How to Utilize the Lockdown Period for NEET Preparation?

by Gowthamy, July 14, 2020

With the declaration of national lockdown, medical aspirants have to be juggling for solutions to ‘How to utilize the lockdown period for NEET 2020 preparation?’. Since now candidates need to spend their time sitting at home, it's far cautioned that they gratify themselves in innovative methods of learning. NEET preparation suggestions in the course of lockdown are something candidates have to be conscious of. All the do’s and don’ts bearing on the preparations for NEET 2020 have to be stored in thoughts and adhered to. 

A lot of nighttime lamps need to be burnt and candidates need to keep striving hard whilst their NEET versions 2020. NTA has postponed the exam schedule of NEET 2020 to September, which will be held in a written form mode in one hundred fifty-five cities across the country. 

Preparation Tips During the Lockdown

While cladding lockdown and haven't any other alternative than staying in the four partitions of your house, applicants can clearly invest the vision in their mind and assume for plenty more ideas on how to prepare for NEET 2020 in the path of lockdown? In order to know the solutions to this particular confusion, Vedantu has come up with various interesting points to hold in your mind with.  

Select a Particular Time to Revise

This is the most suitable situation for candidates to sit back, relax and whole their entire syllabus. There is an excessive amount of silence round because of this it's miles a superb time for applicants to pay attention to their studies.

Make Sure You Do Not Entertain Yourself on Exclusive Current Affairs: 

Awareness about what is occurring throughout the globe but now not at the sake of the one-time possibility to qualified in NEET 2020. Applicants must be refreshed regarding what is running on around them nevertheless this should to not hinder their preparations for NEET 2020 at any stage during the lockdown.

Make Videos on Subjects that are Probably of Interest: 

If applicants experience that there's a positive subject matter which in other ways is hard to understand but they have got a trick for the same, they must accord it with others. There are several others like them seeking for the right way of gaining knowledge and expertise in NEET syllabus. If they could and if they need to, they can help their fellow learners by uploading the video with tips and tricks. This will help in sharing the knowledge with others

Pay Attention to Your Health and Hygienics: 

Aspirants have to ensure that they themselves and their environment are definitely clean and fresh. They have to take right care of their food plan and fitness. This is for sure not the correct time to fall unwell and get pampered. This opportunity of qualifying the entrance exam by securing the best percentile in NEET 2020 should not be let for granted.

Scheduled Plan:

In this plan, students should make themselves get fixed to cover at least 80 - 90 questions in keeping with a day or it may additionally be concept-wise. Make a list of clean and difficult chapters, try and cover one tough concept with two clean concepts. In this way, you will have time for revision as well.

Weekly Plan:

Change your preparation approach for every subject each week. This will now not make you bore in following the identical approach each day. This may also make your learning a piece more interesting.


Before you begin your revision or preparation, make a replica of the syllabus and essential concepts to be enveloped in it along with the weightages of the concepts. You can make quick notes of the points which could be remembered and revised once more to memorise them. You may additionally also include the formulas, equations, derivations and any other points. Solve sample papers, mock tests, previous year question papers which gives you a clear idea on forms of questions asked in the exam. By working on those papers, you may additionally mark your function on your learning and the way to flow forward with it.

How to Utilize the Lockdown Period for NEET Preparation?