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What should I do to Keep Myself Motivated all through my JEE Preparation?

By Sagar MankarAugust 19, 2020
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Getting enrolled in the most premier institutes, namely The IITs, is a dream chased by many. The road is not an easy one; the preparation itself is a herculean task which requires a collective engagement of the mind and the body.

Amidst the ever-growing competition, it has become even more challenging to follow the dream as many times negative thoughts deter us. This dream is a demanding one, and it will require the might of your focus and determination. But the question is how to derive the motivation to crack IIT JEE?  

17 Tips that will Keep you Boosted

Stories of rankers entail the fact that self-motivation is the primary factor. It has allowed them to chart the best possible strategy of preparation and sail through the preparation by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some practices that will keep you motivated throughout your preparation.   

  1. Setting Target Goals is the Key

We all work on pre-set goals to achieve the desired outcome. To crack an exam like IIT JEE that comprises severely stiff competition, you must have determined and organised goals. Students with Pre-defined goals find themselves motivated to stay focussed and unperturbed even when preparations get harder and demanding.

  1. Curate a Perfect Study Plan for Yourself

There is no short term preparation strategy available for IIT JEE. In this case a consciously formulated study plan covering all the subjects works as a motivation for IIT aspirants. A well-structured study plan will help you identify your progress, keep your preparation on track and move you to work on your goals.

  1. Don’t Fear Exams

Students who bag an All India rank often identify fear of exam as the greatest impediment. AIR holder – 133, Riya Singh mentioned that one must not succumb to inferiority complex regarding their preparation. Such an attitude will only make you fastidious and doubt your strategy of preparation.

  1. Engage in Building Self-Confidence

Increasing self-confidence is a significant motivation for JEE aspirant. In order to remain confident about your preparation, you should continuously engage yourself with mock tests. This helps in identifying the areas of strength and focus on the areas of weakness, which require practice and improvement.

  1. Self-Discipline is a Must

Preparing for IIT-JEE requires conviction and commitment to work on the pre-set goals. The most crucial factor is following strict self-discipline that will impress upon you the motivation to crack IIT JEE. Self-discipline will allow you to outdo yourself, increase your potential to work harder and remain focused.

  1. Curiosity is the Mark of Growth

The more you learn, the more you know. Only the most curious people can secure an AIR rank. IIT aspirants’ motivation is often derived from their curiosity to learn more and not limit themselves to the prescribed syllabus or mock test papers. The more one learns about the facts and fundamentals of the subjects, the closer they are to achieve their goal.

  1. Learning from Mistakes and Practising Regularly.

It is not easy to keep up the motivation to crack IIT JEE when you are faced with disappointments in your preparations. Often poor mock test results may demotivate you and force you to doubt your preparation. However, it is only a positive attitude to learn from previous mistakes and determination to practice until perfection is achieved.

  1. Prevent Yourself From being Overburdened

It is important to save some time for personal hobbies and engagement to avoid being overburdened. This will help remove stress, calm your nerves and keep you focused.

  1. Keenly Follow Your Teachers

Continuous communication and conversation with your teachers will provide you with greater insights about preparation tactics. Guidance from the teacher itself acts as a motivation to crack IIT JEE and help you identify the appropriate course of preparation required to remain concentrated.

  1. Work on Pushing Your Limits

Never settle for less. Following a strict time table may seem difficult in the beginning, but you must strive for pushing your limits through hard work and perseverance. You must consciously work on improving your seriousness and concentration, which are the prime factor to bring out the best in you.

  1. Indulge in a Company of Motivated People

IIT aspirants motivation is strengthened when they remain among the company of people with similar life goals. Interacting with them will not only make your inspiration stronger but will also brew a positive competition. This will push you to work harder and consolidate your dreams and career goals.

  1. Engaging in Positive Self-Talk

It is essential to take care of your mental health while diving into the depth of competition.  Engaging in self-talk acts as a crucial motivation to crack IIT JEE as it will continuously help you identify your goals, regulate your attitude and induce your own self-esteem with optimism.

  1. Achieve Small Targets Regularly

Small steps will carry you forward steadily. Hence it is essential to break the bigger goals into smaller regular tasks. This will help you to focus your determination and work on minute details, carefully building your efficiency.

  1. How to Do and What to Do is the Question

In the face of the vastness of syllabus motivation for JEE aspirants is often obscured by constant procrastination about where to start and how to do it.

The best way to solve this is to follow the recommendations of rank holder about the books they followed and their preparation strategies. This will help you to avoid procrastinating while planning your lesson plan and keep you guided. 

  1. Self-Doubt is a Big NO

Self-doubt is always known to kill positive initiatives. Every effort of motivation for IIT aspirants is marred if you lack confidence in your own preparation or on your own limits. Self-doubt will limit your potential and disassociate yourself from your goals and charted lesson plans. Therefore try to avoid every speck of self-doubt as it will demotivate your ideals.

  1. Think “BIG”

You are the bright minds of the future India, who will lead the generation to great heights of innovation. Therefore think big and infuse your personality with confidence to secure bigger goals and achievements. Your Dreams will keep you going.

  1.  Do it Today.

“Time and tide wait for none”. This old adage is applicable everywhere. While preparing for JEE never leave out anything for tomorrow. Today is the word.

Abide strictly by your self-curated study plan and praise yourself when achieved the same. You will be wondered by your own capability, which will motivate your intentions.

Every dream requires preparation and determination, while motivation emerges as the driving force. Swami Vivekananda had once said, “Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. Therefore pledge yourself from today to follow the above mentioned steps. These will inspire you with the required motivation to crack IIT JEE. Don’t settle until you reach an IIT and motivate your soul until that is achieved.

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