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10-Day Preparation Tips for ICSE Board Exam

By Shiwani PandeyFebruary 18, 2023
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How To Prepare For ICSE Board Exams In 10 Days?

It is one of the most common questions frequently asked by the aspirants preparing for ICSE board exams starting from February 27. 

Board exams play a vital role in students’ academic lives as they get to decide on a preferred & suitable stream they want to study further and make a career. Therefore, it becomes important for aspirants to score better marks in their board exams. No wonder students work dedicatedly throughout their exam preparations, especially when they’ve been left with only a few days before the exams. 

10-Day Preparation Tips for ICSE Board Exam

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To help students answer, “how to prepare for ICSE board exams in 10 days”? Here, we are sharing a few board exam tips & tricks. Take a look:

ICSE Board Exam Preparation Tips for Students

Preparing for ICSE board examinations requires a proper study schedule and time management. Every year, several students appear for the ICSE board exams. Here, having complete knowledge about every aspect, from exam preparation to attempting, is required. 

Learn all the important ICSE board exam preparation tips to stand out in the exams. Here they are as follows:

1. Study Plan to Complete the Syllabus on Time

While preparing for the ICSE board exams with only 10 days left, the aspirants must keep a track of how much syllabus they must complete. The most eligible idea is to devise the best timetable for class 10 ICSE and stick to it throughout the preparations. List down the chapters in all the subjects and allot enough time to cover them on time. It is a great idea to measure your progress & complete the study portions within a time limit.

2. Manage Time for Revision

If you want to know how to do the last 10 days' revision in ICSE, the great idea is to leave enough time for revision while creating a study schedule. Manage your timetable to have sufficient time to revise things you’ve learned. Perform a revision according to the weightage of chapters and your overall preparation level in particular ones. It will help you grasp things quickly, strengthen concepts, and you’ll be able to retain things for longer.

3. Keep One Sample Paper & Mock Test To Solve Each Day

Many students need to pay more attention to solving sample papers or mock tests and leave it during the last few days of the exam. But it is the best way to evaluate your learning progress and get an idea about where you lack. Try to solve at least one sample paper & mock test each day after completing a particular topic or chapter. You will gain an idea of the type & difficulty level of questions covered in the exam. Additionally, get to know your weak points and improve speed & accuracy.

4. Identify Mistakes & Rectify Them

How to study for ICSE board exams? Keep track of your mistakes and try to overcome them. This is why ICSE board students are suggested to attempt sample papers. This helps them know the discrepancies & other shortfalls in their overall preparations and enables them to work on them. After you’ve solved a test, devote some time to get an insight into answers. Observe the errors you’ve made & rectify them.

5. List Down Important Topics

While searching for “how to prepare for ICSE board exams in 10 days?”, it is essential for the candidates to make a list of important topics & questions and master them. It is an effective way to secure maximum marks in the board exams. Go through the syllabus and include them in your study schedule. Revise them daily and check your progress through solving mock tests.

6. Master Good Writing Skills

Good writing skills play an important role in the overall success of the board exam. Though every student has a different way of answering a question, showing your understanding of a particular concept while answering can help you score high. Therefore, each student should work on his writing skills to obtain good marks. But how? You can observe the topper students’ answer sheets. It will help you understand how an answer can be written in a specific way.

7. Stop Cramming, Understand the Concept

Lastly, every ICSE board student should focus on getting in-depth knowledge of the concept instead of cramming or mugging them up. This is one of the important ICSE board exam preparation tips. As the exams approach, many students start cramming the syllabus to complete their studies on time, but it doesn’t help them in the long run. Soon, they forget what they’ve learned. So the best idea is to understand the concept first and solve related questions. You can refer to the NCERT books to work on the core concepts with various MCQs, examples, flowcharts and diagrams.

Wrapping Up

These are a few ICSE board exam preparation tips & tricks that students can follow to score better academically. A good result is a perfect combination of understanding the pattern & syllabus, recognising the important questions and frequent revision. These tips will help you nail your preparations—best of Luck.

FAQs on 10-Day Preparation Tips for ICSE Board Exam

1. What are the passing marks for ICSE Class 10th?

Students must score 33% in each subject per the ICSE Exam guidelines.

2. Where can I check the timetable for the ICSE Board Exams?

Students can check & download the timetable for the ICSE board exams on the official website

3. How many hours should an ICSE candidate study?

All ICSE students should study at least 6 to 7 hours daily to score better in their board exams.