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Prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced with Vedantu’s Tatva

By Aparajita DasJuly 20, 2022
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JEE Main is one of the most important competitive exams. It is conducted by NTA every year, but, this year (2022), it will be conducted by JEE Apex Board. JEE Main is also a doorway for JEE Advanced which can help you get admission to the 23 IITs and other top colleges in India.

Every year, lakhs of students appear for JEE exams, whereas the seats are very limited. So, the competition is also very high and if you wish to get a good rank, you need to prepare well for the exam. Vedantu presents you with the Tatva study plan, which provides comprehensive study materials for your JEE preparation. Let’s read in detail about Vedantu’s Tatva.

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What is Vedantu Tatva?

Vedantu Tatva is a Distance Learning Program (DLP) for the JEE aspirants. The concept behind Tatva is that the students can now study anytime from anywhere at their own pace. They will get the QR code-enabled printed smart books, topic-wise pre-recorded videos, study materials, micro-courses (unlimited access), more than 30 monthly tests, unlimited doubt solving, access to pedagogy, and also teachers for personal guidance. The DLP is designed by our top teachers - Arvind Sir (M.Sc, IIT Delhi), Shimon Sir (M.Tech, IIT Madras), and Akash Sir (B.Tech, IIT Madras).

Is Vedantu's Tatva enough to clear JEE Main?

The answer to this question will be yes, Vedantu’s Tatva study material is enough to clear JEE Main if studied properly. You access the study material at any time from anywhere. Tatva study material helps you to study at your own pace. 

Besides, if you feel anytime that you need more information, you can refer to the LIVE master classes provided by Vedantu as well as the other study materials curated by the expert teachers at Vedantu. The best part of the Tatva material is that these are designed by our master teachers who are ex-IITians. So, their experience makes the Tatva DLP more special. Tatva is the pure blend of knowledge and experience.

How can I get the Tatva Materials for JEE Main?

To get the Tatva material, you can get in touch with Vedantu’s academic counselors anytime. You can also get access to the Tatva material through our website: Vedantu's Tatva. You can go through it, choose your plan and the Tatva is all yours.


If you are a JEE aspirant, it is highly recommended that do not waste any more time selecting the right study materials. Start your preparation today with the Tatva without any fail. With this study material, you not only get the knowledge required to crack JEE Main but also the experience of our ex-IITian teachers which will be a boon for your studies. So, enroll for Tatva and enjoy your learning!

FAQs on Prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced with Vedantu’s Tatva

1. Which subjects are taught with Tatva Study Materials?

For the preparation of JEE, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are taught with the Tatva study materials.

2. Will I get videos also with the Tatva study materials?

Yes, you will get topic-specific and chapter-specific videos with the Tatva study materials. These videos can be accessed from anywhere anytime as these are available 24*7.

3. How many books will be provided with the Tatva?

If you opt for a two-year JEE program, which is for class 11, you will get 11 books - 4 for Physics, 4 for Chemistry, and 3 for Mathematics. If you opt for 1 year JEE Program, which is for grade 12 or 13, 6 books will be provided - 2 for Physics, 2 for Chemistry, and 2 for Mathematics.

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