How does Participating in Olympiads Help in JEE Preparations?

by Sagar, March 26, 2020

Every student who is a prospective Engineer or wants to go into the sciences in the future knows the value of the JEE exam and preparing for the same. Sometimes, students spend so many years on preparing for the exam by attending so many classes and juggling their school and JEE Main syllabus at once. However, the one thing that students would be able to understand through this article is the fact that there is no one way to deal with the exam and there are different ways through which they can prepare for the JEE exam. One of the most popular means that have originated in the past is that of JEE preparation online.  This is one of the most efficient answers for students who ask about how to prepare for IIT JEE. The following article would provide you with information about how Olympiads can prove to be equally helpful in preparing for the JEE exam. 

How to appear for Olympiad Exams?

Appearing for the Olympiad exam is not the same as appearing for any other exam. This is because the whole process of registering for the Olympiads is governed by the Science Olympiad Foundation. In case you are a candidate who would want to appear for the Olympiad exams then the first thing that you would have to make sure of is that whether or not your school is duly registered with the SOF or the Science Olympiad Foundation. This is because that is the body that is concerned with providing the question papers for the exam to the respective schools. However, some schools are not very aware of this exam because of which they would not have registered themselves with the SOF. In such a case, the teacher in charge in the different schools would have to ensure that they contact the SOF office, get the roll numbers from there and then assign it to the students who are interested in giving the exam. Once this is done, the teacher would then have to submit the registered names as well as the roll numbers that have been assigned to the students. Once all of this has been done, the next step is to ensure that all the documents are submitted to the office well before the due date so that the school can be registered and the students can attempt the exam for their good. Giving Olympiads is often high on the JEE preparation tips because of which more and more schools and students should apply for the same. 

Olympiads Help in Building your Future

Students tend to waltz right of the door when they hear the word Olympiad. This is because the word in itself is so big and scary which makes the students feel that giving the exam would lead to unnecessary stress and that they are better off working on the curriculum which has been provided to them by the school. However, we feel it is our responsibility to make you understand that giving Olympiads is not such a bad idea and that it could help you in your quest to know about how to prepare for IIT JEE.  The following are some of the reasons that you must consider while understanding why giving Olympiads should be on the top of your JEE preparation tip. 

  1. Helps in the development of Skills 

Schools tend to often spoon feed students. It is because of this factor that the students have become extremely laid back and they do not like doing any extra work. This is the reason why most of their skillset remains dormant. However, while preparing for Olympiads, students can go beyond what they already know and they would expand their horizons because of which their overall skill set would also improve in the long run. 


  1. Enhanced Confidence 

One thing that happens in school is that students tend to become extremely comfortable. They are not challenged enough and neither do they feel too much competition because they have peers all around. However, while preparing for Olympiads, students have to often cross their boundaries and have to compete with students who are not their peers. In this situation, therefore, they become more confident and can deal with more and more challenges. 


  1. Better Preparation for Other Competitive Exams 

The biggest help that the Olympiads offer is while preparing for the JEE exams. This is because most of the students have the question of how to prepare for the IIT JEE Exam which keeps them up all night. In that case, giving Olympiads would help students in getting familiar with the pattern of competitive exams and would also help in ensuring that they can get the right kind of knowledge to be able to attempt the same in the future. 


Benefits of Participating in Olympiads 

The massive JEE online preparation is not the only benefit that Olympiads provide to the students. Rather, there are several other advantages that the students can enjoy if they decide on giving the exam and can be stated as follows:


  • Improvement in Academic Performance 

Students often get intellectually stagnant in schools because of the spoon-feeding that happens in the same. However, if these students decide to give Olympiads then they would have to get out of their comfort zone and would have studied a plethora of different subjects. In this case, therefore, they would automatically be able to perform well in school as the syllabus is often limited. 


  • Helps in Building a good Profile 

Olympiads mean that you can take risks and go beyond your boundaries to do something for yourself as well as your school. This creates a good impression on your profile because of which you would be able to gain better opportunities in the future. 


  • Enhances problem-solving skills 

One of the major advantages that the students can gain while giving these Olympiads is that their problem-solving skills enhance which is required in preparing for the IIT JEE exam as well. 


These days schools do not stress the fact that how important the Olympiad exams are and tend to keep students focused on the school curriculum. In this case, therefore, it is our job to make you realize the same and how it can prove to be highly advantageous in your IIT JEE preparations. 

How does Participating in Olympiads Help in JEE Preparations?