Pros and Cons of Dropping a Year for NEET Preparation

by Aparajita Das, June 30, 2020

What are the Pros and Cons of Dropping a Year for NEET Preparation?

As you are appearing for NEET 2020, you have surely tried every possible way to prepare for this examination. However, you may not feel confident about your possibilities to crack this year. Or else, you could not prepare well enough because of the Board exams.

Irrespective of the reasons, it is normal. Because of a huge syllabus and an ever-increasing competition, this exam is considered as one difficult hurdle for medical aspirants. This post does a complete analysis of the pros and cons of dropping a year for NEET preparation. 

So, if you are in a dilemma, several NEET droppers’ success stories and this article can help you to make an informed decision.

Should Students Drop a Year or Not

Usually, the aspiration of becoming a doctor is higher than an engineer in students. Thus, engineering students do not often come across confusions like should I drop a year for JEE or not. Thus, the numbers are more in NEET than JEE.

But, to clear out this confusion, students should not only rely on their intuitions. They should only take any decision after proper reasoning of different factors. The following are some pros and cons of dropping a year for NEET preparation.


  • Betterment of Your Preparation

One of the major advantages of dropping a year is that students can have the opportunity to fix the weaker points of their preparation.

Due to the vast syllabus and Board exams, you often find these two years insufficient for NEET UG. Thus, another year can provide you with better chances to consolidate the concepts and improvements. 

  • Improvement of Your Past Performance

As you already have appeared for this exam once and are wishing for a higher score, one-year break can be fruitful. During this year, you can analyse your past performance and understand where you need to work more.

Also, you can solely focus on NEET preparation without having any second thoughts in your mind. With comprehensive learning, NEET 2020 preparation tips, and mock tests, you can achieve the desired score.

  • Achievable Rank

After the last year’s NEET rank, you have now understood where you are precisely standing. Thus, with systematic improvement in your performance, you can rank significantly better. As you have experienced what effort comes with which rank, you can work on it and achieve your preferred rank in NEET.

  • Aiming for Best Colleges

As an aspiring medical student, your ultimate goal is surely to get admission to the best dental and medical colleges across the country. But, because of the huge competition, it can be a difficult job to secure. So, instead of compromising with mediocre college admission, you can pursue your dream by taking a year drop.

In the next year, you can reappear in NEET with more confidence and preparation and secure a seat in one of your dream colleges.


  • Losing a Year

Taking one year drop for NEET preparation means you have to go through similar preparation and concepts for an extra year. Furthermore, this can be stressful as well. Again, if you have future plans for higher studies like a Masters Degree or Ph.D., you may not afford to lose a whole year. So, dropping one year can go against such plans.

  • Pressure of Performance

As the previous year’s performance was not satisfactory, you may feel extreme pressure to outperform others. Or else, this extra year can seem to you as a complete waste. Thus, with all this pressure, sometimes you can be diverted, and the result can turn out to be poorer. But, with self-motivation and dropper success stories NEET, you can inspire yourself and steer these stresses.

  • Side Effects

As you have are considering a tough decision, you need to understand that this extra year will not go smoothly for you. Every day’s preparation may not turn out what you have determined. Getting along with another year of strenuous preparation may not be easy. Sometimes you can feel depressed, frustrated, discourages, bored. However, all these feelings are normal as you have put higher stake this time, and fear of failing is greater as well.

Thus, after analysing the pros and cons of dropping a year for NEET preparation, you must have understood what can be beneficial for you and what can go against your future. For further clarification, you should take this one-year break only if you are 100% confident about your potential.

You can give yourself this second chance either you want to change the college to a better one, or you know that you will perform better with another year of preparation.

During this year you can engage yourself with some fitness classes along with your NEET crash course. This way, you can be fit both mentally and physically.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Prepare for NEET in a Drop Year?

Ans. First, you need to strengthen your mental orientation. Then you must learn to do self-analysis throughout the year so that you can overcome your weak points. As you already know most of the syllabus, it is an advantage for you. Lastly, you should stay focused and positive while preparing for NEET.

2. What is the Possibility of Cracking NEET in One Month?

Ans. First, you need to understand that all three subjects are equally important to crack NEET. So, if you have consolidated the concepts and revised the entire syllabus more than twice, you have a high possibility to crack NEET.

3. What are the Major Pros and Cons of Dropping a Year for NEET Preparation?

Ans. The primary advantages are you have been given a second chance to rectify all your faults and score better to get admission to top medical colleges. However, the disadvantages are if the decision of dropping a year does not turn out well, you can lose a whole year and lead to a harder future.

Pros and Cons of Dropping a Year for NEET Preparation