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How To Get Through JEE Maths At Lightning Speed?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 25, 2020
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How To Study Maths Quickly For JEE?

With time, information and resources are becoming easily available due to the easy access to the internet and technologies. Although this is a boon to the JEE aspirants, the competition is peaking annually. It is our lookout to make maximum use of this accessibility and think how to clear JEE Maths quickly. Mathematics preparation requires mostly self-study and immense practice. With a good amount of access to information and systematic approach one, you can easily get through JEE Maths at lightning speed. In this article, we have come with some ideas on how you can devote minimum time on Mathematics to gain the maximum output.

General Tips On How To Get Through JEE Maths At Lightning Speed While Preparing For It

When we are talking about speed, our main goal is to look out for the topics that have the most weightage in the paper. Given below are tips on how to clear JEE Maths quickly:

  1. Identify the Topics that carry maximum marks in the Paper: The areas of Integrals, Trigonometry, Conic Sections, Differentiation, Circle, Quadratic Equations, Vector Algebra, 3D Geometry, Relations and Functions, Matrix, Complex Numbers and Probability hold the maximum weightage in the question paper. If you are thinking about how to study Maths quickly for JEE, then you must ace these topics first. Make it a habit of practising problems from each area daily.

  2. Approach to Difficulty Gradually: Just because you need to cover the areas in lightning speed, does not mean that you will jump to the difficult problems right away. Stop fretting over how to clear JEE Maths quickly and start with the basics. Get them cleared before you start solving the tougher ones. Solving easier problems initially will boost your confidence and prime you for solving the unconventional problems.

  3. Avoid Rummaging through Problems: There is no straight answer to the question- “how to study Maths quickly for JEE?”. Try to solve as many types of problems as you can instead of just reading them. You will never remember the approach in the exam hall if you depend on visuals. Train your brain to master the technique and gain efficiency by practising rather than visualizing.

  4. Stop the practice of looking into solutions: It is a bad idea to look directly into the solution when stuck with a problem. Keep the problem aside. Do not think about a problem for more than 2 mins. Move on and come back to it later when you have time. This will let you build in the exam strategy as well. If you could not solve it, look for the solution later and practice as many similar problems as you can for a week. Give yourself a retest. You will definitely improve in no time.

  5. Maintain a Formulae Book: When you are talking about ‘’how to study Maths quickly for JEE”, the first thing that you should do is to know your formulae by heart. If you are not confident with your formulae, it is worthless to speed time over complex problems. The best idea to save time in scanning for formulae is to keep a notebook dedicated to them. Make a habit of revising from that notebook every time you sit for practice. In no time, you will find the need to peek in declining.

  6. Stop Depending on the Calculator: The basic idea of gaining success in Mathematics at a lightning speed is to make fast and accurate calculations. Using a calculator will reduce your brain activity and make you slow. You are not allowed to use any calculative gadgets in the exam hall. So, it is wise to make it a practice to do your calculations yourself. Remember, your brain is the only weapon to fight in the competition of JEE and it needs to be as sharp as a knife.

  7. Learning Time Management: Mock tests and sample papers give you an actual idea of the difficulty level of the test as they include the time factor as well. For a proper mock test, you need to complete it on time and no matter what lures you to distraction, stay put. Hard work always pays off.

  8. Take External Help: It is necessary to get over all your doubts and shortcomings before you sit for the test. This can be achieved by getting experienced evaluation from tutors, online educational platforms, online mock tests and study materials.

How To Get Through JEE Maths In Lightning Speed: Some Extra Tips

  1. Avoid maintaining a sequential approach in solving and rather scour through the paper first to identify the problems you are confident enough about.

  2. Tick the problems you wish to attempt first. This saves a lot of time in finding the ones you are certain about.

  3. Try to perform the rough work beside the problem itself with a pencil. Avoiding turning pages to the last for calculations can save you ample time. Every minute counts.

  4. Rechecking the answers immediately improves accuracy and time management.

To conclude, Mathematics might seem hard to master but by knowing how to study Maths quickly for JEE, one can do wonders with this subject.

FAQs on How To Get Through JEE Maths At Lightning Speed?

1. How can I revise Maths JEE syllabus at lightning speed?

Ans: Make a timetable for the topics you are confident in and the topics in which you are facing trouble. Keep some time to practice each difficult topic every day.

2. How to study Maths quickly for JEE with the help of books?

Ans: The Class 11 and 12 NCERT Maths books should be your ultimate destination when last-minute Mathematics revision comes into action. Nothing clears your concepts better than these textbooks.

3. When is the best time of the day to practice JEE Maths?

Ans: Everyone has their own comfortable time of the study. You must keep in mind that your brain should not be too clogged up or tired when you sit for practice.

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