Tips to Crack NEET in 2 Months

by Sagar Mankar, June 30, 2020

As a medical aspirant, you must know that NEET is the only entrance examination that can lead you to your MBBS or BDS career. Moreover, it is one of the most challenging examinations to crack due to its vast syllabus. However, with your hard work and tenacity, you can achieve this goal.

 As the exam date is knocking on the door, you need to create a strategic study plan to crack NEET in two months. With exceptional concentration and learning power, you can cover up all your weak-links during these last two months.

In this content, you will learn different tips and tricks on how to prepare for NEET in 2 months.

Subject Wise Strategy

One month earlier, the question that persisted in your mind was can I crack NEET in 3 months. Now, it is time to forget about how to crack NEET in 3 months and start focusing on how to use the remaining days for last-minute NEET preparation.

As per the exam pattern, there are 90 questions from Biology. In the case of Physics and Chemistry, you will be given 45 questions to answer. Notably, since you are left with less than 60 days, you need to chalk out a proper schedule to excel in this examination. 

Following is a Subject-Wise Study Strategy in a Tabular Form for your Convenience - 



Days for preparation (total 60 days)



20 days (revision and subject wise test)



10 days (revision and subject wise test)



10 days (revision and subject wise test)

Mock tests on PCB


Last 20 days 

But, you can always customise this study plan by allotting either more or fewer days as per your subject preparation. For NEET 2 months’ preparation, you need to learn how to utilise every day at its maximum, by prioritising which subject to study and by selecting time-efficient topics.

Also, you need to note that NEET 2020 will be conducted once in a year. So, you can let go of the misconception regarding NEET 2020 two times a year and concentrate on your studies.

Biology Preparation

  • For the Biology revision plan, you must read the diagrams and notes of NCERT.

  • You can create small notes on important topics and stick to furniture or walls. This can help you memorise faster. 

  • Try to focus more on easier topics and practice answering questions from those topics at first.

  • List important topics – Morphology of animals and plants, Ecology, Plant and animal physiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Evolution, Cell biology. Concentrate more on these chapters.

Physics Preparation

  • Preparing Physics to crack NEET in two months can be tricky. You must ensure to memorise all the formulas to solve numerical problems with accuracy.

  • By clearing all the concepts along with solving model question papers, you can enhance the possibilities to score better.

  • Practice chapters like Modern Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, etc. more and more to achieve maximum accuracy.

  • You should also practice time management while solving Physics questions as they tend to be time-consuming.

Chemistry Preparation

  • While preparing organic chemistry, you should learn to memorise the named reactions, stepwise reaction process, conversion, and concepts efficiently.

  • In Inorganic Chemistry, read your notes on chapters like Hydrocarbons, P and D block elements, Molecular structure and chemical bonding, etc.

  • Concepts such as basicity, acidity, strength, etc. should be clear.

  • Practice question papers and numerical problems regularly. 

These above-mentioned strategies are the answers to your question of how to prepare for NEET in 2 months. 

Important Measures

With 60 days or less in hand, you may need to follow the below measures as well-

  • Take Tough Decision

During your preparation, you need to learn to avoid topics that are tough to solve or time-consuming. Or else, you may not have time to complete the other important topics. Thus, you should leave those chapters for later after covering the other topics.

  • Follow Study Routine

By maintaining a study routine, you can easily track your progress in each subject. Moreover, this way, you can allot time and effort as per your requirements. 

  • Use Flashcard

You should mark the important topics or points from your notes and use them as flashcards. This way, you can improve your retention on these topics and memorise with more accuracy.

  • Mock Tests

Lastly, you can prepare with an edge on others by practising mock tests. These model tests can help you learn time management, precision, and developing exam temperament.

Do note, you need to be physically fit and mentally healthy to maintain all these strategic learning methods to crack NEET in two months. Thus, you should try to wake up early in the morning and practice yoga or other physical activities. This can help you stay positive as well as maximise your efforts. 

During this time, you must indulge more in self-studies than attending coaching classes. If the question is has anyone cracked NEET without coaching, then the answer is, yes. As most of the concepts are clear to you, and there is nothing new to learn, you should stay home and prepare according to your study plan.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Crack NEET in One Month?

Ans. When you have 30 days left to sit for NEET, you should not start with any new topics. You must understand that this is the time to allot more time in revising and practising. You should try to study for 6-8 hours in a day and practice online mock-test as much as possible.

2. How to Crack NEET in Two Months with a 600+ Score?

Ans. If you think that you have clear concepts about all three subjects, then only you can score 600 or above in NEET with 2 months’ preparation. Notably, for subjects like Physics, if the basic concept is not clear, you may not be able to solve numerical problems.

3. How to Revise the Syllabus of NEET in 15 Days?

Ans. First of all, you need to mark the important chapters and go through your notes. Next, you should try to solve objective questions chapter wise. Lastly, nothing can work better than solving question papers of previous years and giving online mock tests.

Tips to Crack NEET in 2 Months