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Toppers of Vedantu - ICSE Class 10th Result 2022

By Satabdi MazumdarJuly 18, 2022

Vedantu's Extraordinary Results - Topper’s Tips & Strategy

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2023
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Class 10 ICSE Results 2022 have been declared by the official authority, ICSE on 17 July 2022. With the announcement of the much-awaited result of the year, Vedantu has once again proved its motto of helping students achieve their potential. Vedantu has helped several students with their Class 10 preparation who have successfully cleared the class 10th ICSE examinations with excellent results. 

With thousands of aspirants appearing for the critical examination, Vedantu has helped more than a hundred students to achieve top results.  With more than 2 lac students appearing for the class 10th semester 2 examination, Vedantu helped more than fifty per cent of its students to score more than 90 per cent. 

Vedantu’s Extraordinary Results For ICSE Class 10th Result 2022

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Let us take a more detailed look at Vedantu's extraordinary ICSE Class 10th Result 2022!

Overall Analysis of ICSE Class 10 Result 2022

The results of the Class 10 ICSE Semester 2 Result 2022 have been highly anticipated by students as well as parents. The official authority released the results on the evening on 17 July 2022.  Before looking at the success statistics of Vedantu’s students let us look at some of the important details of the ICSE 2022 examination for class 10th.

A total of 2,31,063 applicants, comprising 54.39 per cent males and 45.61 per cent girls, showed up for the ICSE class 10 semester 2 assessments, which were offered by 2,535 schools. There were 22 visually impaired kids among the candidates, and seven of them received scores above 90%.

Now that we are familiar with the overall statistics of the class 10th examination, let us look at the success story of Vedantu’s Vedantu ICSE Class 10th Result 2022.

  • 3 students from Vedantu scored above 99%.

  • 77 students from Vedantu scored above 95%.

  • 192 students from Vedantu scored above 90%.

  • Subjectwise- 14 students scored 100 in Maths, and 2 students scored 100 in science.

Topper’s Preparation Tips & Exam Strategy 

Preparing for any exam need a smart preparation and regular dedication. A proper planning and strategy will always help you to be more clear with your concepts and excel the exam with better marks.

Let us look at few of the preparation tips and exam strategies shared by the ICSE Class 10 Toppers and how they aced the exam with excellent results.

  • Try not to be too stressed before the examination. Stressing over the class 10th  examination or any examination only leads to the development of a negative mindset.

  • Cover the syllabus prior to the examination, and revise the chapters as many times as possible.

  • Always solve questions, and refer to the previous year's question paper or mock test. 

  • Be kind to yourself if you find it difficult to study. Try to be in a balanced state at all times.

  • Select quality above quantity when you are learning.

  • Three to four hours of focused study time every day is far better than stressing and unattentive learning.

  • Always jot down your mistakes or weak points.

  • After recognising them, spend extra time studying the principles in your difficult courses.

  • If you want to ace your exams, you must review. Review each of your concepts in depth.


What's Next after the ICSE 10th Results are Out? 

One of the most common challenges faced by students after the declaration of the result is deciding what should be the next steps. Many students are unsure about what to do or which stream to choose after receiving their ICSE 10th-grade results. Worry no more because we are here to help you with the process. Write down your priorities based on your preferences from the list of suggestions we are compiling.

  • A student has to consider and evaluate their academic interest. Whether they want to study humanities, business, or science, everything will be based on their interests. The students must enrol in Class 11 in the stream of their choice.

  • A student can also concentrate on sharpening their abilities so they can realise the potential of their skill sets.

  • One of the most important things to do after acing your examinations is to prepare yourself for the higher studies and explore all the career opportunities that are available for that particular field.

This was the success story of Vedantu’s ICSE Class 10th Result 2022. Students must take inspiration from the toppers and follow their preparation strategy to excel the ICSE Class 10 exam. It goes without saying that both our dedicated educators and the collective efforts of our students are what allow us to achieve such incredible accomplishments!

FAQs on Toppers of Vedantu - ICSE Class 10th Result 2022

1 Is ICSE Class 10 results available offline?

No, ICSE Class 10  results are available only in online mode. The results are accessible on the official website of CICSE.

2 When was the Class 10th ICSE 2022 Result declared for Semester 2?

Class 10 ICSE Semester 2 Result 2022 was declared on 17 July 2022 on the official website of CICSE.

3 Who is eligible for the compartment examinations?

Students of class 10 ICSE board who were successful in passing all four subjects, including English, but failed in only one subject will be permitted to take the compartment test.

4 Who topped the Class 10 ICSE Examination 2022?

Hargun Kaur Mathura is the topper of the Class 10 ICSE Examination 2022. She scored 99.8 per cent in the Class 10 examination.

5 How many students scored above 90 percent in ICSE Class 10 Examination from Vedantu?

Vedantu’s ICSE Class 10th Result 2022 has been extraordinary and overall 52% of students from Vedantu scored 90 per cent. Also, 2 students of Vedantu scored above 99 per cent while 64 students scored above 95 per cent in the class 10th ICSE board.