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How Do NEET Toppers Study?

By Satabdi MazumdarOctober 06, 2022
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While the NEET 2023 has significant time left and if you are aiming to crack the exam with good marks, you need to buckle up. Keep your targets high and follow a consistent & smart study schedule.

NEET is one of the most sought, renowned, and prestigious national-level competitive entrance exams conducted in India. Candidates aspiring to crack it should leave no stone unturned in their preparation. Every year, millions of students appear for the exam, some students get through, while some put in even more effort and try next year. The competition is getting fierce & tougher with every passing day.

But many students wonder what are the things that NEET rankers do differently. If you also want to know the same, you are at the right place!! 

In this post, we will discuss how NEET toppers study and crucial preparation tips to become NEET rank holders.
Things NEET Top Rankers Do Differently: Tips And Strategies To Follow
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NEET Preparation Tips by Toppers

Are you preparing for one of the most popular & tough competitive medical entrance exams this year? Are you looking for tried & tested guidance or tips for scoring well in the exam? If your answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place. Find out answers to all your doubts regarding NEET exams.

Let’s Get Started with Some FAQs:

How Do the NEET Toppers Prepare for the Exam?

Though the process remains the same for all the aspirants - Study hard, Practice and Revision!! However, it is not about how much you are studying, but rather how focused you are on performing qualitative studies. All you need to pay attention to is to keep your concepts clear but this doesn't stop there. Application-based and analysis-based questions are also essential to apply those concepts correctly. 

How Many Hours are Required to Study Daily to Crack the NEET Exam?

There is no definite answer to this question. Some students are capable of grasping more in a small amount of time while some require sufficient time to grab command over the same concepts. So, the number of hours can vary depending on a student’s catching power. Hence, instead of focusing on your devoted time, you need to focus on your quality of study sessions. 

Do I Need To Solve a Plethora of Reference Books To Prepare Like a Topper?

It is one of the misconceptions among NEET aspirants that solving lots of reference books and preparation materials helps crack the exam. You can choose any reputed publisher and study from them and simultaneously, you can solve the previous year's question papers and sample papers to evaluate the level of your intelligence. This is one of the best NEET preparation tips you can follow.

Now that we have covered the basic doubts that most NEET aspirants face, let’s take a quick look at these crucial tips from NEET toppers

1. Practice & Revise Regularly 

Aspirants preparing for the NEET or any other competitive exams are required to perform regular studies and shouldn’t stop learning new things. Many students think that mugging-up facts or formulas are the way to crack the exam but it's not. 

You have to practice daily ie. solve at least 150 questions a day and always tackle new questions each time. Work on your weak areas. Take up different topics, and solve as many formula-based questions as you can. Test your conceptual-based knowledge. Solve as many mock tests, practice papers, sample papers, etc., and further, do a weekly or monthly revision of the chapters. This will help you brush up on the concepts without any time gap.

2. Know Ins & Outs of Exam Syllabus 

Though it is important to know the answer to every question, that doesn’t mean that your exam will only have questions based on them. It means you need to focus on the level of the exam that you are preparing for. Cracking NEET requires a firm grasp of the basics and a thorough understanding of all the concepts. So, it is better to get aware of the NEET syllabus and prepare accordingly.

You are recommended to prepare from the NCERT books instead of juggling between multiple books, or sources of information. NCERT syllabus for classes 11 & 12 serves as a strong foundation for the aspirants as the paper is mostly drawn out of these books only. Master these books and be clear about the concepts.

3. Solve Previous Year Questions and Mock Tests

Nothing can give you an overall idea of the NEET exam than solving last year’s question papers and mock tests. If you want to brush up on your learning skills and test your learning throughout the session, go to the official site of NEET and download previous years’ question papers and mock tests. Set a time limit and solve accordingly. 

You will get to know the type of questions & their difficulty level, how to solve them in a limited period and apply learned concepts. Also, don’t forget to track your time and try to speed up yourself. In case of doubts, ask your professors. 

4. Pick the Right Books

NCERT books are your ultimate way to go for cracking the NEET exams. You don’t need to refer to multiple books or sources and get confused. NEET toppers often shared their experience of going through confusion while preparing for the exam as a result of getting hands with multiple sources. So, you need to avoid this situation and get your hands on the best set of books for NEET. 

5. Effective Time Management

One of the different things that NET toppers perform is to focus on each subject and dedicate time accordingly. In short, create a timetable and conduct subject-wise time allotment. It will help you cover each subject and topic which is important in the exam. Set limits and complete subjects within the stipulated time. For example, Physics requires time, solving numerical and remembering the formulas while Chemistry is the most scored subject, requiring less time whereas Biology is vast. Hence, time must be allotted accordingly. 

6. Take Expert Help

There is no doubt that self-study is important for you to succeed in NEET, but proper assistance or coaching is also essential. Enrolling in a NEET coaching class will help you get aware of the important topics carrying more weightage as well as prepare you with smart ways of studying. You will get professional guidance and a competitive environment with your peers that will motivate you to study harder. 

Final Words!!

Always remember that toppers don’t do different things, but rather do things differently. They don’t follow any unique strategy. They just pay attention to their regular studies, maintain their focus, and perform revisions during the preparation. Additionally, they don’t count the number of hours but study as much as their body & mind allows. So, whatever you study, do it with proper concentration.

FAQs on How Do NEET Toppers Study?

1. What are the things NEET toppers do differently?

Regular practice & revision, time-management, and focused self-study.

2. How many hours a day should I study?

There is no definite number of hours unless you are studying with utmost concentration. However, NEET aspirants must devote at least 13-14 hours a day while preparing for the exams.

3. How revision helps to crack NEET?

Revising things that you have studied throughout the session will help you remember the concepts for a long time. Also, it will help solve all your doubts and keep concepts clear.

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