How to Improve Score Drastically from JEE Main to JEE Advanced?

by Sagar Mankar, August 14, 2020

After months of confusion and dilemma, the JEE aspirants have some excellent news! JEE 2020 is finally taking place in September. According to the recent official notification, JEE Mains will be held from 1st September to 6th September followed by JEE Advanced on 27th September.

Due to these postponements of the exam dates, students have got some extra time to gear up their preparation. However, no matter how much time they get, it always feels less for such national-level exams like JEE mains and JEE Advanced.

Nonetheless, if you are also a JEE aspirant, this thought must have come to your mind, “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” Well, you are not the only one who is having this thought. Thousands rather Lakhs of students, who are appearing for this examination, are spending sleepless nights thinking about the same.

However, only brooding over the thoughts is not going to take you anywhere. For that, you need to have a robust preparation and self-confidence to crack these exams.

This discussion encompasses possible aspects that can help you to improve the JEE advanced score from JEE mains.

Ways to Improve the Scores From JEE Mains to JEE Advance

Before you ask yourself and your classmates, “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” you must have a fair knowledge about some fundamentals of JEE examination. As a matter of fact, JEE Advance is the second part of JEE Mains, and they follow almost the same exam pattern. However, the most striking difference between these two examinations is the level of difficulty. JEE Advance is tougher compared to JEE Mains. The reason behind it is somewhat clear as qualifying only JEE Mains will get you into mainly NITs, and other government-aided engineering colleges. However, to get admission into IITs in India, you need to qualify JEE Advance as well.

Since the obtained marks in JEE Mains decide the eligibility for JEE Advance, it is natural for you to think, “How to score more marks in JEE Mains?” Because needless to say that, if the JEE Mains score is not up to the mark, it will be difficult for you to score even better in advance.

However, it is not impossible if you truly work for that. Following are some of the tips that you can keep in mind while preparing for both these exams. 

  • Concentrate on JEE Advance

One of these greatest advantages of JEE examinations is that you can cover the syllabus of both the exams at once. Though some chapters are not in the JEE Mains but there in Advance and vice-versa, the numbers are very less. Hence, if you have decided to pursue your career in engineering only, why not aim for IITs? Also if you aim for JEE Advance, the syllabus for the mains will be covered organically. However, if you are curious about “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” then you should stress upon NCERT books and half of your job will be done. 

  • Make a Practical Study Plan

The first step to secure good marks in JEE Mains and Advance is maintaining a steady study plan. Most importantly, you have to keep in the mind that the answer to your question, “How to score more in JEE Mains?” hints at following a strict and practical study plan. Most often than not, under pressure, students end up framing a routine that is not feasible for a prolonged period. For instance, it is not possible to study 18 hours a day or cover five chapters daily. Hence follow a schedule that accommodates both study and recess. Otherwise, there is no point of making a routine for the sake of it.  

  • Aim at Solving Problems

If every now and then a question may pop up in your head - “How to score more in JEE Advanced?”. In that case, you first you need to understand the fundamental pattern of the exam. For those who do not know, JEE Advanced ask conceptual questions as they test your problem-solving ability as well as your in-depth knowledge of the subjects. On the other hand, usually direct questions are asked in Mains. 

  • Utilise the Gap

If we consider previous years, there remains a considerable time gap between JEE Mains and Advance for, say, 45 -50 days. Consider this period as your golden moment if you want to improve your JEE Advance score. During this time, try not to start any new chapter that you have not read before. Instead, try to delve deep into the core of the subjects and make the most of the concepts that you already studied. It will be wiser to focus on the quality rather than the quantity at this point. If you are thinking “How to improve score from the JEE Mains to the JEE advanced?”, then it should be one of your possible answers. 

  • Revise Thoroughly

Most students tend to neglect this aspect but revising thoroughly can make a huge difference in your JEE Advance score. It will be better if you can revise each chapter once you finish reading that. Nonetheless, if that is not possible, then you should make enough room for this before one or two weeks of JEE Advance. Revision is essential as it will help you to assess your standing and you will be able to brush up the concepts that need a little extra effort. Hence, it can be a significant aspect of JEE advanced preparation, and you need not to ask yourself over and over again “How to get more marks in JEE Advanced?” 

  • Follow Your Natural Ability

Another step towards succeeding in JEE exams is being true to you. It may sound dramatic, but in reality, it can actually help you in the preparation to a great extent. If you are preparing for the exams for quite some time now, you must know what your strength and weaknesses are, and no one knows that better than you do. For example, if you are good at chemistry but your physics need to be stronger, it is the best time work on Physics. In such cases, self-evaluating will aid you to work on your weak points. In such exams, you have to be capable of tackling all kind of questions. Even if you ask your seniors and teachers “How to score more marks in JEE Advanced?” they will also tell you to follow your natural ability and rack up your preparation accordingly. 

  • Do Not Lose Hope

Lastly, whenever you feel anxious about “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” just remember that it is not only about marks. The concepts you have grasped are enough to fetch good score in both JEE tests. Now all you need to do is stay calm and give your best, without losing hope. 

Apart from these tips, there are also several ways to improve your marks from JEE Mains to JEE Advance. For that, you must consult with your teachers, seniors and your family to get the best insights about the exams.

Can I Score Good Marks in Both JEE Mains and Advanced Simultaneously?

According to Nation Testing Agency (NTA), a total of 9, 35,741 students registered for JEE Mains and among which 1, 61,319 students appeared for JEE Advance in both papers. Nonetheless, only 38,705 students have qualified for JEE Advance in 2019. The numbers are the indicators of the intensity of competitions. Needless to say, robust preparation is imperative if you want to crack both JEE exams in one go.

Hence if you still do not know “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” your first initiative should be on acquiring due knowledge on each subject - physics, chemistry and maths. It is absolutely possible to prepare for JEE Mains and Advance simultaneously, if you follow a dedicated study plan from the beginning.

However, if your JEE Mains do not go as per the plan, you need not feel hopeless about that. Instead of pondering over what went wrong, try to make the most of the time between JEE Mains and Advance. Many toppers of JEE Mains and Advance shared that their Mains did not go as they planned, but they never lost hope and stopped trying. As a result, they secured the cut-off marks in Advance and now pursuing their dreams of getting into one of the prestigious institutes in India.

If you have gone through the entire blog, by now you must have got your answer to “How to get more marks in JEE Mains?” Then, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and keep practising and revising as only a few days are left for you D-day. Be focused and ace the exam.

How to Improve Score Drastically from JEE Main to JEE Advanced?