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From 90 to 99 Percentile in JEE: A Success Worth the Drop-Year!

By MayukhaDecember 20, 2023
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How to Achieve 99 Percentile and Above as a Dropper in JEE?

Are you thinking of taking a drop-year for your JEE 2024 preparations? Well, before you doubt if it is going to make any difference, let us share the success stories of our Vedans who re-instated the worth of a drop-year when it comes to JEE preparation. Mohammad Qasim from Uttar Pradesh and Samarth Nagpal from Delhi are among the stellar performers of our JEE dropper batches. Their success stories are going to inspire many more JEE aspirants, re-igniting their self-belief and boosting their confidence.

Let us learn how to achieve 99 percentile and above in JEE, making the drop-year worth every bit of it from the stories of our JEE toppers.

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Mohammad Qasim Sarwar| 99.25 %ile | Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Academic Background 

Having spent his early childhood years in West Bengal, Qasim moved to Benaras with his family later. He scored around 96% in ICSE 10th Boards, coming second in his school. Though sports was not his forte, he had a strong academic background. He switched to CBSE Board for his +2 and opted for the non-schooling option to dedicate more time to his self-study and JEE preparation. However, during COVID, things didn’t go as planned. 

JEE Success:

Last year, he attempted two sessions of JEE. He scored 89%ile in the first attempt and 91.3%ile in the second attempt. He preferred the online classes of Vedantu to the offline coaching classes. He was relieved when he got to know the pace of our classes. He got more materials on online coaching. Scoring 250+ in the JEE mock tests was a boost to his confidence.

The classes were interesting, and the teachers were quite encouraging. The one thing that he loved about Vedantu was the mentors. PTE was the best thing for him and the two-tier system of class teachers, as he could ask doubts right in the class.

His Success Mantra:

Taking running notes for effective learning in the class.

A Word of Advice for the JEE Aspirants:

“Believe in yourself. Follow what your teachers say. Take every mock test and sectional test. Stay away from distractions on social media and games to save more time for yourself. Opt for online coaching to get more study resources without any hustle.” 

Samarth Nagpal | 99.31%ile | Delhi

Academic Background:

Samarth scored 92% in the 12th Board exams. He did not take any coaching for JEE in 2021 and concentrated on his 12th Board preparation. However, due to the pandemic, the Board exams got cancelled. He then decided to appear for JEE 2021.

JEE Success:

Samarth had scored an 89%ile in one of his attempts at JEE Main 2021. His dreams soared higher than his scores. So, holding on to his self-belief, Samarth took a drop year for JEE preparation. He opted for JEE coaching at Vedantu. At times people insisted him to pursue any course with his JEE 2021 scores and hinted that taking a drop year may not get him the intended result. However, the best thing about Samarth is that he was determined and had a very positive attitude throughout and other’s opinions on taking a drop year never really bothered him.

He has only one word for his experience of JEE coaching at Vedantu - ‘Great’. He had taken a JEE crash course from Vedantu for his first attempt. He says the assignments and test series were of great help. Our Master Teachers were always there to help him with his doubts. He has enrolled for the Eklavya Batch for his JEE Advanced preparation.

His Success Mantra:

He stuck to the process methodically. He did not let his threats become bigger than his strengths. He never let anything demotivate him in any way. Be it bringing his parents around for a drop year or be it consistently working on the JEE Main mock tests, Samarth had never let his morale down. His self-belief and positive attitude paved his way to success.

A Word for the JEE Aspirants

“Don’t stress. There’s nothing to be scared of. Even if your scores are not upto the mark at your first attempt, don’t stress and work harder for the next attempt. The only thing under our control is our effort for the preparation. For those students who are beginning Class 11, if you wish to appear in JEE, go for good coaching.” 

The success stories of Mohammad Qasim and Samarth Nagpal reassure the next batch of JEE aspirants to dream big. They come from different places and cultures and had different approaches and processes towards the JEE preparation, but one thing that they had in common is their self-belief. Their stories tell us how not to get bogged down by failure and the way to keep going with perseverance, taking one step at a time towards our JEE goals.

Apart from sharing their JEE drop-year experience, Mohammad Qasim and Samarth Nagpal have also shared a few wise words for the aspirants of the upcoming JEE. So taking the words of advice right from our toppers, “Stay motivated, let go of all the stress and give the best in your JEE preparation.


The journey from a 90 to a 99 percentile in JEE, particularly after a drop-year, is a testament to the triumphs of perseverance and self-belief. Mohammad Qasim and Samarth Nagpal, hailing from diverse backgrounds, share their success stories as Vedantu's JEE toppers, emphasizing the significance of determination and positivity. Their varied approaches underscore the common thread of unwavering self-confidence. Aspiring JEE candidates can draw inspiration from these tales, learning not to be disheartened by setbacks and to approach their goals one step at a time. The shared wisdom encourages staying motivated and stress-free on the path to JEE success.

FAQs on From 90 to 99 Percentile in JEE: A Success Worth the Drop-Year!

1. What is the JEE toppers’ time table 2024?

To achieve a 99 percentile in JEE Main and JEE Advanced, it is important to follow a proper time table during your JEE preparation. Let us check out the rigorous time table followed by JEE toppers.  

6:00 A.M. to 6:30 A.M.: Wake up and go for a walk 

6:30 A.M. to 7:15 A.M.: Take a bath and have a breakfast

7:15 A.M. to 10:15 A.M.: Study

10:15 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.: Take a short break (may be a snack time)

10: 30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.: Classes

2:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.: Lunch break

2:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.: Classes

5:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.: Break (watch tv, have a snack, etc.)

6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.: Study

10:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.: Dinner

10:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.: Watch some motivational videos and plan for the next day studies

11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.: Sleep

2. Are JEE crash courses more beneficial than JEE full-length courses?

Both JEE crash courses and JEE full-length courses come with a unique set of benefits. While the crash courses help aspirants make a quick recap of the syllabus in a few weeks’ time, the JEE full-length courses help them get a strong hold on every topic covered in the JEE syllabus

JEE crash courses are meant for those aspirants who need a brush-up on the JEE important topics. Aspirants starting with their JEE preparation in their +2 or those taking a drop-year can opt for the JEE full-length courses for a thorough understanding of the JEE topics.

3. Is a drop-year going to help me score a 99 percentile in JEE?

Yes, a drop-year can help you score in the 99 percentile in JEE if you prepare accordingly. Several JEE toppers who secured a 99 percentile this year had taken a drop year for their preparations. Staying self-motivated and working out an effective exam strategy will help you achieve your desired score in JEE.

4. Is taking a drop-year for JEE preparation a worthwhile decision?

The success stories of Vedantu's toppers, Mohammad Qasim and Samarth Nagpal, demonstrate that a drop-year, when approached with determination and positive mindset, can significantly improve JEE percentiles.

5. How can I stay motivated and handle stress during JEE preparation, especially after taking a drop-year?

Following the advice of successful candidates like Qasim and Samarth, staying motivated involves believing in oneself, letting go of stress, and consistently putting in effort toward JEE goals.

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