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JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024: Quota, Documents Required and More!

By Shreya PatroDecember 06, 2023
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An Overview of Reservations in JEE Main 2024

The JEE Main examination, conducted by NAT, stands out as one of the most challenging nationwide. Qualifying for JEE is a significant milestone in students' academic journeys. As a dedicated aspirant, you'll be delighted to explore the relaxation and benefits provided under the JEE Main reservation criteria 2024. These reserved quotas and associated benefits aim to provide underprivileged students with enhanced opportunities to secure a spot in their dream colleges.

Reservation Criteria of JEE Main 2022|Read Details Here

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In an official statement, the NTA released the reservation criterion for JEE Main 2024. Candidates preparing for the JEE Main 2024 sessions should be aware of how comprehending the reservation norms benefits them in terms of a lesser application fee, JEE Main cutoff marks, and admission cost due at the time of admission to the relevant JEE Main institute. 

The article below mentions the reservation in JEE Main along with the reservation percentage and the documents required. 

To get the complete information check out the JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2024, where the schedule and details are available in easy to understand format. 

Reservation in JEE Main 2024

It is important to understand the reservation criteria of the JEE Main 2024, as it helps in acquiring the seats and other relaxations offered by the prestigious institutes of India. Applicants that register for JEE Main 2024 under the JEE Main reservation criterion will be given several benefits, such as age limit relaxation, qualifying scores, seat allocation, entrance exam score, and so on, as opposed to non-reserved candidates. At the time of filling out the JEE Main application form, candidates are also offered discounts on application expenses.

The following are some of the important JEE Main reservation criteria for 2024.

  • According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act of 2016, colleges must set aside 5% of total seats for people with disabilities (RPwD Act 2016).

  • Home State Quota, Other State Quota, and Andhra Pradesh State Quota are the three state quotas available in Telangana.

  • In all institutes participating in the JEE Main seat distribution procedure, 5% of total seats are earmarked for female candidates.

  • In NITs, half of the seats are allocated for residents of the home state, and the other half for residents of other states.

  • For the indicated category, vacant Home State Quota seats are changed to All India Seats.


An important point to regard is the proof of the reservation category. Applicants who would like to enrol for the JEE Main 2024 exam as part of the reserved category must provide proper documentation of their eligibility.

Reservation Percentage in IIT JEE Examinations

As we have learned about the criteria of reservation in JEE Main 2022, let us quickly look into the reservation percentage of the JEE examinations, this section will include the precise updated information on IIT OBC reservations, SC, ST reservations and more.


Reserved Percentage 



Scheduled Caste


Scheduled Tribe


Persons with Disability (PwD)

5% (in each category)

Economically weaker sections (EWS)


Important Points on Reservation Criteria for EWS Candidates

The following are some of the important guidelines that must be kept in mind for the EWS candidates.

  • Candidates in the EWS category will be given a 10% reservation in jobs and education, according to the 124th Amendment Bill.

  • The EWS system identifies those candidates who are not eligible for SC, ST, or OBC benefits and have a yearly income of less than Rs. 8 lakh.

  • Candidates must have a Competent Authority's Income and Asset Certification.

Who is Excluded from the EWS Reservations?

The following are some of the guidelines based on which a candidate can decide whether they fall under a category or not.

  • Anyone whose household own 5 acres or more of agricultural land.

  • Applicants whose parents hold residential properties of roughly 100 sq. feet or higher by the notified municipality. 

  • Candidates whose families possess a home plot of 200 square yards or more outside of the notified localities.

Important Points on Reservation Criteria for Women Candidates in JEE Main

The following are some of the important guidelines or facts reading the reservation criteria for women candidates in JEE Main.

  • Female candidates are required to apply under the All India Level, also known as the Women Quota System.

  • It is done because a number of universities have set aside 5% of reserved seats for women.

  • There are several institutions that provide some flexibility when it comes to the percentage of marks.

  • For example, if a college's cutoff is nearly 95%, then girls with 90% can apply for the same seat.

Important Points on PwD Reservation 

The following are the important points to keep in mind for reservation in JEE Main under the PwD quota.

  • There is an additional 3% relaxation for candidates who fall within the PwD category.

  • Specified Disability refers to disabilities that are identical to those listed in the RPwD Act 2016 Schedule.

  • In JEE, there are various sorts of physically challenged reservations. The following are the most common disabilities:

  1. Low vision and blindness.

  2. Hard of hearing and deaf people.

  3. Cerebral palsy, dwarfism, and acid attack victims are examples of locomotor disabilities.

  4. Mental illness, intellectual disability, or any other learning disability.

  • Other specified disabilities' are listed in the PWD Act 2016's Schedule.

Documents Required to Claim Reservation in JEE 2024

Since we have learned about the JEE Main reservation criteria 2024, let's quickly learn about the documents required to claim a reservation in 2024. We will also learn about the steps to claim the reservation.

  • A properly signed class certificate in the required format from the competent authority will be considered.

  • To apply for JEE Main Reservation, PwD aspirants must have a disability certificate.

  • Income and Asset Certificate to claim the EWS category reservation.

How to Claim the Reservation? 

Following are some important points to keep in mind while claiming the reservation.

  • Aspirants must indicate their category in the JEE Main 2024 Application Form and fill it out completely.

  • At the time of JEE Main Counseling, they must present relevant and genuine credentials for verification.

  • Candidates who fail to present the appropriate documentation will be denied the reserved category privilege. They will only be classified as unreserved.

  • At the time of admittance, valid documentation was required to claim the reserved seats.

  • The list of candidates for JEE Main will be announced as soon as the JEE Main Result is announced.

Reservation Criteria of Various Institutes

Several universities accept JEE Main admissions for engineering courses, and each has its unique set of reservation requirements. When it comes to Institutes of National Importance, the JEE Main 2022 reservation requirements for this kind of university are as follows:

  • Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must adhere to the All India Quota when admitting students to engineering programmes because all Indian Institutes of Technology are run by the government.

  • Admissions to IIITs are based on an All India Quota as well as Home State and Other State Quotas.

  • Enrollment is decided according to the All India Quota basis in GFTIs.

  • The exception to this is Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, and IIEST Shibpur, where home state and other state quotas apply.

  • The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) offer engineering admissions based on state quotas and other state quotas.

These are all the important details that a student must know, Vedantu aims to help students in achieving their dreams, it provides a range of freely accessible resources. 


Resources Available at Vedantu

The following are some of the important resources offered by Vedantu to excel in the JEE Main examination of 2024.


This concludes our discussion on JEE Main reservations, including reservation percentages. It's essential to pursue your aspirations with dedication and consistency to achieve your goals. We trust this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of JEE Main examination reservation criteria. Visit Vedantu's website for the latest JEE news and resources to aid your preparation for JEE Main 2024.

FAQs on JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024: Quota, Documents Required and More!

1. What is the purpose of JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024?

JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024 aims to provide equal opportunities by allocating quotas for various categories, ensuring fair representation and opportunities for all.

2. How does reservation benefit underprivileged students in JEE Main 2024?

Reservation ensures that students from underprivileged backgrounds have a better chance at securing admission to top engineering colleges by allocating specific quotas and associated benefits.

3. What documents are required to avail reservation benefits in JEE Main 2024?

Documents such as caste certificates, income certificates, and other relevant proofs are typically required to avail reservation benefits. Check the official guidelines for specific document requirements.

4. Can you explain the concept of reservation percentages in JEE Main 2024?

Reservation percentages in JEE Main specify the proportion of reserved seats for different categories like SC, ST, OBC, and more. These percentages vary based on government regulations.

5. Where can I find the latest information on JEE Main 2024 Reservation Criteria and related updates?

Stay updated with the latest JEE news and information on JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024 by visiting Vedantu's website. They provide valuable resources to aid your exam preparation.

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