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How to Study 1 Day Before Exam?

By AiswaryaFebruary 15, 2024
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Tips To Study and Prepare for An Exam in One Day

The last few weeks of the exams can be scary for students, and the situation becomes even more stressful when you’ve been left with only one day to revise everything for the next day's exam. One common question that aspirants struggle with is, “how to learn fast for the exam in 1 day?”

How to Study 1 Day Before Exam?

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Many students start preparing for the exams when the concerned organising authorities release the syllabus. On the other hand, a few students procrastinate and start their exam preparations within the last few days before the exams. Hence, it becomes important to efficiently use those few days with utmost dedication & seriousness to achieve the best exam results.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of valuable tips & tricks to help you ace your exam followed by a single day. Keep reading to know:

How To Revise Effectively in One Day of Exam?

Many students often get hyper & anxious as the exams come closer and start questioning, “What to do one day before the exam to nail their preparations?”

Although the last 24 hours can be frustrating for the candidates as they’ve got an entire syllabus to be revised. But simultaneously, it can also be a critical period to ensure that you’re ready for the exam the very next day.

These below-mentioned tips will help you receive productive solutions to nail the preparations a day before the exam. Take a look:

1. You Can’t Afford To Lose Early Day Benefits

When you’ve only a day to gear up your revision, you probably wouldn’t want to waste it by sleeping. So make the most of it by waking up early in the morning. It has several benefits, such as you’ll get less distraction & quite a peaceful environment to study, and your mind is fully recharged to grasp things in the early morning. The earlier you start studying, the more time you’ll get to cover your studies.

2. Sit With All Your Study Aid Before Starting

How to revise for exams in a day? The key is to stay organized, calm & focused during the entire revision. Since you’ve only got a single day for the exam, make sure you don’t waste it finding your misplaced study material. Keep all your study aids organized neatly on a flat surface so you can access them easily. Be it the course syllabus, lecture notes, and textbooks, keep them handy.

3. Give Social Media A Day Rest

Probably you wouldn’t want this significant day to go all wasted by spending time on technology or social media, chatting with friends or browsing the internet. The one day before the exam deserves a distraction-free & focused study with your phones away. Though you can entertain yourself during breaks to alleviate the stress & recharge your mind, don’t waste your precious study hours while preparing.

4. List Down All the Important Topics 

Wondering, “how to learn fast for exam in 1 day?” The best approach is to get an idea of all the important topics throughout the syllabus based on your summarised notes, weightage, and pattern of the previous year’s exams. Surely, one day isn’t enough to cover the entire syllabus. So study smart and secure the maximum marks by practising important topics. Create a study plan and divide time accordingly.

5. Find A Quite Study Spot

If you genuinely want to complete your studies a night before the exam, you need to surround yourself with a quiet study place where you can read without any disturbance or interruption. Ensure sufficient lighting and start studying with your phones on silent modes.

6. Go Through The Chapter Summaries & Lecture Notes

Summaries and lecture notes are a sure-shot way how to study all subjects in one day. Since you are running out of time, going through the entire syllabus doesn’t help you. Collect all your textbooks with summaries of important information about a chapter and study them. You must also refer to the keynotes prepared by you while taking lectures. Go through all the crucial formulas, equations, calculations, or terms you may’ve noted. It will help you recall your study sessions and aid in concept retention. It is the best way to save your precious time & cover your studies in the best possible manner.

7.  Make Use Of Charts, Flash Cards & Graphs

If you’re panicking about how to prepare for exam in one day, go through the related charts, diagrams, flow charts & graphs of the chapters you are currently working on. It will help you clear your concepts, & compress information faster, as you will be able to identify the connections between various topics in the course.

8. Explain To Someone Else

Another effective way of learning one day before the exam is to explain a topic to someone else. If you’re studying in a group, you can teach one of your friends a chapter you are confident about to evaluate your learning & retain your concepts for longer. It will also make you clear your doubts, if any, and boost your confidence to nail the exam.

9. Take Mock Tests

Practising mock tests or sample papers is the best key to learning fast for an exam in 1 day. You can strengthen your concepts, apply formulas to solve problems, clear your doubts as well as improve your speed & accuracy in attempting the questions. You can get an idea of whether your preparations are up to the mark.

10. Don’t Panic

Last but not least, stop panicking about how much work you remain to complete in a short amount of time. Try to remain calm throughout your study sessions and think positively. Just stay focused on your studies and keep track of time.


These are a few tips to help you find how to learn fast for exam in 1 day. Though studying one day before the exam can be stressful & overwhelming, you can nail your scores by maintaining a strategic study plan. Follow these tips dedicatedly and stick to your goals. All The Best!!

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FAQs on How to Study 1 Day Before Exam?

1. How can I remember things that I have learned for longer?

You must create a study plan, focus on concept-based studies, and frequently revise. Reading NCERT books is a good idea to strengthen your concepts. 

2. What should I do to cope with anxiety during exams?

You can meditate or do Yoga to keep calm during exams. Plus, going for a walk or performing any type of physical activity is also a good idea to keep yourself relaxed.

3. What is the best time to study for exams?

The best time to study for exams can differ depending on a student’s schedule, sleep pattern, and other factors associated with daily life. However, most students prefer to study in the early morning as the brain is more likely to concentrate.