What is The Secret to Clearing JEE Main 2020 Successfully?

by Sagar Mankar, March 31, 2020

JEE Mains is undoubtedly the toughest and one of the most sought after exams in the country. This is mainly because it is a gateway to get a seat into the most coveted engineering colleges in the country -  IIT’s, NIT and GFTI. Every year the level of difficulty of the exams keeps increasing. However, so does the number of exam takers. The fact that competition is skyrocketing has not demotivated students from taking up this exam. 

Following are few tips, which when followed thoroughly will ensure that you crack the exam easily

  • Knowing the exact syllabus - this is the primary and the most obvious step in any exam. Knowing the exact syllabus is very crucial to formulate a study plan. This also is the key to identifying your strength and weak points and to work on the same.

  • Managing time perfectly - competitive exams are all about having proper time management skills. As the questions here are multiple-choice based questions, it is all about arriving at the accurate answer at the shortest possible timer interval. Also, it is important to manage time while studying. This will ensure that you segregate and give time to all the chapters, sections and subjects equal importance.

  • Choosing the right study material - Choosing the right study material is the need of the hour of competitive exams. If the wrong study material is chosen which does not elaborate on the concepts while giving simple short cut techniques to solve the questions in the quickest way possible, then your entire process might fire back. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right study material. JEE study material by Vedantu is one of the best resources available online for students today. Everything being available as free PDF downloads, students will face no lack of study materials to conquer the exams.

  • Know the paper pattern - this is a very important step that most students fail to do while preparing for the exams. Knowing the paper pattern will allow you to play by yur strengths. It will help you to identify various chapters and their weightage accordingly. This will help you to identify your weak point and work on them to make it your strength. Also, it helps you to manage time in the exam hall and answer accordingly. The following is the score pattern of the paper:
    - 4 marks would be awarded for every question answered correctly,
    - 1 mark is deducted every-time a candidate answers the question wrongly. 
    - Zero or no marks will be given to un-attempted questions.

    As it can be observed here that wrong answers garner negative marking, it is important for students to be very precise and accurate while answering the paper.

  • Practise, Practise and more Practise - It is not meaningless when they say ‘ Practise makes a man perfect’. Constant practice is the only means of being able to score extremely well in these exams. With scores of brilliant minds from across the country aiming to get a seat in of the top colleges in the country, the competition is bound to be sky-high. The only way this could be mastered is through multiple practice. There are numerous sample papers, mock tests, NCERT Solutions and other study materials available online to facilitate you with your practice sessions. Ensure you enrol in all of them, and make the most of them perform well in the exam to obtain high scores. 

Why is it important to perform well in the JEE Mains exam?

The JEE Mains exams offer you a choice to make a difference to your career and life ahead. Obtaining a seat beating the cut throat competition in itself is no mean feat. It will garner you with a lifelong respect from everyone for just having to obtain a seat. Also, getting admitted to the top colleges will ensure you have an overall development in your formative years. Other normal colleges tend to just push you to focus on scoring high marks. However, these colleges encourage and ensure you get maximum exposure. Also, huge brands like Google and Microsoft tend to recruit people from these colleges offering them the best packages in the industry. This will set you on a path of absolute success. 

What is The Secret to Clearing JEE Main 2020 Successfully?