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Are Breaks of One or Two Days Important During JEE Preparation?

By Anusha LalSeptember 23, 2020
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Studying is a process which can never be confined within rigid rules or planning. It varies from situation to situation, from person to person and is dependent on various other factors. Therefore, to find an answer to the question “are breaks of one or two days important during JEE preparation?’’, you need to explore deeper into the roots of knowledge than to just cling onto some set formulae for passing the examinations. 

Why are Breaks of One or Two Days Important During JEE Preparation?

The human mind has its perception ability based on several factors that directly or indirectly influence the emotional status of a person. To restrict the thought process within a predetermined schedule would make you qualified, but not educated. The same applies to you when you are preparing for an exam as important as JEE. It is obviously not like one of the regular school assessments. You have to prepare a vast syllabus researching through a whole lot of topics. You have to invest quite a lot of time into the process of preparation for the JEE. However, if you do not take timely breaks, you will rather end up in a less enriched state than you initially aimed at. It is a simple theory of ‘work-and-rest’ complementing each other. So, the next time when you are in doubt and you are repeatedly asking yourself, “are breaks of one or two days important during JEE preparation,” answer with a strong, confident and logical “Yes.”

A Balance Between Preparation And Relaxation

As discussed earlier, there always has to be a balance between your preparation for the examinations and the relaxation of your mind. Some people study and take simultaneous breaks in short spells, say after two or three hours of study while some people study for a considerable number of days taking one or two days of break, say in every two weeks. The concept of what is right and what is wrong is relative in this case, with opinions and one’s ability to control his/her mind influencing the procedure. Breaks are however necessary, whatsoever be the sequence. And, one or two days, are the minimum. It all depends upon how you allow your brain to explore. 

Why Are Breaks Important, In The First Place?

Life has more to it than just studying for hours. And, you can never deny this fact. You must always keep yourself open to a whole lot of things to explore, the experiences of which will never go wasted. If you are aware of the fact that constant studying would lead you to stressed condition, you will understand the value of breaks for a day or two. Information that goes into our brains stays in the form of bits. This applies to anything and everything we comprehend. Like after a heavy workout session, the muscles need relaxation, it is absolutely the same with information and the human brains. After all, you would never want the drainage of information due to lack of relaxation. Had Albert Einstein never played the violin or had never wondered at the beauty of nature, he would have not been the world’s greatest physicist that he was. 

JEE has a huge syllabus for students to cover. A constant study, practice and revise procedure is indeed important. However, we must never challenge the biological aspects, at least not in this case. Human brains have their ways of dealing with information. Relaxation is equally important as the preparation for the examinations. Therefore, to answer the question of “are breaks of one or two days important during JEE preparation”, we can always say a ‘yes’ to it keeping in consideration the work and relaxation balance as mentioned above. 

FAQs on Are Breaks of One or Two Days Important During JEE Preparation?

1. How Can I Make Use of The Breaks for The Preparation of JEE?

Well, you need to study for quite a considerable time in preparation for the JEE. However, breaks are always necessary. Constant studying without relaxation is hardly productive. So, while on a break, do not let your mind be stressed about the utilization of time for your studies. Do something that brings happiness to you. Do something that you don’t easily get to do. If you pass the entire time in preparation only, you will neither get yourself prepared for the examinations nor will you get to understand the various other aspects of life.

2. How Many Hours of The Day Should I Invest in Studying for The Preparation of JEE?

As suggested by top performers, it should be 6 to 8 hours excluding the hours spent in coaching institutes. This can well be 10 hours at times. However, you should understand that there can never be a fixed rule or routine for studying. It is based on your capability to comprehend whatever you have studied. You need to stay connected with the process of studying during the entire span of preparation, covering step by step targets throughout the preparation time.

3. How Many Days Should I Take Per Chapter for The Preparation of The JEE?

The concept of time is relative. It is again based on your ability to understand a chapter. Setting a target by simply dividing the number of days by the number of chapters won’t do. Build your schedule. Build your own method. Invest your time based on your strengths and weaknesses. Take time to understand and interpret a particular chapter, followed by a proper reflection on it.

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