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Best NEET Timetable for Droppers for Assured Success

By Bharath KJuly 24, 2022
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Timetable for NEET Droppers 2022

Our experts have created the droppers NEET timetable below specifically for students who have taken a year off from school to focus on NEET exam preparation. Dropping a year for NEET cannot be considered a stupid decision because lot of good things require sacrifices. If you look closely at NEET history, you might discover that many NEET toppers succeeded in their attempts after making one or two sacrifices.

Taking a year off to prepare for the upcoming NEET exam is a bold move, but you can be fully motivated by your preparation and determination to pass the exam if you are confident in your abilities. Sometimes, there can be pressure from many sides and the dropped year would be more difficult. The only thing you need to remember is that you can easily crack the NEET exam with good dedication, determination, and the willpower to work hard. In this article let’s discuss NEET droppers’ timetable, preparation tips and tricks.

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Best NEET timetable for droppers| Important Tips and Tricks

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Notes to Remember Before NEET Preparation

  • The keys are dedication, willpower, and hard work for the NEET Exam.

  • Even though you have a NEET study schedule, you must adhere to it completely if you want to achieve your career goals.

  • Select the best study materials. Although NCERT is the finest and authentic study guide for the NEET exam, you still need to gain some good exposure in other materials as well.  Always select quality study material in addition to NCERT textbooks.

  • Planning your daily schedule with a timetable and a study planner is strongly suggested.

  • You should set about 7 to 8 hours per day to prepare for the NEET. However, it depends on the individual's ability to understand.

  • We advise you to devote around two hours every day to each of the two subjects you are required to learn. 

  •  The NEET dropper’s timetable must include revision every single day.

A Simple Study Timetable for NEET Droppers

Aspirants can follow a dynamic timetable like this to crack the examination. Please note that you can change the timetable as per your convenience.



6AM – 8AM


8:00AM – 11:00AM

New concepts, weak areas & MCQs

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Break time

12:00 PM – 2PM

Important topics

2:00PM – 3:00PM


3:00PM – 5:00PM

Read the subject which you find interesting

5:00PM – 6:00PM

Relax /Game time

6:00PM – 9:00PM

Coaching (If opted)

9:00PM – 10:00PM

Dinner and family time

10:00PM – 11:00PM


11:00 PM


Preparation Tips for NEET Droppers

1. Know Exactly What Went Wrong

Finding out what went wrong the last time is the first advice for droppers getting ready for the NEET. It's important to recognise the reason you could not crack the exam if you want to go forward. Make a list of the reasons you believe led to your previous NEET performance. Be honest when you create this list. You won't be able to overcome your weaknesses and do better on your next attempt if you don't embrace them now.

2. Accepting Your Mistakes

After making a list of everything you believe led to your weak NEET score, you must cross each reason off one by one. This is your chance to make corrections if you feel that you did not devote enough time to revision. If you think you still have questions, start working on them. Whether there are many or few reasons on the list, the goal is to make sure that none of them will hold you back the next time.

3. A Different Perspective on the Preparation

Now is the perfect time to obtain a mentor or guide if you don't already have one. You are already familiar with the NEET syllabus and pattern because you have already taken this exam once. Most of the NEET question papers from previous years have probably been solved by you. You'll be able to see things from a fresh perspective if you have a mentor or guide by your side. You'll be able to restart your NEET preparation from scratch.

4. A Modified Timetable for NEET Droppers 2022

A modified timEtable for NEET droppers 2022 is important. There must be a lot of you who have enrolled for coaching programmes. Classes tend to be lengthier for dropper year students. Self-study is still an important factor of preparation. Make a new schedule that includes the time spent at the coaching facility. Give yourself another 6 to 8 hours to study on your own. When creating the new schedule, remember to take the list you created in the first step into consideration as well.

5. Filling in the Gaps

Try to fill in the gaps in your NEET preparation throughout the first half of your dropper year. By covering the chapters that were missed the previous year, the NEET course syllabus would be completed. Pay attention to the subjects or topics that need to be improved. Doing this, don't forget to revise. This is the time to strike a balance between the old and the new.

6. Management of Time

Lack of time management is one of the major issues that many students experience. It is impossible to overstate the value of time management, and prioritising is one of the most crucial phases in the process. The skill of prioritising is something that very few people are able to master. Once you know the difference between important and unimportant tasks, you can manage your time effectively. It is one of the important factors in the daily routine of NEET droppers.

7. Attempt Mock Tests

Lastly, a crucial NEET preparation advice for dropouts is to complete at least two NEET mock tests per week during the last six months of your preparation. You will be exposed to questions of various levels of complexity through mock tests. You can use this to improve your NEET preparation and get ready for exam day.

Additionally, during the final month of study, glance over the questions from past exams. Every year, the exam contains a large number of questions that are repeated. You can improve your answers to these questions by studying previous NEET question papers.


This concludes our discussion of the NEET 2022 dropper timetable. The above-mentioned tips and strategies are attempted strategies that NEET toppers who dropped out used. We appreciate your dedication and hard work in working towards your dream of becoming a doctor, and we wish you well as you get ready for the NEET.

FAQs on Best NEET Timetable for Droppers for Assured Success

1. Why is revision such a crucial component of droppers' NEET timetable?

Studying topics and practising questions based on them are the keys to achieving the smooth transition from dropper to topper in NEET examinations. One can only retain the huge syllabus covered in the NEET exam by revision. So, revision is a must in the NEET dropper timetable.

2. How many hours should a NEET dropper study?

The number of hours a student should spend studying is impossible to determine because it entirely depends on the individual student and how long it takes them to thoroughly understand the material. But experts suggest studying at least 7-8 hours. 

3. What are some important pointers to keep in mind when creating a study timetable?

The details provided below can help you create your timetable by covering some of the most crucial factors.

  • Try not to pack too many topics or concepts into a single day.

  • Consider how well you grasp each topic before allocating your time between them.

  • Schedule some practice time.

  • All the time, set aside time for revision.

  • Always set goals for yourself each day.

  • Plan a 15-20 minute break in between each study session. In addition to working hard, relaxation is essential for performing well on any exam.

4. Where can I find the NEET question papers from previous years?

An effective strategy to prepare for the NEET examinations is to practise the question set from the previous year and take mock tests. On Vedantu's official website, students can obtain free NEET mock tests and question papers.

5. Can a dropout achieve the best marks in the NEET exams?

A student can definitely earn top rankings in the NEET exams if they are focused and dedicated. The number of times you've taken the exam has no impact on your NEET scores. Therefore, if one wants to perform well on the NEET, they must entirely concentrate on their preparations.

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