Coronavirus Crisis: How To Prepare For Jee Mains And Vedantu Online Tutoring Is Helping Them

by Sagar Mankar, March 27, 2020

On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the new coronavirus disease as a pandemic. The fact that the medical community is yet to discover a potent coronavirus vaccine has sent millions of people across the globe to home confinement. 


Since the disease spreads from human-to-human transmission, home confinement might result in breaking the chain.

In response, even the JEE Mains April Exam 2020 has been postponed by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The entrance exam, which was previously supposed to be held from 5th April to 11th April, has been now delayed until further notice. However, it is expected that the new dates of JEE Main would be declared on or after the 31st of March.

Though the news has fetched positive response from all level, the reaction of the students is somewhat lukewarm. It is believed that students are more anxious about missing out on their important lectures due to confinement and in turn, hampering their preparation. Nonetheless, students can remedy the situation by switching to online learning and continue their JEE Mains preparation more effectively.

Wondering how you can prepare for the entrance from home? Read along to find out more about it.

Tip for JEE Mains Preparation

Are you a JEE Mains aspirant? Follow these tips and ace your exam preparation significantly, that too from the safety of your home –

1. Build a Study Plan

Since the syllabus for JEE is extensive and time is limited, you need to improve your time management skills. Consequently, prioritise on building a study plan that is all-inclusive and feasible at the same time. First, create a basic subject-wise routine and then proceed with creating a more detailed chapter-wise study plan. 

2. Revise Your Lessons 

At least 60% of JEE Mains is based on the scope of NCERT. This makes it important for you to prioritise the topics covered in your NCERT Maths, Physics and Chemistry books during preparation. Also, the NCERT books of both class 11 and 12 would serve as potent sources to strengthen your fundamental knowledge of the topics included in the exam. In turn, it would not just help you brush your basic understanding but would further allow you to grasp newer concepts more quickly.

3. Solve Sample Papers

Another potent way of mastering the art of time management is by solving sample papers. Further, it would provide required insight into the question format of JEE Mains and would also offer a fair idea of how different topics are covered in the question paper. Access our study guides and solutions to boost your confidence in solving challenging questions with ease. Also, make it a point to solve our sample papers frequently to ace time management and further develop an accurate question-answering approach.  

4. Attend Online Lectures

Attending online lectures conducted by subject experts would help you develop a holistic approach towards the JEE Mains Exam preparation. Notably, the benefits of online lectures are not just limited to safety; it also offers you the advantage of getting your queries answered by experienced teachers right on the spot. Additionally, online classes are quite flexible, and it would allow you to plan your study sessions accordingly.

5. Keep a Track 

While revising old chapters and solving sample papers, take notes of the portions that seem challenging or difficult to understand. Next, when you go through similar concepts, refer to a study guide, or attend our online classes, make it a point to pay more attention to those challenging portions. 

Keeping notes would not just help prioritise challenging topics but would also help to plan your study routine more effectively. It would directly help you to improve your learning strategies and adopt the required measure. 

6. Stick to the Syllabus

Most students tend to study topics beyond their scope of JEE Mains syllabus. While it’s good to gain more knowledge, it creates an unwarranted burden on students’ entrance exam preparation. In turn, it increases the risk of forgetting vital information or concepts of important chapters.  This is why focus only on those topics concerned with the syllabus. Also, make it a point to cover them in details so that you can secure higher marks at the competitive exam and improve your All India Rank (AIR). 

7. Formulate a Time Table

In addition to these, make sure to set a feasible time table for your study sessions. Choose a time when most family members are occupied with their respective work. On another note, do not forget to take small breaks every now and then to recharge your brain and to foster new-found energy towards learning.

8. Keep Distractions Away

With the entire family being confined inside the home, it is already quite noisy and full of distractions. Nonetheless, with a little planning, you can still manage to prepare for JEE Mains exams successfully. For instance, dedicate a particular space to study and make sure that the place is quiet and free from all sorts of distractions. However, try to put other distractions like social media, binge-watching streaming service, etc. on halt at the moment and focus on your preparation wholeheartedly. 

Bonus Tips - 

  • Keep your Cool

With ever-growing panic pertaining to the spread of the coronavirus infection, you may find it difficult to focus on your entrance exam preparation. However, it must be noted that the entire global medical community are trying their best to find a way out of this situation. 

Meanwhile, try to keep your cool and relax your mind a little to prepare effectively for the upcoming JEE Mains Exam. If you feel too anxious or paranoid, talk to a trusted elder and communicate your fears. Alternatively, you may refer to reliable websites of organisations like WHO and CDC to rationalise your concerns with accurate information.

  • Take Care of your Health

Also, do not ignore your health at this crucial time, especially when you are overwhelmed with both exam pressure and the fear of coronavirus disease.  Make it a point to wash your hands frequently with soap and water in between your study breaks. 

Also, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper while coughing or sneezing and maintain a safe distance from family members who are sick. Simultaneously, try to boost your immunity to deal with the new coronavirus infection better. Likewise, engage in relaxing activities to ward off effects like lethargy and fatigue. 

Besides these, make it a point to access quality study materials available at the online library of Vedantu app to back your exam preparation effectively. In case, you are still second-guessing switching to online learning, find out how the learning medium would benefit your preparation amidst the coronavirus disease. 

An Overview of Vedantu App’s Benefits

Here’s how registering at Vedantu App can benefit your preparation for the upcoming JEE Mains Exam –

1. Expert Faculty

Our team of experienced teachers possess extensive knowledge on different subject matters and are familiar with the scope and curriculum of entrance exams like IIT JEE and NEET. This gives us an upper hand when it comes to guiding students through their exam preparations effectively. 

2. User-Friendly Interface

The interface of our app is user-friendly and facilitates interactions. You can access our learning portal easily and are more likely to find the entire process quite fun and engaging. With greater ease of access, you would be able to strengthen your exam preparation without going through a lot of hassles. 

3. Quality Study Material

Our study materials have been put together by subject experts, who are familiar with the format of JEE Mains. Each study solution and revision notes cover important topics in-depth and offer valuable insight into the same. By going through the learning materials, you would be able to improve your grasp on the fundamental concepts, which will benefit your experience to a great extent. 

4. Free and Convenient Access

Our solutions are made available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Further, you can access them on any device, and once you download them, you can go through them even without the internet. Free and easy access further makes our study solutions a convenient alternative.  

These are the significant ways in which you can benefit your exam preparation with our learning app. So, make the most of our offerings and ace your preparations for JEE Mains during this lockdown period. 

Other than these, we also provide a wide range of study materials to students. One can find well-crafted study solutions for classes 1-12 for both CBSE and ICSE curriculum. Also, those preparing for NEET can register at Vedantu to gain access to quality learning programmes and make the most of those to prepare for the entrance. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

Therefore, to maximise your benefits and to use COVID-19 lockdown productively, get registered at our online platform and join the safe and unique learning experience. 

Coronavirus Crisis: How To Prepare For Jee Mains And Vedantu Online Tutoring Is Helping Them