What Do I Do 20 Days Before the JEE Advanced?

by Sagar Mankar, August 18, 2020

Last-minute preparation is vital for any exam, and it is no different in case of JEE advanced. While preparing your strategy for this assessment, you must plan out the last 20 days effectively. These few days should be utilised efficiently for revising the topics you already know and by taking regular mock tests.

You might still have queries regarding how to proceed with your last-minute preparation. To resolve these doubts here is a detailed strategy which will help you in JEE advanced preparation in 20 days.

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Why is JEE Advanced Crucial?

Getting admission in one of the IITs is a dream for almost every aspiring candidate. JEE Advanced is a gateway to achieve this dream. However, the level of competition to get through this exam is very high. Millions of candidates sit for this exam whereas less than 1% get a chance to become an IITian. Still, as a candidate, if you are determined to achieve your goal, you need to be prepared to compete with the cream of the country.

Many candidates often wonder how to prepare for JEE advanced in 20 days. Well, to start with, you should ideally begin your preparation right from your class 11 - the vast syllabus demands an ample amount of time for preparation. However, the last few days before the exam is equally crucial since this is when you need to revise all that you have learnt.


Can I Crack JEE Advanced in 20 Days?

The answer to this question depends on how you have been preparing until now. If you started your preparations ahead of time, you would know how to crack JEE advanced in 20 days. In this case, you will have to revise the topics carefully and invest your time in assessing your understanding.

The questions asked in this exam require an in-depth understanding of each topic. Merely studying theories will not be enough to qualify this exam unless your notion of every topic is clear. Therefore, you must effectively utilise these 20 days to enhance your ranking.


20 Days to Go!

First thing, first! Before starting JEE advanced preparation in 20 days, take out some time and do the following.

Step 1: Take a page and divide it into three parts. 

Step 2: Note down chapter names which require no further revision.

Step 3: In the second part, note down the names of those chapters, you feel less confident about and need to go through them again.

Step 4: In the third part, list chapters of which you have little or no idea. 

After these steps do some research online and find out the weightage of every topic, for instance, if you go through the advanced paper of 2019, you will find the following:

  • In Physics, Mechanics had a weightage of approximately 17.34%; Heat and Thermodynamics had 18.55%, and KTG and Thermodynamics had 11.29% share.

  • In Chemistry S, P, D-Block and Hydrogen and compounds had a share of 14.52% approximately.

  • In Maths calculus had a share of 16.94% approximately.

After you have checked the weightage of each topic, go through the third column on your list again. If you see any topic which is of significance, mark it. You can ignore the less important topics for JEE Advanced exam without any further thoughts.


19 Days to Go!

Starting an entirely new topic is a bad idea now unless the third column on your list consists of a vital topic. Remember, it is not possible to complete the syllabus entirely. No matter how much prepared you are, you will always come across some unfamiliar topic. Therefore, instead of wasting time trying to learn something new, it is better to revise what you already know.

Here’s a time distribution for you if you are wondering how to prepare for JEE advanced in last 20 days:


How to Prepare for JEE Advanced in Last 20 Days

2 hours 

Go through those topics which are in the first column of your page.

4 hours 

Revise the topics which are in the second column.

1 hour 30 minutes

Concentrate on those areas which you have highlighted in your third column. These are crucial topics for this exam, and it’s better if you have a thorough understanding of the key concepts. Go through the previous year’s papers and find out from which topics you get maximum questions.

2 hours

Analyse your mock test and identify those areas where you are lagging.


However, it is not essential to follow a set pattern while choosing which subject to study at which hour of the day. Students should study each subject as per their convenience. For instance, some pupils find mornings more suitable for brushing up on their mathematical skills and formulas, whereas others prefer studying at night.

So, you should find out what is working best for you and study accordingly.


16 Days to Go!

In the last fifteen days, your primary focus should be on rectifying your mistakes. To analyse your mistakes better, sit for regular mock tests. There are many online platforms available which conduct mock tests. However, students can opt for online or offline mock tests as per their suitability. Mock tests are crucial if students want to qualify their advanced papers. Some of the ways in which these tests help in your preparation are as follows:

  • It highlights your weak areas.

  • It leads to a revision of important topics.

  • Students get a chance to rectify their mistakes.

At this point in their JEE advanced preparation in 20 days, students should invest more time in achieving perfection. Students should devote proper time to improving their weak areas. After regular mock tests, they will become familiar with the different types of questions. When they finally sit for the exam, they will feel less anxious.


10 Days to Go!

Now that only ten days are left start skimming through study materials. Go through those topics which are crucial from this exam’s perspective. At this point in your JEE advanced preparation in 20 days, you should continue with your mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. Moreover, you should also go through those topics which hold the maximum weightage in this exam. You can go through the chart given below to get an overview of some of the vital topics for JEE Advanced:


S. no.





Conic Section

Geometrical optics

Coordination compounds


Application of derivatives

Units and measurement

Thermodynamics and equilibrium



Electrostatics and Magnetisms

Chemical Kinetics


Differential Equation


Complex numbers and integers


5 Days to Go!

This period is crucial to your preparation for JEE advanced. You should utilise these days to revise formulas. Note down the important formulas on a paper and place it where it is visible all the time. Go through the formulas regularly, but do not neglect the mock tests. Mock tests and its assessment should be your everyday routine during your JEE advanced preparation in 20 days.


The Day Before Your Exam

On this day all you need to do is relax. Meditate if needed or listen to music. As you have covered all most all of your syllabus during JEE advanced preparation in 20 days, set this day aside for one final revision.


Some Additional Tips in JEE Advanced Preparation in 20 Days

Given below are some additional tips for you to go through - 

  • While studying, do not neglect the importance of rest. Plan your routine in such a manner so that you get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep.

  • Meditate every day for at least 15 minutes.

  • Listen to soothing music to calm your mind.

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity. 

  • Try to understand the concepts in-depth.

  • Do not strain yourself before the day of the exam.

So, now that you know the strategy of JEE advanced preparation in 20 days, you can tailor it according to your convenience and requirements. Start your preparation with a clear approach and put the requisite effort to qualify this exam easily.

What Do I Do 20 Days Before the JEE Advanced?