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Droppers Can Prepare for JEE by Online Classes from Home

By Prateet SarkarAugust 02, 2022
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IIT JEE preparation has had some setbacks after COVID-19 hit the world and its industries. For JEE droppers, it becomes an added issue to sit at home and prepare for their upcoming exam. However, online classes have come to the rescue of students in this scenario and students have found the liberty and flexibility in studying from the comfort of their homes via online classes.

Since most of the IITians have been droppers at some point, we can easily assume that they are valuable assets in the industry and their career has a range of opportunities to be explored, starting with IIT JEE preparation.

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How Can Droppers Prepare for JEE Via Online Classes From Their Homes?
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Can I Prepare for JEE at Home?

One may choose a more convenient option to prepare for IIT JEE, which is online classes. Vedantu’s Dropper Course will help droppers as well as first timers to study appropriately for their upcoming tests.

The following are the features that you’ll be guaranteed in this dropper course for JEE 2022:

  • Classes by our top Master Teachers

  • Live Doubt-Solving by Class Teachers

  • Live Quizzes and Leaderboard

  • Most Exam-appropriate Test Series with Solutions

Considering all these, it is safe to assume that droppers can prepare for jee by online classes from home.

How Many Hours Should a JEE Dropper Study?

It is a tricky question when it comes to the number of hours that one should spend in order to score best in IIT JEE. As a fact, the number of hours does not always decide the result of learning, whether it is a first timer or a dropper. The quality of study matters and not the quantity. However, students must decide for themselves how long they need to properly complete their syllabus and finish their revision. Given the quality of learning is up to the mark, a student may find even a couple hours a day enough to master all concepts and areas in the syllabus before appearing for the test. However, most experts suggest, 6-7 hours of dedicated study time with appropriate breaks should preferably be opted by students.


Droppers have a great opportunity of scoring well in JEE since they already have some experience with the actual test paper and have added time in their preparation regime to cover the entire syllabus without having to think of other things like school exams or any other kind of preparation. Therefore, droppers who will pay close attention to details and the proper completion of the syllabus alongside practising and revising for the test will have a good chance of getting high marks and securing higher ranks in the upcoming IIT JEE exams.

FAQs on Droppers Can Prepare for JEE by Online Classes from Home

1. How should a JEE aspirant study?

Any JEE aspirant, be it a first timer or a dropper, should first complete and revise the entire syllabus and then move on to solving previous years’ question papers and appearing for the test series. Practising this way will ensure proper exposure to the question pattern as well as the paper format before appearing for the original test.

Students should dedicate at least 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted and undivided attention to the study of the materials at hand and for daily revision of the topics covered. The final revision should and must include solving practice papers, which cannot be skipped if a student wishes to score well in this competitive exam. Attention should be given to proper management of time and careful allocation of time to specific questions or groups of questions. And finally, aspirants should take inspiration from the ones who have already cracked the test and set their goals high.

2. How many hours should a JEE dropper study?

The number of hours of study doesn’t always decide the outcome. It is the quality of study that has more weightage in this regard. However, 6-7 hours of dedicated study is generally needed for any JEE aspirant (be it a dropper or a first timer) to cover the whole syllabus in a year’s time and to have some time left for good revision.

3. Can students prepare for IIT JEE at home?

Students can definitely study online in the comfort of their homes and prepare for IIT JEE without missing out any important component that offline classes have to provide. Vedantu’s online courses are a great start that will help students achieve their goals and desired scores in IIT JEE.

4. What added advantage do JEE droppers have over first timers?

JEE droppers already have some experience with the actual paper and they also have time that can be utilised solely for preparation and revision before the tests since they do not have to worry about studying for their school exams or preparing for any other exam. 

5. Where can JEE droppers prepare the syllabus in an online mode?

JEE droppers can enrol in Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2022 to prepare for the upcoming IIT JEE exam and reap the fullest benefits of online study with the best quality study materials and expert guidance from highly qualified teachers and instructors. 

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