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Detailed 1-Year Preparation Plan for NEET 2023 for Droppers

By Manasvi GuptaAugust 06, 2022
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NEET 2023 Preparation in 1 Year for Repeaters

If you are a NEET 2023 aspirant who has decided to take a 1-year drop, you must know the importance of time - each passing day is crucial for you when you have a limited period to achieve your dreams. These last 12 months truly test your calibre and potential. So, you can’t take any chances with your NEET 2023 preparation.

To grab a seat in some of the country’s most coveted medical colleges when lakhs of students are competing for the same is not an easy task. Therefore, you, the NEET droppers, do realise that it is not merely enough to study the extensive syllabus of the exam but retaining it till the end is what matters? So, it is crucial that you seek guidance from experts to build a strong preparation strategy for NEET 2023. 

To save your time looking for the perfect resources, we have provided the detailed 1-year preparation plan for NEET 2023 here. You can also enrol for Vedantu’s NEET dropper course to kickstart your preparation.  
Preparation Plan for NEET 2023 - Droppers of NEET 2023|Vedantu
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How to Achieve a 650+ Score in NEET 2023 Exam?

“Can I crack NEET 2023 if I start now?” If you are a NEET 2023 dropper asking this, you cannot afford to stop or pause for a break even for a day as you will lag behind 100 students, given the extensive competition. This is why it is best to enrol in the NEET 2023 preparation batch designed specifically for droppers. Additionally, follow the given expert advice as well.

  • Analyse Your Previous Performance

Factors such as time management and calculation issues in Physics are some common performance hindrances for NEET aspirants. Further, due to a lack of concept clarity, students are often unable to recall the approach to the question and then ultimately fail to solve it. Being a dropper you must have experienced these issues, so now it's time to work on them. 

  • Stay Self-motivated

Remember, if others can do it, so can you! This tip is of utmost importance now that you have only a handful of months left at your disposal to cross the 650 mark in the NEET 2023 exam. At the same time, make sure you do not get overconfident too.

  • Join a Reliable Course/Preparation Platform

To ease your NEET 2023 journey, enrol in a course that specifically targets the preparation strategies for droppers, and we highly recommend Vedantu’s NEET dropper course. Under the guidance of trained teachers from across the country, with a record of producing ranks - 1200+ selections in NEET 2021, your journey from a dropper to a doctor will be a productive one. But why choose us?

  1. Affordable 1-year course for complete NEET 2023 preparation with a free demo option.

  2. 1000+ chapter-specific short courses, 600+ classes and 10+ Part Tests and 30+ Mock Tests.

  3. Classes by top Master Teachers.

  4. 500+ daily assignments, classroom notes, and PDFs.

  5. Hard copies of TATVA books.

  6. LIVE in-class doubt solving, with LIVE quizzes and leaderboards.

  7. Vedantu Improvement Promise with a 100% refund if you don’t crack the NEET 2023 exam.

Strategy to Create Personalised NEET 2023 Preparation Timetable 

Experts divide NEET droppers into two broad categories depending on their previous NEET 2022 results. So, check out the below preparation strategy tailored to different students’ needs based on their shortcomings.

  • Attained 500+ Marks but Failed to Get into Dream College 

Students who managed to score above 500 in their previous NEET attempt have complete conceptual clarity but need to work on their time management skills or keep their overconfidence in check upon seeing the NEET question paper. They need to start preparation for NEET 2023 now and must follow the below tips to create a preparation plan.

  1. Start with 6 hours of study. 

  2. Study a combination of two subjects per day from Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

  3. Watch lectures and make fresh notes. Do not rely on your previous NEET notes.

  4. Read the same topic you have watched the lecture on from the NCERT textbook.

  5. Start solving questions from any preferred book. Do not stop till you are confident you can answer any question on that topic.

  6. Now, join a test series and solve an ample number of mock tests.

  • Attained Less Than 500 Marks 

Students with less than 500 marks in the previous NEET examination lack major conceptual clarity; you do not have your basics cleared. But you can still achieve the mark of 650 with these NEET 2023 preparation tips.

  1. Give up on short lecture videos. They help NEET aspirants with strong foundational knowledge, while you need to first build your basics. 

  2. You need to know what exactly to study and what not to study, and for that, it is highly suggested you join a dedicated droppers batch, which covers all the basics from the beginning and provides guidance from experts.

  3. Follow only specific study material and revise it repeatedly; preferably go for one book for one subject until you have mastered it. 

  4. Do not rely on PDFs or your previous NEET notes. Make new handwritten notes by following new lectures.

  5. Enrol in test series, which contain questions similar to the level of questions asked in the actual NEET 2023 exam.


Remember NEET 2023 droppers, if you work hard this one year, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour sitting in your dream college, and who doesn’t want that, right? Also, we hope you found a solution to queries like, “how many hours should I study for NEET 2023”, or a personalised NEET 2023 preparation timetable in this blog.

So, start your grind today with us to see yourself reaching new heights in a year. All the best!

FAQs on Detailed 1-Year Preparation Plan for NEET 2023 for Droppers

1. Is 1 year enough for NEET preparation?

Definitely yes! 1 year is a decent time for hard-working and dedicated students who can study for almost 10 hours a day for 8-10 months with complete focus. You can easily cover both the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus with proper guidance from teachers. Many students take a drop year and manage to score 650+ with a year of NEET prep.

2. Should I do offline or online preparation for NEET 2023?

Although this is a completely subjective call depending on individual preferences, online classes definitely prove more advantageous in the long run. With online preparation, your travel time is almost nil, you can study from your home at your own pace and from the best teachers from across the country. You can also access study materials online anytime and anywhere. 

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