Top 10 Must-Read Tips to Deal with Poor JEE Results

by Amaresh Venkatapur, August 24, 2020

What are some of the ways to deal with poor JEE Results? If you do not qualify for IIT JEE, do not be so quick to put yourself down. It is okay; there are plenty of other means to achieve your preferred career.

There is nothing about which to lose heart. You can either try next year or get into some other renowned colleges. 

If you decide to drop a year and try again next year, remember to start making your study schedule well in advance. Also, you can make your revision timetables. 

If you decide against giving JEE, then it is time to look at some colleges. 

Either way here are some tips to deal with poor JEE result.

How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam – 

1. Calm Down

Again, poor marks in JEE is not something to lose sleep over. The world will move on, and so will you. There are other colleges, some outstanding ones, where you can apply. And you will find what you are meant to be doing anyhow. In the beginning, you may feel a bit sad, but the feeling lasts only a few day. 

Try and forget about it and continue to study for other entrance exams. Do not mess those up just because you did not qualify JEE. 

The exam will come again next year, and then you can sit for it again if you want. 

2. Is JEE Really What You Want? - How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam 

Before you decide to drop a year in preparation, stop! Is IIT your dream? Is engineering your passion? Can you not achieve your goal in any other way? Can you not go to any other college? 

Will you be able to pass IIT semester exams? Most students think they have what it takes, but IITs are for the best of the best and creates extremely competitive environment, which can be unhealthy at times.

3. How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam – Ready to Drop a Year?

So you have decided to drop a year. 

Start your preparation immediately. Do not waste time at all. 

Enrol in new coaching. Change your study material. Do an analysis of what you could have studied better, which subjects were your weak points, which topics you lacked a lot. 

This is crucial to begin the next year of preparation. You do not want to waste your time crying over spilt milk. The past is past, and it is time to look at the future.  

4. How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam – Find Other Colleges

It is time to go college hunting. It is time to make a list of other colleges and other entrance exams you need to give. 

This can be a fun time for you, especially if you were not dead set on JEE. You can start preparing for the next phase of your life and really enjoy the whole process of getting ready to start going to a new college. 

College is a great experience. You will have a great time and make new friends. You will learn everything about being an adult in college since you will be responsible for your life from now on.

5. Time to Relax – How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam

Now that you are done with applying and studying, it is time to relax with your friends and family. Go out. Play. Take a walk. Read a book. Meet with your friends. Meet your grandparents. It is time you enjoyed yourself a little. Watch a movie. Play a board game. Take the dog out for a walk. It is time to do whatever you like. 

6. How to Deal with Bad Results in JEE Exam - Reassure Your Parents

Reassure your parents that you would work smarter since you have understood what it takes. Set yourself a comprehensive work schedule and stick to it. Change your study habits, sit for more tests. Study topic by topic for the first few months until your concepts are clear. 

Then work out tests and questions on those topics. In the last few months, only do mock papers to improve on your timing and fine-tune your thinking skills. Avoid extensive worrying about the results of any previous attempt.

Look forward to the next year’s test.

7. Forget the Past - How to Overcome Failure in IT JEE Exam 

Thinking about the past and brooding over it will not get you anywhere. You need to realise where you went wrong, correct it and move ahead. A race is never won by looking behind. One needs to focus on the finish. So keep your eyes on the target and concentrate on the process. 

8. How to Overcome Failure in IT JEE Exam – Learn from Your Mistakes

If you are looking for what are the best ways to deal with the bad results in IIT JEE, think about this; all failed attempts have reasons and causes. You need to accept your mistakes, but do not be too harsh on yourself. All of us make mistakes; getting up and going is what counts. Rome was not built in a day. It takes time and careful planning to achieve something. 

Try and understand where you could improve, whether in study or time management or in learning and applying concepts or in solving the papers. 

Once you understand your weak links, spend time practising to perfect it. Set a proper schedule and stick to it. Do not dwell on the past. If possible, get a tutor or mentor who could check your progress and offer valuable advice. 

9. Try Harder- How to Overcome Failure in IT JEE Exam

Now is the time to test your limits. If the first attempt did not yield the desired effect, it means you need to try harder, dig deeper, train better and work smarter. These ideas can be translated into practical, implementable tasks. 

Trying harder may mean spending more time in preparation. Working harder may involve getting better study materials. 

It can also mean getting professional help in the form of tutorials or a private tutor. Working harder means being more determined and focussed and believing in yourself.  

In Conclusion

JEE is a very competitive exam. Only the top 1% get into the elite IITs. Do you think these odds are surmountable? Not by the ordinary. Only the extraordinary can manage to crack this paper. 

What happens to the rest of us? We have to go along with the flow of life where ever it takes us. 

No matter what occurs us on this journey, we have to take it in stride and work towards making a better future for ourselves. 

Top 10 Must-Read Tips to Deal with Poor JEE Results