Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET Physics 2020

by Anusha Lal, June 30, 2020

Physics is one of the primary subject students have to master for NEET exam. The other two subjects include Chemistry and Biology. However, out of all the three subjects, physics is the sole subject that consists of a considerable part in numerical along with theory.

Since students have to cover a comprehensive portion, they often seek last-minute preparation tips for NEET physics.

Besides, NEET is usually scheduled a few months right after the Class 12 final exam. This adds to the pressure of completing the entire syllabus of the three subjects at once. Hence, to help you deal with such harsh conditions, here are NEET physics tricks drafted by subject experts.

NEET Physics Syllabus

The first step into cracking an exam is to be aware of the syllabus. Knowing what you have to study will help you plan your study routine rightfully. Besides, you can also assess which are your strong points and which are your weak areas. 

This initial determination will help you in segregating the topics and subject that demand more attention. So, you can allot more time to those subjects and plan revision time for other subjects accordingly.

The Table Below Jots Down the Syllabus for Both Class 11 and 12 That you will Need to Cover for NEET in the Physics Section

Sl. No.

Chapter (Class 11)

Chapter (Class 12)


Physical world and Measurement

Laws of motion


Behaviour of perfect gas



Work, energy and power




Current Electricity


Electromagnetic Induction




Alternating Currents


Properties of Bulk matter



Magnetic Effects of current

Electronic Devices



Radiation and Dual Nature of Matter


Oscillations and waves

Nuclei and atoms

Now that you know the syllabus for NEET Physics, you can start your preparation. Even if you were looking for how to crack NEET without coaching, this is the first step towards that as well.

How prepare for NEET?

The second and subsequent steps to ace NEET are the most challenging ones. Although they are not impossible, they demand you to be consistent and challenge yourself every day. 

Here are a few points that are likely to help you to handle those tough times -

  • Have a clear understanding of fundamentals for every chapter.

  • Mark the items that take more time and seem difficult.

  • Write notes for important terms that often gets confusing.

  • Discuss with a mentor and get the concept cleared.

  • Use real-life examples to understand the topic.

  • Chalk out a routine for every week. Follow the routine religiously.

  • Assess your progress every weekend.

  • Avoid distractions and things that lead to distraction.

  • Indulge in some refreshments from time to time.

  • Maintain a balance between study time and refreshment times.

  • Talk to a family member or friend whenever you feel demotivated.

  • List down the mistakes from your mock test.

Therefore, as you can see, cracking NEET with a high score is not a child’s play. As a result, students look for NEET last-minute tips. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to sort out tips and tricks to ace it.

All you have to do is get hold of the right guide and right study materials that will take you ahead in the right direction.

How Should You Focus?

As already mentioned, Physics includes both theoretical and practical part along with a significant amount of numerical based on the same. Consequently, students have to study a lot and often look around for last moment tuition classes that will provide them with crash courses.

However, it is advisable to go through the NCERT books and other references books to get hold of the right study notes. The main part that you should focus on this subject is the well-versed chapters. Make sure you do not leave any question asked from those sections.

Prepare for NEET with Determination and Join your Preferred College

Cracking NEET is the dream of most medical aspirants. It requires perseverance and determination to prepare for this national level exam. Thus, only the ones who can stand long hours of patience and have the necessary determination can crack it. This is why these last-minute preparation tips for NEET physics will help you sail through such situations easily. 

Also, make sure you follow a strict and healthy diet for your overall physical fitness. Besides, getting adequate sleep and regular meditation can work wonders. Revise those last-minute notes, and you will be able to write your answers correctly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Easiest Way to Crack NEET?

Ans. There is no shortcut to success. However, you can start your preparation early to crack the exam with decent scores. The right preparation with proper guidance and study materials can enable you to crack it in the first attempt itself after Class 12.

2. How can I Crack NEET Without Coaching?

Ans. The NEET syllabus is entirely based on class 11 and 12. So, if you are well versed with your subjects from those two classes, you will not need any professional coaching. However, In case you want to gain the upper hand with mock tests and guidance, you may opt for coaching.

3. What are Some of the Quick Tips to Ace NEET?

Ans. Some of the quick tips to get through NEET is to study regularly and maintain consistency in revising and taking mock tests. Also, seeking help from seniors or subject guides can help in clearing the doubts from the grassroots. Above all, make sure your fundamentals are clear.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET Physics 2020