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JEE Advanced 2024: Check Out These 10 Tips Suggested By Toppers for Preparation

By MayukhaDecember 21, 2023
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With just a month left for one of the most competitive exams in the nation, JEE Advanced 2024, students might have entered the final phase of preparation. Approximately 2,50,000 students will compete for a total of 16,232 seats, and the ones with the best performance will succeed. This means that not even 10% of students will get a seat at IIT. Further, for the ones who are selected, the next challenge would be to get the desired branch and college. 

The syllabus of JEE Advanced 2024 is vast, and revising it within a short period of time needs expertise. If you are reading this blog, it means you are looking for ways to get that edge in your preparation that will keep you ahead in the competition. We have compiled a list of suggestions provided by toppers that have helped them achieve success in previous years. 

10 Study Tips From Toppers For Your JEE Advanced 2022 Preparation

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1. Tight Schedule

Any plan begins with a timetable, and a detailed utilization of 24 hours is what you need in the very first place. From resting schedule to having meals of the day, everything should be mentioned in your schedule, which needs to be followed rigorously. Keep your question paper-solving timing slot similar to the actual JEE Advanced 2024 shift timings. This will prepare you mentally for those particular hours, and your mind will prepare itself for the problem-solving model daily within the set time period. Even your doubt-solving time should be fixed. In short, no random activity should be adopted in order to keep the momentum intact. 

2. Focus On Concepts

Before jumping on to solving questions, one must be clear with the related concepts. It is better to first revise the concepts from the JEE Advanced 2024 study material or your notes and then move on to the next step. Covering the whole topic from scratch might not leave you with enough time, so cracking the topic into smaller sections and covering the concepts step-by-step is a faster way to revise things. 

3. Don’t Forget NCERT

The role of NCERT is not just limited to boards, and JEE Main, even the base for JEE Advanced 2024 comes from your NCERT books. So, before referring to any other book, first, go through NCERT in detail. NCERT is the best source to revise concepts and topics over any other book. Go through the exercise, additional questions, trivia, summary and everything that is mentioned in the 11th and 12th class NCERTs to create a solid base for the advanced level. 

4. Regular Doubt Solving

Frequently, students tend to accumulate their doubts until the last minute. It's advisable to address your questions regularly, considering the extensive JEE Advanced 2024 syllabus, to prevent confusion later on. Following the suggestion mentioned earlier, allocate specific time for doubt resolution. Whether it's a daily check-in or a weekly session, having a dedicated slot ensures you can consult your mentor and keep your understanding clear throughout your preparation.

5. Expert’s Guidance

Talking to individuals who already cleared the JEE Advanced, what they did while they were preparing, what were the strategies adopted by them can really help you shape your study plan. Now, it is obvious that not everyone will have someone in their circle who has cleared JEE Advanced, in such a scenario, don’t miss the lecture sessions organized by coaching institutes or online webinars where previous year toppers talk about their journey and share their experiences. Learn from the mistakes they made and try to avoid similar mistakes. 

6. Time is Precious

As the JEE Advanced 2024 approaches with only a couple of months left, understanding the value of time becomes crucial. Each moment counts in your preparation journey. Utilize this time wisely by focusing on high-priority topics, revising consistently, and practising with previous years' papers. Avoid procrastination, stay organized, and maintain a balance between study and breaks. Time management is not just about hours spent but about the quality of study. Embrace a strategic approach, and every day will contribute significantly to your success in the upcoming exam. 

7. Mock Tests

While it's common advice to take mock tests, many students overlook the correct approach. Some dive into question papers randomly, lacking a set time limit or a proper plan. Treating a mock test as if it's the actual JEE Advanced is crucial for effective preparation. This approach reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement, helping in the development of a targeted paper-solving strategy. Don't underestimate the value of a well-structured mock test; it's a powerful tool to refine your exam readiness.

8. Resting & Relaxation

While time is limited, don't overdo yourself. Prioritize health and diet; ensure proper rest, incorporate short breaks for breathing exercises to calm your mind, and have balanced meals. Physical and mental well-being is crucial for optimal performance. If you're not in good shape, it's challenging to give your best effort. Remember, taking care of yourself is an essential part of effective preparation.

9. Focus on Five D’s - Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Diversity, and Direction

A common trait among many toppers is their steadfast commitment to the 5D's: dedication, determination, discipline, diversity, and direction. Without dedication, goals become challenging; lacking determination hinders small tasks. Discipline is vital for routine adherence, while flexibility prevents stagnation—be open to diversifying strategies. Ultimately, stay on course and avoid diversion from the path leading to JEE Advanced 2024. These principles form a winning combination, shaping not just successful exam strategies but also fostering a mindset crucial for overcoming challenges in the journey towards academic excellence.

10. Don’t Compare

It is not necessary that if your friend is studying 10 hours a day then you have to study similar hours. Sometimes you may have to study even longer hours, or sometime just 5 hours a day is sufficient. You should focus on the quality of hours rather than quantity. It is not necessary that what your friend is following has to be replicated by you. Don’t give any input to your brain that ignites anxiety, depression or fear. Just focus on your plan and work avoiding noise. 

There will be many people around you that might question you and your capabilities and there will be very few that will really motivate you towards your goal. You should avoid such individuals and focus on your preparation, ignoring what will be the outcome. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in improving your preparation strategy for the upcoming JEE Advanced 2024.


As the clock ticks down to JEE Advanced 2024, where a mere 10% will secure IIT seats, these 10 topper-suggested tips become guiding beacons. From meticulous scheduling to concept-focused learning, these insights provide a roadmap for efficient preparation. Emphasizing the value of time, the importance of mock tests, and the need for physical and mental well-being, each tip is a vital piece in the intricate puzzle of success. Remember the 5D's—dedication, determination, discipline, diversity, and direction—and avoid comparison-induced stress. Stay focused, drown out the noise, and let these tips be your compass towards triumph in JEE Advanced 2024.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2024: Check Out These 10 Tips Suggested By Toppers for Preparation

1. Why is a tight schedule important for JEE Advanced preparation?

A detailed timetable ensures efficient use of your day, helping you stay disciplined and focused on your preparation.

2. Why focus on concepts before solving questions for JEE Advanced?

Clearing concepts first ensures a solid understanding, making question-solving more effective and efficient.

3. Why is regular doubt-solving essential in JEE Advanced preparation?

Addressing doubts regularly prevents confusion, ensuring a clear understanding of the extensive JEE Advanced syllabus.

4. How can expert guidance aid in JEE Advanced preparation?

Learning from those who cleared JEE Advanced, either through personal connections or lectures/webinars, provides valuable insights and strategies.

5. Why is time management crucial for JEE Advanced 2024 preparation?

Effective use of time, focusing on high-priority topics, consistent revision, and practicing with previous years' papers contribute significantly to success in JEE Advanced 2024.

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