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NEET Droppers: 5 Reasons to Consider a Drop Year after NEET 2022

By Srija MahalanobishSeptember 12, 2022
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Why Should You Consider Taking a Drop Year after 2022?

As the NEET 2022 Results have been declared on 7 September 2022, several aspiring medical professionals are all geared up and preparing for their NEET Counselling 2022. However, there are a few who may not be that satisfied with their outcomes and are probably giving thought to another round of reappearing for the NEET exam in 2023. In this case, there are two categories of students: (1) one who qualified for NEET but may not be able to enrol in their dream college and (2) another who could not achieve the desired marks necessary to qualify for NEET.

For the second category of people, taking a drop year becomes imperative if they still wish to pursue a career in the medical field. However, for those belonging to the first category, “Should I take a drop year?” is an important question that requires careful pondering and consideration of all related factors. But do not worry! This blog aims to help clear your doubts through 5 reasons to consider a drop year after NEET 2022. You will be able to take the right decision and strategise to put your best foot forward for NEET 2023.

Should You Take a Drop Year for NEET 2023? 5 Reasons to Consider
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Thinking to Take a Drop Year for NEET? Here Are 5 Reasons to Go for It!

Before we proceed further, know this, if you are repeating the year and preparing for NEET again, you already have an edge over the rest. How? Let’s discuss it!

  1. More Confidence and Fewer Exam Jitters

For a first timer, be it whichever field, nervousness is something that one cannot overcome completely. No matter how confident you are, you still do not know what to expect in the actual exam paper and how well you will perform. Considering the fact that lakhs of aspirants are competing to grab a seat in some of the most coveted medical colleges, being on the top of your game is important. If you are a NEET dropper who has taken the exam once, you will feel less jittery and more confident since you have seen the exam paper once and know the question pattern. You can probably take a calculated approach as to how much time you need to dedicate to each section of the exam paper to have sufficient time for revision. Moreover, you might come across similar questions and can rectify your mistakes this time.

  1. No Upper Age Limit 

The good news for all NEET aspirants is that there is no longer a restriction on the upper age limit for NEET examinees, and hence no limit to the number of attempts. Hence, you have multiple chances at hand to prove yourself and make it to your dream medical college. Thus, students who are not confident enough to feel like they need more time for preparation should definitely consider taking a drop year. NEET is one of the toughest competitive exams in India, and being a doctor is a profession that requires sound knowledge and responsibility. With the burden of the upper age limit being removed, it would be wise to repeat a year and make the best preparation strategy. 

  1. Focus Just on NEET Preparation

It is indeed true that managing regular classroom studies, assignments, term exams, board exams in Class 12 and studying for competitive exams like NEET poses a huge challenge. It is henceforth a wise choice if one decides to give themself a year, entirely dedicated to just preparing for NEET. In this gap year that you take, you can focus entirely on the  NEET 2023 Syllabus and study only the chapters that are essential from the NEET exam point of view. You would also have sufficient time to practise questions exclusively framed for NEET and focus yourself only on NEET.

  1. Working on Mistakes and Improving Rank

If you are someone who has given the exam once but is considering dropping out and appearing for NEET 2023, it is a good opportunity that you should use to your full potential. Start by asking yourself “What went wrong the last time?” Note down your weak areas and analyse and accept the honest reasons behind your low or unsatisfied scores in the previous attempt. In this context, it is important that you are honest with yourself while creating this list of reasons. Now, the next thing to do is to work on your setbacks and strengthen your plus points. You can take the help of a mentor or guide, study and revise sufficiently and solve as many question papers as possible. Do attempt NEET Mock Tests this time if you didn’t previously!

  1. Revision More Than Preparation

The biggest advantage of taking a drop year for NEET is that you wouldn’t probably be studying something new but revising and re-revising what you have already learnt. Hence, once you have a good grasp of the NCERT lessons, you can focus more on attempting mock tests, and practising sample questions and previous years’ question papers.

Most importantly, you can enrol yourself for NEET dropper courses online that are exclusively designed to help you make the right preparation strategy and make the most of your drop year. Having said that, we highly recommend that you take up Vedantu’s 1-Year Aakrosh Course for NEET droppers and repeaters. With the best guidance from trained and experienced NEET teachers, having produced a record number of successful students,  prepare yourself to achieve your NEET goal. Here is a brief list of what benefits you can expect from Vedantu’s NEET dropper course.

  • Free demo class and an affordable 1-year course in both English and Hinglish (Hindi + English).

  • A combination of being taught visualised concepts by experienced master teachers and LIVE doubt-solving and quizzes on the leaderboard by the class teachers.

  • Post-class doubt solving, study materials, and chapter-specific short notes.

  • All India test series and ample paper-solving practices.

  • Vedantu Improvement Promise: Vedantu is committed to ensuring that you will be able to observe a remarkable improvement in your scores once you enrol for this course. Otherwise, the course fee will be refunded without question.


Now that we have listed the top 5 reasons why you should consider taking a year gap for the best NEET preparation, think and analyse them carefully and decide for yourself. Most importantly, if you do take a gap year, use it in the best way possible and be confident in yourself. Do all that you couldn’t do in your previous attempt. You can also read the Pros and Cons of Dropping a Year for NEET as well as the Best Study Schedule for NEET Droppers.

FAQs on NEET Droppers: 5 Reasons to Consider a Drop Year after NEET 2022

1. How can I decide if I actually need a drop year for NEET?

Numerous people will come up with numerous suggestions as to whether you should or should not take a year drop for NEET. However, the ultimate verdict lies with you. The best way out would be to make a list of pros vs cons. Read testimonials if required and note down points for both lists considering only yourself. Now see which one weighs more, how much of it applies to you and then make your decision.

2. Has there been an improvement in scores for those who took a drop year for NEET?

Yes! If statistics are to be considered, several droppers have seen a marked improvement in their scores through their second or more attempts in NEET. An increase of 100-125 marks is possible and has been achieved by many NEET droppers. However, for this, dedicated study, free of distraction, and ample practice of question papers are a must. 

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