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JEE Advanced 2022: Check Out These 10 Tips Suggested By Toppers for Preparation

By Manasvi GuptaAugust 13, 2022
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With just a month left for one of the most competitive exams in the nation, JEE Advanced 2022, students might have entered the final phase of preparation. Approximately 2,50,000 students will compete for a total of 16,232 seats, and the ones with the best performance will succeed. This means that not even 10% of students will get a seat at IIT. Further, for the ones who are selected, the next challenge would be to get the desired branch and college. 

The syllabus of JEE Advanced 2022 is vast, and revising it within a short period of time needs expertise. If you are reading this blog, it means you are looking for ways to get that edge in your preparation that will keep you ahead in the competition. We have compiled a list of suggestions provided by toppers that have helped them achieve success in previous years. 

10 Study Tips From Toppers For Your JEE Advanced 2022 Preparation

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1. Tight Schedule

Any plan begins with a timetable, and a detailed utilization of 24 hours is what you need in the very first place. From resting schedule to having meals of the day, everything should be mentioned in your schedule, which needs to be followed rigorously. Keep your question paper-solving timing slot similar to the actual JEE Advanced 2022 shift timings. This will prepare you mentally for those particular hours, and your mind will prepare itself for the problem-solving model daily within the set time period. Even your doubt-solving time should be fixed. In short, no random activity should be adopted in order to keep the momentum intact. 

2. Focus On Concepts

Before jumping on to solving questions, one must be clear with the related concepts. It is better to first revise the concepts from the JEE Advanced 2022 study material or your notes and then move on to the next step. Covering the whole topic from scratch might not leave you with enough time, so cracking the topic into smaller sections and covering the concepts step-by-step is a faster way to revise things. 

3. Don’t Forget NCERT

The role of NCERT is not just limited to boards, and JEE Main, even the base for JEE Advanced 2022 comes from your NCERT books. So, before referring to any other book, first, go through NCERT in detail. NCERT is the best source to revise concepts and topics over any other book. Go through the exercise, additional questions, trivia, summary and everything that is mentioned in the 11th and 12th class NCERTs to create a solid base for the advanced level. 

4. Regular Doubt Solving

It is often seen that many students pile up their doubts and keep them for the last moment. You should clear doubts regularly. With such a vast JEE Advanced 2022 syllabus, it is advised to keep on clearing your doubts on a regular basis to avoid confusion at the end. As advised above, you should keep a dedicated slot for your doubts in which you may consult your mentor, if not daily, once a week can be fixed for doubt clearing session. 

5. Expert’s Guidance

Talking to individuals who already cleared the JEE Advanced, what they did while they were preparing, what were the strategies adopted by them can really help you shape your study plan. Now, it is obvious that not everyone will have someone in their circle who has cleared JEE Advanced, in such a scenario, don’t miss the lecture sessions organized by coaching institutes or online webinars where previous year toppers talk about their journey and share their experiences. Learn from the mistakes they made and try to avoid similar mistakes. 

6. Time is Precious

You cannot afford distractions at this point of time. With just a month left in the JEE Advanced 2022, each minute of yours should be spent judiciously. Identify any habit which is consuming much of your time and taking space. One of the biggest distractions can be Social Media, which one should avoid. You can directly search the topic-related videos if you wish, meaningless surfing is a strict no at this time. Further, socializing, parties and other gathering should be avoided. 

7. Mock Tests

This is one of the most common advices that you will get. Still there are many students that don’t know the correct way of giving a mock test. There are cases when students randomly start solving a question paper without setting a time limit or creating a proper plan. A mock test should be given in a way that you are giving actual JEE Advanced to prepare you effectively. This will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas where you are struggling and help you prepare working on paper solving strategy. 

8. Resting & Relaxation

Don’t exhaust yourself too much. We know that you have limited time for your preparation. However, you should not neglect your health and diet. Take proper rest, don’t exhaust yourself, create small slots in a day for some breathing exercises to calm your mind and take proper meals. If you are not physically and mentally fit, you won’t be able to perform to the best of your capabilities. 

9. Focus on Five D’s - Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Diversity, & Direction

One thing which is common among most of the toppers is that they follow 5D’s religiously. If you are not dedicated to your goals, the path will become difficult, if you are not determined towards your destiny, you will struggle to achieve small tasks, if you are not disciplined you will not be able to follow your routine. Similarly, if you are not flexible in changing your ways of doing things, you will find yourself stuck in one place, diversify your strategies. At last, just don’t divert yourself from the direction of JEE Advanced 2022.

10. Don’t Compare

It is not necessary that if your friend is studying 10 hours a day then you have to study similar hours. Sometimes you may have to study even longer hours, or sometime just 5 hours a day is sufficient. You should focus on the quality of hours rather than quantity. It is not necessary that what your friend is following has to be replicated by you. Don’t give any input to your brain that ignites anxiety, depression or fear. Just focus on your plan and work avoiding noise. 

There will be many people around you that might question you and your capabilities and there will be very few that will really motivate you towards your goal. You should avoid such individuals and focus on your preparation, ignoring what will be the outcome. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in improving your preparation strategy for the upcoming JEE Advanced 2022.

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