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How to Crack JEE Advanced in 10 Days?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 23, 2020
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How to Prepare For JEE Advanced in The Last 10 days?

If you are in search of the answer to the question - ‘how to crack JEE Advanced in 10 days?’ You have come to the right place. JEE Advanced is considered to be the toughest exam in India for getting admission in engineering courses and it requires not only hard work but smart work as well. We say this because, despite hard work, many students are found to score unsatisfactorily in the mock tests that they take even a few days before the exam.

If you are a JEE Advanced candidate, you have to deal with several things, including the last few day’s hysterias. The magic lies in keeping calm and knowing how to prepare for the IIT JEE in 10 days.

How to Crack JEE Advanced in 10 Days?

The following points will help you to understand how to crack JEE Advanced in 10 days.

  • It is a general tendency to skip the mock tests so that some more time for study can be acquired. But you should attend the mock tests before exams and know what mistakes you are making so that you can correct them before appearing for the actual exam.

  • Just give a thorough revision of the topics that you have learned. It is not a good idea to start a new topic in the remaining 10 days.

  • Try to solve the questions from previous years and some difficult/significant questions from every chapter. 

  • Formulas, reaction mechanisms, equations etc must be revised over and over again. Solve the harder problems. 

  • You should take proper rest and sleep before the exam. It is a very important point of how to prepare for JEE Main in the last 10 days.

  • The maximum importance should be given on the most important chapters as well as your weak chapters.

  • Try to boost your confidence and do not get anxious before the exam.

  • You can take the help of personalized assistance programmes or mentors as offered by various learning portals to make yourself stress-free before the exam. Mental stability is the most important thing before the exam.

How to Prepare For The IIT JEE in 10 Days?

Proper revision of the entire syllabus is a crucial thing. It is advised to focus on the important chapters for JEE Advanced, difficult chapters and chapters where you are weak at. You should also brush up the important points, formulas, reactions etc. The vital portion of the smart study is to solve the important questions, previous year questions, questions where you made mistakes or took more time to solve and questions where even toppers made mistakes. You will get several questions in the mock test and previous year sections of the study materials you acquire online.

How to Improve Your Score in 10 Days?

One of the major aspects of the question of how to prepare for JEE Main in the last 10 days is how to improve your score in 10 days. It is always advised by the experts that smart work is much more effective than the hard work as far as the JEE Advanced exam is concerned. It is not at all possible to revise the entire syllabus in the last 10 days. You just need to focus on some handpicked things and try to solve the harder problems. Some online learning portals provide scopes to interact with toppers. You can avail that. They will surely guide you to choose the important areas of the whole syllabus you need to focus on in the last 10 days. This will improve your score.

So, did you get answers to the questions like how to crack JEE Advanced in 10 days, how to prepare for the IIT JEE in 10 days, and how to prepare for JEE Main in the last 10 days that have been crowding your brain of late? Remember, it is better late than ever. Therefore, give it a go and prepare yourself for the exam by all means.

FAQs on How to Crack JEE Advanced in 10 Days?

1. How to Improve my Problem-Solving Skill in the Last 10 Days?

Ans: You have to focus on your gaps in the problem-solving skill and strategy apart from solving the right practice questions. Your knowledge won’t be converted into marks without having the right skills and a proper strategy. You will lose out marks because of mismanagement of time or your inability to choose the right questions due to lack of the above strategy.

Your task is to find out if you are spending too much time on any particular type of question or if you are spending much time on questions that you will not attempt. You will also have to be careful about your capability of selecting the right questions to answer and the silly mistakes caused due to answering the questions too fast. You not only need to overcome nervousness but also need to control the overconfidence. One small piece of advice from us is that analyze your paper after every test you take to identify the lacunae.

2. Is it Possible to Secure a Good Rank in IIT JEE with the Last 10 Days’ Preparation?

Ans: Of course, it is possible to secure a good rank in IIT JEE with the last 10 days’ preparation. At this time, you just need to focus on solving previous years’ questions and mock tests to assess your performance and practise more and more these days. You may practice mock tests exclusively designed for the JEE Advanced exam.

3. How is it Important to Interact with the Toppers to Score Well in JEE Advanced in the Last 10 Days of Preparation?

Ans: Toppers’ guidance is much important to improve the score in the JEE Advanced exam in the last 10 days’ preparation. You may tally your views with the toppers. You can access the interaction with several toppers through Vedantu.

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