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NEET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines - What to Carry and Not to Carry to NEET Exam Center

By Manasvi GuptaApril 05, 2024
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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a national-level examination conducted by NTA every year, is scheduled to be conducted on May 5, 2024. All the aspirants are set to gear up their exam preparations and plan a strategic study schedule to complete the syllabus on time at least a month before the exam so they can have ample time to revise things. 

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In addition to this, various aspirants struggle with several doubts and queries regarding reporting time, things to carry for the NEET exam, important documents, dress code or barred items, as well as guidelines to follow at the exam venue. 

Checklist To be Followed Before Your NEET Exam

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So, we’ve come up with this article to resolve aspirants’ queries and keep them updated on all the NEET 2024 exam day guidelines. Keep reading to know:

NEET 2024 Rules and Regulations to Follow on the Exam Day

All aspirants appearing for the upcoming NEET 2024 examinations must adhere to these rules and requirements for the NEET exam hall. These guidelines include all the pre-exam, during the exam, and post-exam guidelines. If any candidate is found to be not adhering to these rules and regulations, the authority will cancel the eligibility of such candidate to take the exam. Here they are as follows:

NEET 2024 - Dress Code Guidelines

The NTA laid down a strict set of instructions for both the male and female candidates under the NEET dress code. All the candidates appearing for the exam are expected to strictly follow these rules and regulations, failing which may lead to a cancellation of candidature and shall not be allowed to appear for the exam.

For Male Candidates

  • Full-sleeve shirts/T-shirts aren’t allowed to wear.

  • Wear simple pants/shirts of light colour.

  • Clothing with big buttons, layers, embroidery, and zip pockets is not permitted.

  • No jeans, kurtas and pyjamas.

  • Wear slippers or low heel sandals; shoes aren’t allowed.

For Female Candidates

  • Wear light-coloured half-sleeve kurtis/shirts.

  • Avoid long and fancy sleeves. 

  • Clothes shouldn’t have any big buttons, badges, embroidery, frills, or any type of layering. 

  • Avoid jewelry like earrings, necklaces and rings (both metallic and non-metallic).

  • Wear simple slippers or open sandals without socks. 

  • Avoid fancy footwear, including boots, heels or stilettos, etc.

NEET 2024 - Things to Carry for the NEET Exam

Candidates appearing for the NEET entrance exam often ask, “what things to carry for the NEET exam?” Below mentioned are the items that aspirants are recommended to take with them to the exam center. Take a look:

  • NEET Admit card 2024 with a passport-size photo attached

  • Passport size photographs 

  • Valid ID proof like PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, etc.

  • Postcard size photograph

  • A handy hand sanitiser

  • Mask on face

  • Gloves 

  • Transparent water bottle

  • PwD certificate etc.

NEET 2024 - Barred Items/Things Not to Carry in the Exam Hall

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has specified a list of items barred for all the candidates to carry in the exam hall. Here they are as follows:

  • Is a pen allowed in the NEET exam? The answer is No. Several stationery items like Geometry/Pencil boxes, text materials, writing pads, scale, log tables, erasers, sharpeners, calculators, textual materials, etc., are not permitted.

  • Communication devices like Mobile phones, Bluetooth, pen drives, scanners, earphones, microphones, pager, health band, etc.

  • Any eatable items opened or packed. Water bottles aren’t permitted

  • Wallet, Goggles, hairpin, belt, caps, camera, hair band, amulets, scarf, etc.

  • Are watches allowed in NEET?  The answer is No. 

  • Please note that the exam center will not be responsible for your belongings.

NEET 2024 - Exam Day Guidelines

All the candidates must follow the exam checklist and guidelines to avoid the cancellation of eligibility in the exam hall. The exam day guidelines of NEET 2024 are given as follows:

  • All the candidates must reach the exam center at least 1 hour before the reporting time.

  • Aspirants must take their NEET admit card, valid ID proof, and all other things to carry for the NEET exam to the venue.

  • Candidates must note that the authorities will provide no arrangements or facilities to keep candidates’ belongings.

  • Candidates will be given a blue/black ballpoint pen at the exam center to solve questions.

  • Candidates aren’t allowed to leave the exam hall before the time, even after completing the paper.

  • OMR sheets must be submitted to the invigilator before leaving the exam hall.

  • If a candidate opts for a regional language as a medium to answer the questions and faces any difficulty, the English translation will be considered final.

  • Candidates will be given 15 minutes before the exam commences to fill the booklet with particulars.

  • Candidates’ finger impressions will be taken on the attendance sheets.

  • Candidates must not carry any of the barred items to the exam hall.

  • Filing both sides of the OMR sheet is mandatory. 

  • Ensure that the code mentioned in the test booklet matches the code written on the answer sheet.

  • Each candidate will be provided with a seat and roll number. 

  • Adjusting wrong or morphed photos on the application form or admit card is prohibited.

  • Avoid overwriting any information like name, signature, roll number, etc.

Summing Up

This article helped you clear all your doubts and queries regarding the NEET exam day instructions. All the candidates must follow these rules and regulations of the NEET 2024 examinations. It is suggested that candidates reach the exam hall before time to avoid any last-minute confusion. Since only a few months left before the exam, candidates must follow a strategic study plan and complete the syllabus on time. Best of Luck!!

FAQs on NEET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines - What to Carry and Not to Carry to NEET Exam Center

1. Can I wear a three-fourth sleeve top with jeans for NEET exam day?

No. Candidates are only allowed to wear light color half-sleeved clothes with simple pants.

2. Can I carry pens/pencils with me to the NEET exam venue?

No. Candidates are not permitted to take any type of stationery items with them to the NEET exam venue. Candidates will be provided pens/pencils by the authorities at the exam center to solve questions.

3. What is the reporting time for the NEET exam?

Candidates will not be permitted in the exam hall to take the NEET test after 1:30 PM.

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