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Tips to Prepare for ICSE Board Exams 2023

By Manasvi GuptaFebruary 21, 2023
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The ICSE Board exams are starting on February 27, 2023. Students appearing for the board exams are feeling nervous and anxious as they must cover the entire syllabus on time, maintaining sufficient days reserved for revision. Many students are putting extra effort into last-minute preparation for ICSE and are confused about how to finish their board exam preparations.

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This article discusses some of the best ICSE board exam preparation tips and tricks to help students score better and ace exams more efficiently. Keep reading to know:

How to Study Last Minute for ICSE Boards?

Students preparing for the ICSE Board exams should create a strategic subject-wise exam preparation plan. ICSE exams have a vital role in shaping a student’s academic life as the marks scored in the exams act as the foundation to determine a suitable stream they want to study further. So, the aspirants must be very thorough throughout their studies.

Here are a few tips for acing board exam preparations. Take a look:

1. Prepare Last Minute Timetable

Creating a timetable while preparing for the board exams is one of the foremost ICSE exam preparation tips. You’ll be able to manage your time and study effectively with proper attention to all the subjects. Create a strategic timetable by writing down the chapters in each subject and alot equal time. By following it regularly, you can study at a constant pace and complete the syllabus on time.

2. Solve Sample Question Papers and Mock Tests

ICSE students are suggested to solve previous years' question papers and mock tests during the last-minute preparation for ICSE. This not only helps you understand the exam pattern but also know what type of questions are important, the time taken to solve them, what areas need more attention and the level of difficulty in questions asked in the exam. You can monitor your performance in the mock tests and overcome your shortcomings.

3. Take Breaks and Relax  

As the exam approach, many students ignore taking in-between breaks and perform constant study hours to cover the maximum syllabus in a minimum period. But often, they feel tired and exhausted with a lack of focus on their studies. Taking breaks every hour of studies will keep your brain relaxed, calm and concentrated. You’ll be able to grasp things quicker without panicking. This will also help you perform concept-based analyses instead of mugging things up.

4. Extra Focus on Tough Subjects

While solving mock tests or sample papers, students get to know about the chapters, topics or subjects they are weak in and are required to pay attention to score better. To master those subjects, they must maintain separate hours in their study plan and practice them. It is one of the important hints and tips for ICSE exams. Make a list of those topics that seem complex to you and allow sufficient time to address them.

5. Use Simple Language Instead of Slang/Jargon

Candidates need to answer questions in simple language while attempting them instead of using slang or jargon. Using simple language will make it easier for the examiner to read and understand, while slang can be disruptive and sound informal, leading to a loss of marks. So, try avoiding any different words and stick to simple language.

6. Maintain Short Notes

Making handy, crisp, short notes while studying is another last-minute study tip ICSE 10th. It helps you learn and understand things easily. You can highlight the important information like dates, formulas, equations, facts etc. and revise them a couple of days before the exam. You don’t have to read the entire textbooks, saving you lots of time and energy.

7. Take Out Time for Revision

While creating an ICSE timetable, it is important to maintain sufficient time for revision so that you don’t have any last-minute doubts or queries before the exam. Stick to the study plan and perform a regular revisions. You’ll be able to retain things for longer and understand the particular chapters in-depth, along with the strengthened concepts. The best idea to revise things is to explain them to someone else, like your classmates.

8. Try Swapping Subjects

While performing the last-minute preparation for ICSE, another important thing that aspirants need to keep in mind is to alternate between subjects and try reading different subjects at a time. For example, you can swap between complex subjects such as Maths, Science, English, History, etc., every couple of hours. This way, you won’t give stress your mind and can pace yourself out. Your brain won’t get tired of learning different subjects.

9. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Since aspirants have been left with only a few days to prepare for the exam, they need to stay active and energetic. Therefore, students are suggested to eat healthy food rich in nutrients, protein and carbs. Long hours of studies can sometimes make students crave junk and quick packaged food. Ditch them and prefer something healthy such as dry fruits, like almonds, etc. Divide your diet into three meals and mid-day snacks to sate your hunger and feel energetic.

10. Think Positive

Last but not least board exam preparation tip is to think positively throughout the preparations. Many students start feeling negative and stressed out about their performance in the exam, which further disrupts their studies. Instead of comparing yourself with other students, stay focused on what you’re doing. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Discuss your issues with them and gain positivity.


Remember these ICSE board exam preparation tips and follow them in your daily study plan. Don’t consider how many days you’re left, rather, think how many hours you have to complete your preparations. All you need to do is stick to your plan with utmost focus and no procrastination.

FAQs on Tips to Prepare for ICSE Board Exams 2023

1. How should I study for ICSE Boards?

Prepare a study timetable and note down important things. Do regular revisions and strictly follow the timetable.

2. What are the best Class 10 Science Board reference books?

You can refer to N. K Chowdhry’s Principles of Physics or Pradeep Publication’s Fundamentals of Physics.

3. Can ICSE students refer to NCERT books?

Yes. All the ICSE students can prepare from NCERT books as they are designed to clear and boost the concepts with sufficient details about the topic.