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5 Important Reasons to Attempt JEE Main 2024

By Shreya PatroDecember 05, 2023
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Why You Should Attempt JEE Main 2024?

Each year, numerous students graduate from school, faced with the common dilemma of deciding their next steps. Engineering emerges as the preferred choice for many, especially seeking admission to esteemed institutions like IITs and NITs. While this decision holds great promise for learning and contributing to cutting-edge technologies, it also presents a formidable challenge. These institutes offer a myriad of programs, contributing to the development of a well-rounded skill set. However, securing admission to these prestigious institutions hinges on the outcomes of the IIT JEE examinations.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attempt JEE Mains 2022 Exam

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IIT JEE examination is a nationwide gateway examination conducted by JAB to get enrolled in the prestigious Indian institutes of engineering like the IIT, and NITs. 

JEE Main 2024 exam will be held twice this year. The first session will be conducted from January 24 to February 1, and the second session would be conducted from April 1 to 15. To get the complete information, check out the our JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2024 article, where the schedule and details are available in easy to understand format.

This article focuses on the benefits and reasons why you should attempt JEE Main 2024. We aim to provide a clear and precise explanation by defining the 5 reasons to attempt JEE Main. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits and reasons to attempt the nationwide examination, JEE Main!

Details of JEE Main 2024

Prior to the discussion of why you should attempt JEE Main, let us look at the timetable and other details of the examination. Understanding the schedule would help develop an understanding of the stakes involved in attempting the JEE Main 2024.

Full Exam Name

Joint Entrance Examination

Conducting Body

JAB (JEE Apex Board)


Twice a year

Exam Level


Mode of conducting


Application Fee (General)


Release of JEE Main application (January)

November 1, 2023

Release of JEE Main application (April)

To be notified

JEE Main 2024 exam date (January)

January 24 to February, 2024

JEE Main 2024 exam date (April)

April 1st to 15, 2024

Result announcement

March and June

If you are thinking of attempting the IIT JEE examinations, Vedantu has a lot to offer. Check out the following resources:

If you are still confused about why to attempt the examination, let us go through the benefits of attempting JEE Main 2024.

Why You Should Attempt JEE Main 2024?

As mentioned in the details of the JEE Main 2024, the exam would be conducted twice a year. This revolutionary decision is most appreciated by the students as it increases their chances of getting enrolled in their dream college. It essentially acts as a second chance to pursue your dreams. 

As a result, the JEE Main 2024 second session not only allows you a second chance to prove yourself and improve your score, but it also gives you the confidence to take JEE Advanced. Previously, a student could only take JEE Main once a year, and the maximum number of tries was three.

You can now attempt JEE Main six times in three years under the new rule. As a result, your chances of attempting and qualifying for JEE Main are doubled, giving you a better chance of passing with flying colours.

Here are five excellent reasons to sit in JEE Main 2024!

More Prolonged Preparation Time

One of the major benefits of sitting in the JEE Main 2022 exams twice is the increased duration of preparation. Students can now focus more on their preparation as they are allowed more time. Longer preparation time equal to extensive studies, as students have more time they to cover the topics they find difficult. \

So, it is very much recommended to students to attempt the JEE Main examination, as they would have multiple chances to ace the exam and pursue the education in their institution of choice. 

The Idea of Cut-off

The second most important benefit why you should attempt JEE Main is the clear idea of the expected cut-off. Since the exam is being conducted twice, students can have a fair idea of the expected cut-offs of the college. The prediction of the expected cut-off becomes fairly easy based on the past experience of the JEE Main. Students can be more focused on the JEE Advanced 2024 preparations. 

Familiarity with Difficulty Level and Exam Pattern

The familiarity with difficulty level and exam pattern is another important benefit which can persuade the students to attempt the JEE Main examinations in the second session. Since, only after the January session (first session of 2024) of the JEE Main examination the second session will be conducted, students will have access to knowledge about the exam pattern, degree of complexity, and types of problems from a variety of sources. 

Knowing all components of the examination in depth can help you improve your exam preparation and pinpoint the areas where you need to improve. Vedantu offers free resources like JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper to aid students in their preparation.

When it comes to cracking JEE Main 2024, recognizing your shortcomings and flaws has always been advantageous. Learning about the examination ahead of time will assist you in self-evaluation of your expertise, memorization efficiency, and time management. You'll be able to pinpoint the true causes of your exam failures in January and make modifications in order to pass the following time around.

Easy Access to Exam Analysis and Answer Key

The easy access to exam analysis and answer key provides additional benefits to the aspirants of the JEE examinations. The answer key and question paper analysis done by experts allows students to understand the weightage and the trends that are to be followed in the upcoming examinations. This also helps students to self-analyse the weak and strong points of their preparation while the preparative phase of the examinations. 

No More Tension Over Board Exams

The class 12 board exam is considered to be one of the important milestones in the academic career of an individual, thus, it can be hectic to prepare for both the important examinations all at once. Although the JEE Main 2024 exam follows the CBSE syllabus, twice a year plan can greatly ease the burden and increase the chances of getting selected for the examinations - all the reasons to participate in the upcoming JEE exams. 

As the class 12 board examinations are over by the time of JEE Main paper, you may concentrate on your JEE Main 2024 preparation. Furthermore, because the JEE Main syllabus is very comparable to the board test syllabus, a significant portion of preparation is already in place following the board exam. When you finish your board examinations, the pressure of one exam will be lifted, and concentrating on another will become much easier.

A Chance to Score Better

The chance to improve the JEE Main 2024 score in the second session is an evident argument to justify the intention to pursue JEE examination. As previously said, the second attempt for JEE Main 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to correct any errors made in the first attempt.

When you've previously studied for the June term and passed board tests, it's a lot quicker and more efficient to prepare for the same test twice. A modest improvement on your next attempt will increase your chances of being accepted to better universities. You will gain confidence and hence be able to score higher the next time.

Gaining more marks improves your likelihood of acquiring a seat. So have faith in yourself and know that your efforts will never be in vain.


These compelling reasons should encourage you to participate in the upcoming JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations. Remember, following your passion, coupled with sustained effort and consistency, is key to realising your dreams. Our goal is to equip you with a thorough understanding of the JEE Main exams. Stay updated with the latest JEE news on Vedantu's website as you gear up for JEE Main 2024. Best of luck with your preparations!

FAQs on 5 Important Reasons to Attempt JEE Main 2024

1. Why should I attempt JEE Main 2024?

JEE Main opens doors to renowned engineering institutions like IITs and NITs, offering excellent learning opportunities and paving the way for a promising technological career.

2. What benefits come from pursuing engineering at top institutes like IITs and NITs?

These institutes foster the development of cutting-edge technologies and provide a holistic skill set, enhancing your overall competence in the field.

3. How crucial is following one's passion in achieving success in JEE Main?

Following your heart, coupled with consistent effort, is crucial for success in JEE Main. It lays the foundation for realizing your dreams.

4. What comprehensive understanding can I gain from attempting JEE Main exams?

JEE Main exams offer a thorough understanding of various engineering concepts and principles, preparing you for a successful career in the field.

5. Where can I stay updated with the latest JEE news and prepare for JEE Main 2024?

Vedantu's website provides the latest JEE news and valuable resources for JEE Main 2024 preparation. Stay informed and best of luck in your preparations!

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