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How Vedantu Helped Deevyanshu to GET AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022?

By Puja RoySeptember 12, 2022
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Know How to Secure an Amazing Rank in JEE Advanced 2022!

JEE Advanced results were released on 11 September, 2022. As per the latest updates, 1500 students of Vedantu are qualified in JEE Advanced 2022. To inspire JEE Aspirants, we will share the success story of Deevyanshu Malu who secured AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022. Read the entire blog to know more about how Vedantu helped Deevyanshu Malu to get AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022, the course he had enrolled for, and role of Vedantu in his success.

Let’s learn how to achieve an amazing rank in JEE Advanced by Deevyanshu Malu.

Click to know how Vedantu helped Deevyanshu to GET AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022
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Deevyanshu Malu | AIR 11 | Bhubaneswar, Odisha

JEE Advanced Topper 2022 from Vedantu, Deevyanshi Malu, is from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He secured AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022 results. He had enrolled for Eklavya JEE which is a highly specialised and rigorous JEE ADVANCED preparation program. It gives Full syllabus Mock Tests, Access to Revision Notes, and Question banks to chisel preparations with the guidance of India’s Top JEE experts. 

Role of Vedantu in JEE Success

“Earlier, during offline classes, the material was not easily available. Topics taught in class can’t be repeated again and can’t review it again. But it's the online classes, I can ask them again and again. It is much easier and the material available definitely will help. We found Vikas sir’s class very unique, different from the other classes we had taken of chemistry. The ways in which chemistry was taught to me now in Vedantu are not like anything before. Overall, I've had a very great experience with Vedantu.”

Parents Testimonial

“With online coaching, we can observe his preparation easily and it is definitely helpful for us. The teaching was online but we felt that Vikas sir was teaching by sitting beside him. He was helping & guiding our kid in every way possible!”

Deevyanshu’s Success Mantra

Asking doubts live and resolving them as quickly as possible. Revising with Online classes.

Highlights of Deevyanshu’s Course (EKLAVYA JEE)

  • JEE Advanced Rank Booster

  • Evaluate, Analyse, and Learn daily with India’s Top Teachers

  • Doubt-Solving Sessions

  • Concepts to Strengthen Weak Areas

  • Tips & Tricks from ex-IITians

  • Exam-Solving Strategies

Course Details of EKLAVYA JEE

  • 10+ full syllabus JEE Advanced pattern tests, 2+ Rank Prediction tests

  • Access to full syllabus, exercises, mock tests, and revision notes

  • Replay options insightful discussions and theory sessions

  • LIVE discussion of Tests with Master Teachers & Subject Experts

Other JEE Main and Advanced Courses 2023-24 by Vedantu

Aspirants can enrol in the various courses offered on our website for personalised coaching of different competitive exams from our Master teachers. Find some of the best courses below: 

  • JEE 2022 Crash Lite

  • JEE Foundation Courses

  • JEE Main + Advanced (2023-24)

  • JEE Long Term Course

  • JEE Crash Course

  • JEE Topic-Specific Course

  • TATVA Distance Learning Programme 

You can check Vedantu’s official website to know more about all JEE Main and Advanced Course details.

Features of Vedantu JEE Main and Advanced Courses

Online courses offered by Vedantu for JEE Main & Advanced are the first step in online JEE preparation. The features listed below are highlights of online courses for both JEE Main and Advanced that can help you greatly with your preparation.

  • Complete training

  • LIVE personalised learning 

  • Engaging 3D content

  • Interactive quizzes and tests

  • TATVA booklet

  • Periodic tests 

  • Recorded videos for JEE Advanced 

  • Concept videos from  Live JEE Advanced classes

  • Mock tests

  • Question banks for JEE Main and JEE Advanced

  • All India JEE Advanced test series

  • Live online doubt sessions

Offerings in Vedantu JEE Courses

1. Interactive Learning

  • Recorded hours of interactive learning.

  • Live doubt-solving sessions.

  • Solve quizzes for quick revision.

  • Engaging classes with Fastest Finger List and leaderboard.

2. Study Material

  • Assignments in line with the JEE syllabus.

  • 2000+ top questions solved by JEE experts.

  • Brief notes and recordings of all classes.

  • Sprint question bank to help you with the JEE Main and Advanced exams.

3. Test Series

  • Part tests and full tests with step-by-step solutions.

  • Continued support till the final JEE exam.

4. Tips and Tricks

  • Strategic discussion during the class to maximise students’ JEE scores.

  • Time management.

  • JEE courses to help students learn how to retain and remember better.

We are proud to announce that we nurtured 1500+ students in qualifying for JEE Advanced. Vedantu also helps students who wish to score good marks in ICSE and CBSE Board exams and to get into any competitive exam such as IIT JEE (Mains and Advanced), Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), National Talent Search Test (NTSE), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), and International English Olympiad (IEO).

FAQs on How Vedantu Helped Deevyanshu to GET AIR 11 in JEE Advanced 2022?

1. How many Vedantu JEE Advanced Toppers 2022 are in the top 1000?

Around 40 students secured ranks in the top 1000 in  JEE Advanced 2022 Results.  Vedantu JEE Advanced Topper 2022 list is about more than 1500 students, who qualified in JEE Advanced for the year 2022 from Vedantu. 

2. What are some of the courses offered by Vedantu with respect to coaching for JEE Advanced?

Vedantu JEE Advanced Toppers 2022 had taken JEE Advanced courses as per their choice from below:

  • JEE 2022 Crash Lite

  • JEE Foundation Courses

  • JEE Main + Advanced (2023-24)

  • JEE Long Term Course

  • JEE Crash Course

  • JEE Topic-Specific Course

  • TATVA Distance Learning Programme 

3. Does Vedantu offer topic-specific courses with respect to specific exams?

Yes, all of the courses cover important topics, problems, and solutions, in addition to mock tests. Students can learn a specific subject completely by taking courses like the JEE Advanced Chemistry Crash Course. Students who want to improve their knowledge of particular subjects needed for the JEE exams would benefit most from these courses.

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