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See, Who’s Going to Crack JEE-Advanced 2021

By Vineet DwivediOctober 21, 2021
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JEE-Advanced 2021

On October 3, 2021, About 10,000 students wrote India’s toughest entrance exam for engineering colleges, better known as JEE-Advanced 2021. The exam was conducted through online mode, paper 1 was held from 9 to 12 pm. Whereas, paper 2 gone online at 2:30 and ended at sharp 5:30. 

However, the race for IIT’s is done for 2021 but the adrenaline to know the results is still at its peak. Hence, Vedantu has come up with a special piece for JEE-Advanced 2021 paper analysis. 

After talking to Vedantu’s JEE Eklavya-2021 batch students about the pattern, marking scheme, and difficulty level, it was observed that this year’s JEE-Advanced Paper- 1 had a slight change in the pattern having 57 questions in all. Unlike 2020’s JEE-Advanced exam, 19 questions were asked from each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).

What Was New in the JEE-Advanced 2021 Exam?

  • First time in JEE history, numerical questions were asked in paragraphs.

  • The way of asking questions was very different

  • The paper was lengthy, therefore took a lot of time to get solved by the students. 

  • Each numerical contained 2 marks and there was no negative marking pattern followed for them.

  • 57 questions were asked in each Paper 1 and Paper 2. 19 questions were asked from each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths)

  • Integer questions were asked in the form of a non-negative integer of four marks, whereas the rest of the questions were based on Single Correct, Multiple Correct, and Paragraph patterns.

Subject-Wise Analysis of JEE-Advanced 2021 Exam

Physics - Easy to Moderate 

Vedantu’s Eklavya batch students have mentioned that the Physics portion was considered easy to moderate. Paper 1 was containing questions only covering fundamental concepts. Although, In Paper 2 few questions were mind-boggling, which even confused students having olympiad level preparation. A total of 12 questions were asked from Mechanics and Electrodynamic. Electrodynamic, 6 from electrodynamic, 3 from modern physics, 2 each from optics, and heat & thermodynamics.

Taking in terms of difficulty, a total of 3 questions were considered difficult, 9 were observed to be moderate, and the remaining 7 questions were easy.    

6 questions from Mechanics

Chemistry - It was a Bit Tricky!

Our students and experts have accepted that the chemistry segment was a bit tricky for students. Mostly all topics were covered throughout the segment. Physical chemistry got a good space containing 7 questions, whereas our logical and always tricky Inorganic Chemistry contained 6 questions, almost the same in organic chemistry, 7 questions. Students found this section moderate to difficult. Talking in terms of difficulty level, 5 questions can be categorised as easy, 12 questions were moderately challenging, and 2 questions were very difficult. 

Mathematics - Toughest of All

Mathematics holds the largest of all subjects. There were 5 questions from algebra and 7 questions from calculus, 5 questions from Coordinate geometry, and the remaining one asked from vectors and trigonometry.  


Besides all above observation, the students who were worried about their syllabus completion. They all got lucky because they were preparing with Vedantu’s prestige Eklavya batch. If you are planning to crack JEE in 2022, then gel along with us we’ll make sure that you’re going to study in your Dream-IIT. 

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