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5 Ways Kids can Contribute on This World Earth Day 2022

By Manasvi GuptaApril 20, 2022
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International Earth Day 2022: Date, Theme, and Importance

Mother earth sustains the entire world but what are we doing to her? We are polluting her, we have an alarming global climate, there is a loss of biodiversity, and the overall quality of the environment is depleting exponentially. So, what are we doing to protect her?

We celebrate World Earth Day every year on April 22 across the globe to acknowledge climate change and work towards the overall protection of our Mother Earth as one. Each year we work on different goals according to the World Earth Day theme set by the Earth Day Organisation. This International Earth Day theme 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet.” This year’s Earth Day requires people to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably) for a greener economy.

The Earth Day importance is that it provides an opportunity for millions of people to come together and work on global issues like pollution, climate change, overpopulation, and more. People of all ages and backgrounds who love their Mother Earth participate in Earth Day celebrations and contribute whatever they can to save Mother Earth. 

Kids, you are no less. You too can make a big difference and do your part to take care of the planet. So, if you are passionate about saving the Earth, read these fun and easy World Earth Day activities you can do and make a difference this year!

  • Go Crafty with Old Pages!

Kids can make a list of fun ideas to convert pages of old magazines, newspapers or used notebooks into something crafty and useful. This will reduce the amount of recyclable paper waste and will make them more creative. Let children use their imagination to create strip art from a pile of strips of glossy magazine pages, cute paper ornaments or even garlands to decorate your room. They can also make collages, handmade cards for friends, or even paper dolls!

  • Transform Trash to Treasure!

How can one miss the popular school competition of creating the best you can with waste materials. This International Earth Day comes up with innovative ideas to turn your school’s trash into treasure as this year’s theme asks you to innovate broadly. This will help you in recognising reusable waste materials and putting them to use. Schools can conduct a section-wise competition or among each class. So, go and show them how your robot made of bins, bottles, caps, and springs will revolutionise the future!

  • Pick up Trash Around Your Home and School

Carry out a cleanliness drive this Earth Day to make a difference. Kids, it's your turn to contribute to the planet’s cleanliness, and you can start by picking up the trash in your school playgrounds and around your home. Such hands-on Earth Day activities will make a bigger impact and, in the future, can help them come up with innovative solutions to reduce the litter at the source. Children can perform the activity in groups or as a community at home to spread awareness among a larger number of people.

  • Plant Your Tiny Garden

Have children plant their favourite flowers in the school garden or an easy-to-grow vegetable in the kitchen garden. Rather than individually, this activity will create a greater impact if performed as a community. So schools can organise the plantation drive for each class where little ones plant flowers or saplings. 

At home, neighbours can plant saplings together in a common area or in their private gardens at the same time. It would be so much fun for kids, playing with the mud and learning about the importance of plants.

  • Go for Nature Walks

Take the little ones out for a trip in nature and ask them to observe it, which doesn’t involve disturbing the environment. Explain to them the importance of spending time in nature, ask them to spot different flowers, trees and birds and take pictures to allow them to feel closer to the environment. You can also plan a scavenger hunt in nature. This way, kids will become more passionate about saving the plant and realise Earth Day's importance.

International Earth Day 2022: Important Things to Remember

Here are some common things and daily activities that not only kids but everyone should do if they want to live in a safer, greener and cleaner environment. Take a pledge that you will remember to follow these points starting this Earth Day, and encourage others around you to do the same.

  • Switch off the lights and electric appliances when not in use. You must also shift to energy-saving light bulbs.

  • Fix all the water leaks and also teach the kids how to tighten up the taps.

  • Always keep reusable bags in your car and home to reduce plastic, which is a major source of waste. 

  • Switch to organic and earth-friendly products, and do not allow chemical products to enter your homes. Whether they are home cleaning products or personal care, encourage everyone to buy organic products only.

  • Encourage your kids to start reusing and upcycling things that they might think are waste. Promote a zero-food wastage day and then gradually make it a habit.

  • Switch to carpooling if and whenever possible. This will provide you with many benefits in addition to cutting down on pollution. Also, carpooling might help you make new friends; isn’t that wonderful? 

It's Time to Take Action!

So, kids don’t let this Environment Day date become just another normal date. Get up, realise your responsibility towards Mother Earth and take action while you can. Change this year’s World Earth Day into a memorable one, which will make you and your close ones proud of you. Children are the future of this Earth, so you better make it a good place to live for yourselves!