How To Prepare NEET In 1 Month?

by Anusha Lal, March 4, 2020

Being one of the toughest and most competitive exams, the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted by NTA. This entrance exam is a turning point for students seeking admissions to MBBS and BDS seats offered in all Medical and Dental colleges all over India. The competition being extremely high, the students cannot leave any stone unturned while preparing for these exams. 

Surveys have estimated that more than over 15 lakh students attempt the NEET exam every year. With such huge numbers competing for a considerably few seats, the competition is bound to be sky-high. It requires immense hard work and dedication to beat the competition to emerge at the top. Students need to work hard as well as smart to ace this exam. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for NEET in less than a month.

General Preparation Tips on How to How to Prepare for NEET in 1 Month

  • Make a Timetable

Preparing a timetable will make you realize the amount of time you waste. Preparing a time table for neet preparation in 1 month will give you a perfect idea of the quantity of time you need to put in to beat the competition. 

  • Prepare According to the Latest Syllabus

The conceptual understanding of a subject is very important while preparing for competitive exams. This possible only when you have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. It is always advisable for you to get a print out of the latest  NEET syllabus from a trusted source and prepare accordingly. 

  • Practice leads to Perfection

Studying and practicing are two completely different activities. Studying is when you are trying to understand the various aspects of a chapter for the very first time. Practicing is when you constantly work and rework on a topic to make sure it is retained in your memory. Without the proper amount of practice, there is no point in studying new topics. It takes multiple practice sessions for you to be able to remember the right answers in the stressful exam environment.

  • Take up Full-Length Mock Tests

mock test papers are the best when it comes to assessing your exam level preparations. These mock test papers are an exact replica of your actual exam papers. Their main aim is to give you an idea of how the real exam works. This will teach you to manage time and keep a calm mind in the exam hall. 

How To Study For Neet In 1 Month - Subject-wise Preparation Tips

It is always good to have subject-wise preparation for any kind of competitive exams. As each subject is unique, the strategy to be applied also differs. You should always prepare the study strategy plan in accordance with the level of difficulty or ease you feel with the subject. Below are the tips for subject wise preparation on how to crack neet in 1 month.

How to Prepare for NEET - Biology in 1 Month

  • Target High Weightage Chapters

Students need to focus firstly on the subjects that have high weightage chapters and then gradually move on to low weightage chapters. Sometimes there are easy chapters that are very important and hold high marks weightage. Taking up these chapters will help them score well easily. All the branches of science namely - Physics, Chemistry and Biology are to be covered under the study plan. 

  • Scheduled Plan

Having a study plan is very important to be able to cover the entire syllabus. Here you should plan in a way to make sure you cover at least practicing 100 questions in a day. Make sure your everyday plan includes both easy and difficult chapters. Keep your plan balanced by covering one difficult concept with two easy concepts. In this way, you will have time for revision and not panic as well. 

How to Prepare for NEET - Physics in 1 Month

  • Set Your Priorities

Setting priorities are the only go in subjects like Physics. It is a subject that needs a proper understanding of the concepts as well as is able to apply it effectively. All the concepts in physics are all standing on formulas and problems. Do not worry, if you are weak in problems, study a few other concepts that are completely theoretical. Some of the students feel, theory to be easier than solving problems with formulas. So, set up your priorities before you start the preparation.

  • On New Concepts a Day

Learn new concepts on a daily basis, and keep revising and practicing the same multiple times. In this way, you can build a strong foundation for future complicated concepts and can memorize them for a longer time as well. 

  • Weekly Plan

Keep a stagnant weekly plan. Do not make too many changes. This will make you disciplined and dedicated in the long run. This will also make your learning a little more interesting and result oriented. 

How to Prepare for NEET - Chemistry in 1 Month

  • Numerical Concepts in the First Place:

Numericals in chemistry are simple and easy to solve allowing you to score well. You can easily begin with these concepts as they have high scoring marks. Focus on Solid-state, Mole concept, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure, and Chemical Kinetics. Chemistry is one of the easiest subjects when compared to the other two branches. 

  • Preparation Plan for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry:

Preparing for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry needs a separate battle strategy. These concepts involve a lot of memorizing and consistent practice to score well. Students who are a little scared of the subject needs to start from Chemical bonding concepts perfectly. Focus on coordination compounds, Molecular structure, p and d block elements, and retention of the properties. 

  • Organize the Topics: 

Periodicity and classification of elements carry the maximum number of questions that can be answered with ease. This is the section that takes less time to solve the problems, conceptually easy to understand when compared to others. 


Being a doctor means a life of constant dedication towards serving society. It being an immensely difficult task expects a lot of dedication and hard work. Therefore NEET is one of the toughest exams to crack. However, nothing is impossible with proper planning, dedication, and the right studying mind-set.

How To Prepare NEET In 1 Month?