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IIT Colleges Versus Other Engineering Colleges

By Sagar MankarJuly 08, 2020
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Everybody who aspires to become an engineer looks forward to being able to study in one of the renowned branches of IIT. Students work hard day and night to obtain a top rank in the JEE entrance examinations- first clearing the mains and then the advance. There is an immense amount of hard work behind procuring a seat in an IIT. 

But have you ever wondered why we always prefer an IIT over any other engineering college? It is definitely not a situation where there are no other engineering colleges other than IIT. Then why does everybody work so hard to get into one? Is it their brand name? Well, this article on IIT college versus other engineering colleges will clear these questions and any other doubts that you may have.

IIT Colleges vs Other Engineering Colleges      

Here are a few arguments that create all the differences between an IIT and any other engineering college:

  • The range of lab equipment provided in an IIT college can never be compared to any other engineering colleges. The availability of a variety of instruments helps the students to gather a better practical understanding of concepts and ideas. This enhances their knowledge. As for other engineering institutions, they are not able to access every equipment required for their practicals. Hence, students tend to lag in certain concepts.

  • IIT’s provide you with the privilege of hearing from world-renowned lecturers who are invited to speak as special guests. These speakers may be out of reach for other engineering colleges. Hence, the quality of education at its best!

  • IIT’s are not all about academics. It values other extracurricular activities the students would like to engage in. This also allows the students to take a break from their studies and indulge happily on their talents and give them shape. The curriculum of IITs offers several societies, from dramatics to dance, to art and craft, and many more. Other engineering colleges may miss out on this aspect with the goal of creating a good name for their college.

  • In Indian Institutes of Technology, you don’t worry about funds. The funding IIT receive is more than enough to provide its students with plush classrooms, huge and spacious libraries, air-conditioned hostels with proper bedding and toilets, swimming pools, gymnasiums, etc. to name a few from the list of facilities. Other engineering colleges do not receive large funds to be able to provide its students with so many educational luxuries.

  • Foreign exchange programs of IIT colleges are another culture of the IIT’s. The foreign exchange programs allow the students to explore their horizons in the field of engineering and science. Moreover, conferences at the national and international levels are another treat to extract knowledge from famous leaders for the students.

  • If you were wondering about quality education, then let us shed light on the fact that IITs have a reputation for recruiting high-quality and a student-friendly faculty on their campuses. This ensures a high-quality dissipation of education to young minds. No other engineering college can till date provide that.

  • On the practical hand, a graduate from an IIT is likely to land on a job with a hefty salary package of average 20 lakhs to the highest one crore per annum. Doesn’t that sound insane! For other colleges, the placements aren’t as handsome as the former’s. Moreover, placements can be offered within India or even abroad for the IIT graduates. Seldom happens with students of other engineering colleges.

  • On the light-hearted part, The fests of IIT are a delight to the eyes and enthralling experience. IIT’s are known to organize the country’s biggest fest of all time. With an array of concerts, competitions, and other line-ups, nobody would want to miss out on them. And if you are a student there, consider yourself privileged. No other engineering college or, for that matter, any college can’t provide you with that experience.


As can be seen in front of the comparison above, IITs stand out on any ordinary day than other engineering colleges. With the quality education, high-level placements, and other facilities that they provide, any science student and their parents would dream of their child studying in an IIT for a quality and secure future.

But as it may sound, life in IIT is not a cakewalk. If you want to avail the benefits of being in IIT, then you have to keep working hard and keep improving yourself. You need to handle the pressure well so that you can enhance your performance.

As for other engineering colleges, it is no doubt difficult for them to provide with that quality of education and facilities which an IIT delivers, but it is not impossible. There is always a possibility of them becoming one of the best institutes in India if their students are encouraged to soar great heights. Therefore there is no doubt that in today’s world, in the debate of IIT colleges versus other engineering colleges, IITs have the upper hand, but there is always a possibility of tables turning in the future.

These Are Top 5 IIT Colleges List in 2021:

  1. IIT Madras, Est 1959 - NIRF Rank 1

  2. IIT Delhi, Est 1963 - NIRF Rank 2

  3. IIT Bombay, Est 1958 - NIRF Rank 3

  4. IIT Kanpur, Est 1959 - NIRF Rank 4

  5. IIT Kharagpur, Est 1951 - NIRF Rank 5

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