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How Do I Improve My Grip In Mathematics For JEE In One Year?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 25, 2020
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Can I Improve My Grip in Mathematics for JEE in One Year?

JEE is a tough competition due to limited seats and too many students appearing for it. Apart from the competition, you have to worry about your boards as well. Keeping this in mind, you must be strong enough in your basics quite early so that you can focus on solving complex problems for the last year before the exam. Mathematics, on one hand, is a very scoring subject and if you can grasp the concepts well, you can easily score a large chunk of your score in JEE from this section. Are you eager to find the answer to the question- “how do I improve my grip in mathematics for JEE in one year? Here you go… 

Knowing the Important Topics of JEE Mathematics

There is no magic to improve your grip in JEE mathematics in one year. You firstly need to practice a lot before you can identify your areas of concern and work on them. The following are the topics to be covered for JEE maths along with their cumulative weightage in the question paper:





Complex Numbers


Three Dimensional Geometry


Sequence and Series


Vector Algebra


Conic Sections


Relations and Functions


Matrices and Determinants


Limits and Continuity


Straight Lines


Permutation and Combinations


Application of Derivatives


Inverse Trigonometry


Differential Equations


Binomial Theorem




Application of Integrals










Quadratic Equations


In order to get a good hold over the important topics, you must make it a habit to practice at least a few problems from each crucial topic every day. We know it might be a tad bit exhausting to eat sleep and repeat, but remember that this one year of exhaustion can get you to your dream.

General Tips on How to Increase Grip in JEE Mathematics in One Year:

  1. Practice More to Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses: As you practice, with time, you can be confident about the topics that you can command over. But remember, your strength is your trump card and you cannot leave them unattended. Instead, find the way you acquired strength on those topics and try to implement the same on your weak areas. Note down the concepts you are struggling with and try to refer to online resources to make it interactive. 

  2. Start Early Revision: If you are looking for the answer for “how can I improve my grip in maths for IIT JEE in one year”, you must have already completed your syllabus and started your revision. Unless you are thorough with all the topics you cannot think about enhancing your grasping skills. Once you are confident of all the topics, try to keep at least 6 months in hand to start practising the complicated problems. One year is not very little time and if you utilize it judiciously you can make the most out of it.

  3. Attend Your Doubts Immediately: Do not ever keep waiting to excel in a topic on your own if you have been striving with it for long. Take any help that is handy, be it your home tutor or online educational platforms. Reach out for help when stuck. You never want to waste the entire period striving to solve one problem.

  4. Practice Time Management: Once your confidence exceeds your doubts, start taking full-fledged mock tests. Keep away from any distractions and always finish a test that you have started, on time. Note down your improvements and shortcomings from every test to keep a record of your progress. Attend your shortcomings immediately with your mentor, as discussed earlier.

  5. Make a Timetable and Stick to It: You can only manage time by setting a timetable and adhering by it. Your timetable need not be constant and can vary with your progress. For example, if you need to strengthen your skills on certain topics, for a week, practise those problems daily at a certain time of the day and then you can sit for a mock test or solve a paper or two on that topic in the weekend to check your progress.

  6. Revise Your Formulae Every Day: Keep a note of all the important formulae and come what may. Do not forget to revise them once every day. Mark out the formulae that give you trouble and have a habit of practising a problem based on each of them daily. 

  7. Take Expert Guidance: It is important to have a reliable source of evaluation i.e. online courses, coaching classes, home tutors etc., that can show you your strengths and weaknesses and how to work on them. Your question of ‘how can I increase my grip in mathematics for JEE in one year’ can be answered best by your mentor who can provide you with personalized solutions. 

Lastly, spending quality time on preparation rather than quantity helps you ace the test. To reach the height, all you need is a methodical approach. If you believe in something hard enough, it is bound to happen.

FAQs on How Do I Improve My Grip In Mathematics For JEE In One Year?

1. How Can I Improve My Grasp in IIT JEE Mathematics? Suggest Me Some Resources.

Apart from your Class 11th and 12th NCERT books, you can get a lot of interesting insight from videos, mock tests, live classes, doubt clearing sessions etc. from online educational platforms like Vedantu.

2. What Should be the Most Important Topics to Focus on for JEE Maths?

You can expect your paper to be flooded with problems from Calculus and Algebra. Practice these two topics thoroughly and attend to the doubts instantly.

3. Some Quick Tips on How to Improve Grip on JEE Maths in One Year?

Revise your formulae daily and take as many mock tests as you can. Online mock tests can be of great help.

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