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How to Crack JEE Advanced 2021 Exam in 1 Month

By Asmita KunduSeptember 23, 2020
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Tips To Crack IIT JEE Advanced In 1 Month

As JEE prelims are over, aspirants are now focussed on JEE Advanced. The preparations are going to be tougher as the syllabus is more difficult and the exam harder to crack. In such a situation, it is quite common for students to find an easy and effective way to prepare for JEE Advanced and this brings us to the query- ‘how to crack JEE Advanced 2021 exam in 1 month?’. This particular article is prepared to give you tips to crack IIT JEE Advanced in 1 month along with some secrets too. 

How to Crack JEE Advanced in 1 Month?

The strategy is the main key here when you are worried about how to crack the JEE Advanced 2021 exam in 1 month. Remember it takes a shorter time for JEE Advanced to come knocking at the door. A well-prepared study plan and a time management plan are necessary to get efficient preparation. Wondering how to crack JEE Advanced in 1 month? Hard work and steady concentration can do wonders for you. To begin with, the tips to crack IIT JEE Advanced in 1 month, we must say, your primary action will be setting the target and settling for a systematic study. 

As you are searching for strategies to help you in a short period we have prepared a list of seven secrets to crack JEE Main and Advanced in 1 month. The following section unravels all those. 

7 Secrets to Crack JEE Main and Advanced in 1 Month

1. Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern Thoroughly

The first of the tips to crack IIT JEE Advanced in 1 month will be knowing what you are going to face while you appear in the exam. There will be JEE Advanced paper 1 and 2 (containing questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in MCQ format) which you have to clear in 3 hours. Negative marking of 1/4th marks is there. 

2. Identify important Chapters and Revise them Repeatedly

In your quest of how to crack JEE Advanced in 1 month, the next step for you is to select the more important chapters from each subject and revise them one by one. Mechanics, waves, thermodynamics, electromagnetism are a few important chapters of Physics. In Chemistry, general organic, inorganic and physical portions are more important. Matrices and determinants, permutation and combination, sequence and series are important in Maths. 

3. Refer to Study Materials and Attend Online Classes

You should take help from textbooks, reference books, and the study materials provided by the online learning portals. These cover the topics in a precise and to-the-point manner that will help you in preparing for the exam. The live last-minute online sessions conducted by subject matter experts are also a great help when it’s just one month to go for the final exam day.  

4. Give more time to Practice

The next point in the tips to crack IIT JEE Advanced in 1 month is devoting time to rigorous practice. Be it Maths, Physics or Chemistry, you should be practising problems as much as you can in a time-bound way. This will make you practice expertise in quick solving of problems. 

5. Do not go for new Topics

If you have left any particular chapter in any subject, this is not the right time to take a shot at it. Remember you are here to know the strategy of how to crack JEE Advanced in 1 month and venturing new chapters will be a completely disastrous idea. 

6. Set a Daily Routine

Among the seven secrets to crack JEE Main and Advanced in 1 month, preparing a daily routine for studying and abiding by it is important. Divide the hours you study in equal categories and allocate chapters from all subjects based on the importance and your level of preparation. 

7. Do not Overwork and Get Stressed

Yes, we get it that stress is quite natural but letting that overpower you will lead to loss of concentration. All your preparations will be in vain if the fear of the exam gets on your nerves. To cover that, you will tend to overwork and eventually become tired. Ultimate result? Zero. 

So, it is very important to keep your cool and stay healthy. While it is one month to go before JEE Advanced, these tips will help you immensely. Till then, concentrate on your studies and practise harder.

FAQs on How to Crack JEE Advanced 2021 Exam in 1 Month

1. What is the difference between JEE Advanced and JEE Main?

Ans: In terms of difficulty, JEE Advanced is more difficult than the JEE Mains. Also, CBSE is the regulatory board of JEE Main while that of JEE advanced is IIT. Only after qualifying JEE Main, you can appear in JEE Advanced and on qualifying that, you get admission into ISM and IIT. BE/B. Tech aspirants have to attend JEE Main paper 1 only while paper 2 is for B. Arch/B. Plan courses. But students have to attend both paper 1 and 2 in JEE Advanced.

2. Which topics are not included in JEE Advanced but present in JEE Main Syllabus?

Ans: The below list of topics are not included in JEE Advanced but present in JEE Main syllabus. Take a look.

a. Height and Distance in Trigonometry 

b. Tautology, statement and legal operations, contrapositive, converse and contradiction from Mathematical Reasoning

c. From Sets, Relations and Functions the following are excluded:

  • Algebraic Property of Sets

  • Representation of Sets- Unions, Complements, Intersections

  • Power Sets

  • Types of Relations

  • Equivalent Relations

d. From Statistics and Probability, the following are excluded:

  • Calculation of Mean, Median, Mode of grouped and ungrouped Data

  • Calculation of Measures of Dispersion

  • Standard Deviation

  • Calculation of Variance

3. Which chapters from Physics and Chemistry are excluded in JEE Main but included in JEE Advanced?

Ans: Thermal Physics from Physics and Electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry from Chemistry are excluded in JEE Main but are part of the syllabus in JEE Advanced.

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