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Know the 15 NEET Topper Strategy to Score Good Marks

By FathimaMay 31, 2023
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Top Secrets from NEET Toppers; Their Time Table to Study and Score Well

One of the most desired national-level admission exams, the NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test), was held on May 7, 2023. Every year, lakhs of students take this exam; while some pass, the majority do not appear on the final list. The total number of NEET applications was 15.97 lakhs in 2020, 16.14 lakhs in 2021, and over 18 lakhs in 2022. In 2023, the number of candidates who appeared for the exam was 20 lakhs.

It should come as no surprise that competition is fiercer than ever and increasing each year. Every student has study strategies that can make the practice process easy. The best is to know from the NEET topper strategy, following which you can practice and do your best to score good marks.

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But it's important to realize that having the appropriate mindset is crucial. The goal for candidates should be to pass the exam with the highest possible score and take the best NEET exam benefits. Like you, there are other aspirants too who are worried about how to top in NEET. This article presents top secrets about the NEET toppers timetable and strategies to follow and score good marks for admission.

Here are the NEET Preparation Tips by Toppers

  • Have a Solid Grip Over NEET Syllabus

One of the top NEET preparation tips by toppers is to have a solid grip on the syllabus during the preparation. The class 11 and 12 curricula from the CBSE, ISC, NCERT, and state boards should be considered for the NEET exam syllabus. You may create a better NEET 2023 strategy with the help of the entire syllabus, and you'll also save time by avoiding studying areas that aren't relevant.

You don't have any substitute for this; master the NCERT curriculum and have a firm grasp of your topics since this will determine the direction of your preparation.  It is one way how to top in NEET exam.

  • Understanding the NEET Exam Pattern

Understanding the NEET exam pattern is one way to know how to top in NEET. The question paper in the NEET exam is divided into four subjects: physics, botany, chemistry, and zoology. With various internal choices, each subject is further divided into two pieces. However, there is a high chance that the exam pattern may change. So, it is best to keep yourself up-to-updated.

  • Implement Smart Work, but Not Hard Work

The smartest students have a complete idea of the time they need to spend. Avoid overloading with points, and use several sources to support your points. You should know how well you are with the concept and what to work on. If you've looked at test questions, you've probably observed that while the premise is always the same, the questions constantly change.

Most students have studied the identical book. Still, one thing that differentiates Topper is the ability to apply newly learned concepts, which can only be acquired via diligent practice.

  • Giving Deeper Dedication

The most important NEET topper strategy is to put in all your dedication. Toppers' persistent commitment allowed them to pass the NEET exam. Over the past two years, they have given everything they have. They had started getting ready at the start of the 11th grade. To perform well on the exam, you must start your preparation early. The more you dedicate to preparing, the more you can score well in the NEET exam.

  • Keep Practicing and Revising

Candidates should work towards answering over 150 questions daily, striving to take up new ones each time. Take on various topics, learn about them, ensure you understand them, and try to get as many answers as possible. You can do this by reading more information about the questions, looking over each and the possible answers, and resolving questions using formulas to gauge your skills.

This increases your mental clarity and sharpens your logical reasoning skills and confidence when making conclusions about the solutions. One way of practicing is through a mock test where you will solve the previous year's paper to get an idea about the timeline and questions.

  • Using the Right Study Materials

There are different study materials available online that aspirants can use for practice purposes. However, the ideal resource for NEET practice should be NCERT books. Avoid consulting many sources and being confused. A top student said that having studied a concept from various sources will confuse you in the exam room, making it difficult to respond. Stay away from this circumstance. You can check out what toppers are used for the practice purpose of the NEET exam.

  • Setting a Timeline for Study

When we say timeline, we mean the hours to dedicate to practice. One common question among aspirants is how many hours do neet toppers study? Well, dedicating 4-5 hours daily as part of your NEET practice session is ideal. Rest of the time you can concentrate on your regular studies. Don’t overburden yourself with too many hours of practice.


Top NEET scorers don't stress themselves with too many resources and worry about their scores. They concentrate on their lecturers' advice, stay focused, and exercise discipline each day while preparing. They finish their homework and assignments on schedule. Toppers always express any doubts, no matter how minor. Since you know how to top in NEET, you can now be confident to attend the exam.

FAQs on Know the 15 NEET Topper Strategy to Score Good Marks

1. How many hours do NEET toppers study?

NEET toppers typically follow a study programme that includes 6 hours of self-study each day on average. Top NEET students study enough to stay confident.

2. Is scoring more than 450 in the NEET exam enough?

Scoring 450+ or 480+ is enough for students to get into the state quota. Scoring less than these scores will lead to admission in private medical colleges.

3. What are the maximum scores students must have in NEET?

720 marks have been the highest possible result in NEET history. If you have practised hard in the exam, then there is a high chance of scoring well in the NEET exam

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