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How Do I Increase My Aptitude and Math Skills during JEE Preparation?

By Anusha LalSeptember 25, 2020
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How to Improve Aptitude and Math Skills for IIT JEE

It is understandable that with increasing competition, acing JEE exams have become a bit of a challenge for all aspirants. You have to make sure that you have a good grasp on the subject as all the numerical in Physics and Chemistry has significant use of quadratic equations, logarithm, trigonometry, differential equations, calculus, etc. You must be wondering how to improve JEE maths aptitude skills? The secret to preparation is practice and practice harder. It might sound a little cliché, but believe us, these are the most important aspects to gain prowess in mathematics.

How to Increase Maths Aptitude Skills for IIT JEE

If you are thinking, ‘how can I improve my maths aptitude for JEE preparation?”, the answer is here. Just follow these steps:

  1. Develop a Mindset of Preparation at an Early Stage: You cannot suddenly decide on appearing for IIT JEE in the middle of your 10+2 and then wonder how to increase maths aptitude/skills for IIT JEE. In order to get an idea on how to increase maths aptitude for IIT JEE, you need to start early. Apart from the regular curriculum, try to solve logical reasoning questions to enhance your aptitude. Solve similar problems repeatedly to master a topic keeping track of time.

  2. Know Your Strength: While moving on to understanding how to improve your JEE maths aptitude skills, the target must not be to become ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. It is your responsibility to work on all types of problems before you can identify your strength and then take a targeted approach of attempting questions that you are confident in rather than the questions where you waste time and marks.

  3. Improve Your Accuracy: Remember, accuracy is the key to success in JEE. In order to be accurate, you must develop an instinctive idea about a problem within seconds of reading it. This can only be achieved from clearing out the basics. One has to be thorough with the concepts such as the area under the curve, limits, probabilities, vector algebra etc. Practising under limited time can help make accuracy your forte.

  4. Do not Look for Solutions Immediately: While practising, spending a lot of time on one question can be pretty intimidating. It might drive you to look for the solution so that you can move on to the next problem without further ado. This is absolutely the wrong way to practice. Rather, look for similar examples that might help you to build a base for the approach. JEE is a fight where your weapon is your brain. Sharpen it so that it doesn’t fail you on the D-day. Just figure out the answer to- “how can I improve my maths aptitude skills for JEE preparation?”

  5. Maintain a Formulae Logbook: While practising maths, you must jot down all the topic-wise important formulae into an exercise book that you can refer to as and when you need a quick revision. Suppose you have targeted the topic of probability for practice, try to go through the important theoretical concepts of that chapter before you sit for revision. Each time you refresh your memory on a topic, you will find the need of looking for the solutions slowly declining.

  6. Positivity is the Key to Success: If you are aspiring for JEE, do not overthink. It is very important to keep calm and believe in yourself. The main objective of the JEE exam is to test your ability to solve as many problems in a short span of time. Remember, many students score above 90%. All you need is a bit of perseverance, hard work and flexibility. 

How to Improve Aptitude and Math Skills for IIT JEE: Topic-wise Skill-enhancing Approach

  1. Calculus: This topic covers almost the entirety of the complicated part of mathematics in JEE. Every problem has a definite approach. With practice, one can mentally visualize the approach. It is important to rigorously practice different types of calculus problems from offline (books) and online resources like Vedantu.

  2. Algebra: This topic is a lifesaver for every IIT JEE aspirant. If you are asking yourself ‘how can I improve my math aptitude skills for jee preparation’, this topic is your answer. It comprises the most scoring and conceptually easy part of the JEE syllabus.

  3. Coordinate Geometry: The best way to work on conic sections is to break down tougher questions to simpler basic ones and then solve the question. You can expect an array of problems under the combination of Straight Lines and Circles. Solving these problems will help you to identify the solutions in less time.

  4. Trigonometry: As per the recent trend in JEE, direct questions from Trigonometry are not much likely to be found in the paper. Questions of Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Conic Sections, etc. are generally found in major applications and operations of trigonometry. You must be thorough with the formulae in order to identify and implement them in a fraction of second.

To wrap it up, motivation is crucial to finding an answer to “how to improve aptitude and maths skills for IIT JEE.” Keep yourself motivated to practise more and explore multiple options for preparation.

FAQs on How Do I Increase My Aptitude and Math Skills during JEE Preparation?

Q1. How Can I Improve My Maths Aptitude Skills for JEE Preparation? Suggest Some Resources.

Ans: Your NCERT mathematics textbooks for class 11 and 12 should be your ultimate ally. Besides, there are many useful videos, mock tests, study materials and Live classes available on online educational platforms like Vedantu.

Q2. Which is the Most Scoring Section of the IIT JEE Maths Syllabus?

Ans: Algebra helps you score better. However, you must find your strength area to ace IIT JEE.

Q3. Some Quick Tips on How to Improve Aptitude and Math Skills for IIT JEE?

Ans: Memorise all formulae thoroughly and give as many mock tests as possible.

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