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Low Rank in JEE Main 2020? Try in These Engineering Colleges

By Amaresh VenkatapurAugust 25, 2020
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Low rank in JEE Main 2020? Searching for colleges for low rank in JEE main

There are vast opportunities still in store if you search smartly and apply intelligently. 

IIT JEE is an ultra-competitive engineering examination conducted each year for admissions into India’s premier engineering institutes—the IITs. 

Around 9 lakh candidates take the entrance examination annually, and the odds of getting admission into the 23 IITs are staggering. 

Just because you did not make the top 10,000 rank does not make you any less intelligent for potential success. There are plenty of other options which have churned out successful professionals in the past and will continue to do so in future. 

Tough Competition

Only the country’s top 1% are lucky enough to enter through the gates of these colleges. The competition is immense. And if you do enter, keeping up the expectations and competing with the top 1% in the country is highly stressful. 

The IIT Mains exam is conducted in January and April. Admission is a two-step process. Candidates who qualify the IIT JEE Mains are allowed to give the JEE Advanced. The IITs take it in turns to conduct the JEE Advanced. Then those who qualify in JEE Advanced Exams can submit applications for IITs. 

Getting the IIT of your choice and the branch that you desire is another big gamble. Many a life career is ruined by taking up a stream which is not so desirable even though it is offered by an IIT. 

Hence it is better to take up a stream that you are interested in another less renowned college so that you do not spoil your career.

The IITs have different eligibility rules so it is better you check them out individually. Moreover, there are quotas for various categories, leaving a very few general category seats, narrowing one’s chances of getting a place. 

Low Rank in JEE Main 2020?

If you score low rank in JEE Main 2020, what are your options? 

In the admission counselling process conducted by JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority), you will be able to understand which colleges you are eligible to apply for and which streams you are likely to get.

What is Considered a Low Rank?

Any rank after 50,000 is considered a low rank. The reason it is considered a low rank is because there are not enough seats to accommodate so many students in the premier institutions. In spite of opening several new IITs, there are still limited seats—only around 11,000.  

Here is a seat-by-seat breakdown of the counselling process.


Seats in IITs

There are around 11,000 seats in the 23 IITs itself. These IITs are spread across various states so one can opt for suitable IITs. This leaves 39,000 candidates who will vie for a place in the NITs and IIITs, which are the next best option for engineering courses.

Seats in NITs

31 NITs in India offer a total of around 21,000 undergraduate seats. These are also located throughout the country, giving more opportunities for students. Some of these are newly established. 

Seats in IIITs

There are around 4000 seats in the IIITs. IIITs are dedicated only to Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering candidates. 

So Where Does that Leave You?

Here is a bit of Maths for you. Try to understand the big picture. There are 36,000 seats in total available in the counselling process. 

11,000 (IIT seats, approximate value) +21,000 (NIT seats, approximate value) +4,000 (IIIT seats, approximate value) = 36,000 seats in total (approximately). 

So, understand that not every IIT Mains qualifying student will get a seat in the JoSAA counselling process. 

Your rank has to be within 50,000 if you want to be eligible for a seat in any of the IITs, NITs, or IIITs. This section broke down the seat structure for your convenience. 

If Your Rank is Higher than 11,000 and Lower than 50,000

If your rank is more than 11,000 and less than 50,000 chances, are that you can get admission into the IIITs and NITs.  

First up are the NITs. There are 31 NITs throughout the country. Some of them are old, reputed ones and others are new, recently established ones, all offering a wide range of engineering branches. Do not think the newer NITs are not worth getting into. This is a myth. They are also quite good establishments with latest labs and equipment. 

Next are the IIITs. These institutes are also good nationally reputed education centres on-par with the best NITs. However, the IIITs specialise in courses only for Information Technology and Computer Sciences. If your rank is within 50,000, you can get admission in any of these institutes.

If Your Rank is above 50,000

With a rank above 50,000 chances of getting admission into NITs, IITs, and IIITs is very slim. You have to try in other private engineering institutes or other undergraduate programs of pure science. 

Low Rank in JEE Main 2020? Try in these Engineering Colleges

Low Rank in JEE Main? Check out these Engineering Colleges.

There are two options open to you now. The first option is to try writing the Engineering Entrance Exam of various states like West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam or Uttar Pradesh Joint Entrance Exam. You can get admission into a number of private Engineering colleges in the states as well as government colleges. 

And the second option is not very different. You can try in the following Deemed Universities. 

  • VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology)

  • KIITEE (Kalinga Institute of Technology)

  • V-SAT (Vignan University)

  • KLEEE (Koneru Lakshmaiah Deemed University)


These are the names of the examinations you will need to give to get into a private university. They offer several opportunities for the all-round development and training of the individual which many of the IITs also cannot boast of. 

Management Quota

If you do not manage to clear any of the exams, there is also the management quota option from which to choose. You can go for this option if you do not manage to qualify in any of the exams.

Drop the Year

Now is a good time to decide whether you want to drop the year or not. If you could not handle the pressure of giving entrance exams as well as school boards you should think about this option in hand. You may be able to, with better preparation and time management, qualify for the entrance exams next year. In fact, a year of focussed preparation along with pin pointed coaching would go a long way in securing a far better rank the following year.

There are many good colleges for low rank in JEE Main as well. In fact, these institutions have made a name and reputation for themselves over the years, and graduating from some of them may seem a better option than graduating from a rather newly set up IIT. In terms of recruitment and placement opportunities, the NITs and IIITs are no less rewarding than the IITs. Therefore, securing a rank more than 11,000 may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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