deer, Forest, Night

(Image will be uploaded soon)

Cinderella, Magic, Birds

Interesting Facts about Picture Composition for Class 1

  • Picture composition helps in improving the imaginative part of students' brains.

  • This form of writing/composition is very common for primary students as it is fun and encourages them to learn/write more.

  • Picture composition does engage a child depending on the picture’s quality, so providing good quality pictures will be good.

  • Picture composition is actually a writing skill which strengthens a child’s ability to observe, question, and write about any given picture.

Important Topics of Class 1 Picture Composition 

These are the following topics you will be learning in Grade 1 Picture Composition for Class 1.

  • What is picture composition and how to write sentences?

  • Look at the pictures and write sentences.

  • Identifying the type of picture and writing accordingly.

  • Understanding the content in the picture and writing about the important parts.

Class 1 English Chapter 21 Free Pdf Download

  • Many picture compositions for Class 1 CBSE with exercises and examples free pdfs can be downloaded from Vedantu’s website.

  • This pdf will help students in understanding what picture composition is and how to write sentences.

  • If they require any revisions before their exams, printing out the necessary pdfs are recommended as it will also be accessible at all times.

  • Various picture compositions for Class 1 exercises and explanation pdfs can be found, such as what is a picture composition, form your own sentences with the words given below and by looking at the picture, knowing what to include and exclude in the sentences, etc., which will certainly help them during their exam preparations.

The English subject experts at Vedantu provide different kinds of sample picture composition for Class 1 pdfs, containing material on how to write sentences for different pictures with answers, which will relate to the blossoming minds of Class 1 and immensely help them improve their creative skills and imaginative abilities.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 1 - Picture Composition

1. What's the best way to start a picture composition?

The proper way to start a picture composition is to first comment on the main character and describe the sceneries present. In Grade 1 Picture Composition for Class 1, students will learn much more on how to categorise the elements of picture composition.

2. What tense can be used during picture composition?

It is advisable to use present tense to talk about the picture in picture composition.

3. What is the significance of learning picture composition?

Picture composition is very much needed as it helps in revealing the imaginative, creative, innovative, and observation skills in students as it is a key module in grooming the students into potential writers.