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Preparation Strategy to Score Above 90% In ISC Board Exams

By Manasvi GuptaFebruary 22, 2023
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How to prepare for 12th ISC board exams?” It is one of the most common queries being raised by aspirants as the ISC exams 2023 are approaching. Scoring board exams with 90% above marks is a tough nut to crack, requiring utmost dedication, frequent revision, an effective study plan and time-management strategies. No wonder students feel stressed out and anxious with the mere thought of appearing in these board exams. 

How To Get Highest Marks in ISC Board Exams 2023?

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To help students with their overall preparation strategy, here, we are sharing a few ISC board exam tips. Keep reading to know.

How To Prepare For ISC Board Exams 2023?

Every year, several students appear for the ISC board exams, and many end up scoring poorly. So, how to score good marks in ISC? From building a realistic study plan to practising mock tests, students need to be organised and smart enough to score well. 

Here we’ve listed a few valuable tips to help students nail their board exams while keeping stress away. Take a look:

1. Schedule Tasks in a Study Plan  

As the exam approaches, allocating enough time to each subject and determining a deadline to cover the syllabus with proper scope for revision is important. The best idea is to create a study plan and stick to it throughout the preparations. Write down all the subjects and devote sufficient time to each of them. This will help you track your progress and complete your studies on time. Depending on your preparation levels, you should study 4 hours every day or more.

2. Figure Out Important Topics With Maximum Marks

If you want to know how to prepare for 12th ISC board exams, your utmost focus should be covering high-weightage chapters and important topics with frequent revision. Being well-versed in these chapters will help you cover the maximum marks in ISC board exams. Go through the syllabus and make a list of all the important topics. Then, allocate separate time to revise them into your study schedule and ask any doubts to your teachers for concept clarity.

3. Refer to the NCERT Books 

To score well in the ISC board exams, all the aspirants are suggested to refer to the NCERT books, designed to help you keep concepts clear and gain in-depth knowledge about a chapter. If your concepts are strong, you can solve any problem in the exam, irrespective of its difficulty level, especially in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Attention to in-text and exercise questions, flowcharts and diagrams to better understand a chapter.

4. Prepare Hand-Written Short Notes

One of the most important ISC board exam tips is none other than preparing short notes while taking lectures or revising a new chapter. It will help you save time before a couple of days of exams. You can make notes of important formulas, dates, equations, etc., and revise them daily. The best idea is to keep them handy to look at them whenever you want.

5. Improve Speed and Accuracy With Sample Papers 

Along with a proper understanding and knowledge of a chapter, it is essential to be able to answer all the questions within the specified time limit while taking the exam. The best idea to improve speed and accuracy in attempting questions is to solve as many sample papers as possible. It will not only give you an idea about the subject's difficulty and types of questions, but you can also get to know where you lack and overcome later. While doing it, keep the timer ON and note the time each question takes.

6. Note and Enhance Weak Areas 

How to prepare for 12th ISC board exams? The answer lies in identifying and eliminating your mistakes and weaknesses throughout your ISC board exam preparations. This is why students are suggested to solve sample papers and mock tests, as it helps them know where they are facing issues, or where they need to prepare more. Note down all your doubts and weak points and ask your teachers immediately.

7. Use Smart Study Methods

Another tip to prepare for the ISC board exams is to try smart study methods. Every student has a different learning style using which they study well, grasp information faster and understand concepts better. You need to find your learning style and put effort accordingly. For example, you can use Mnemonics, revision charts, flashcards or traditional lists. Figure out what helps you memorize and retain things better.

8. Work On Your Writing Skills 

Talking about scoring 90% above in ISC board exams is not a joke as even a single mark can make a big difference. So, you need to make sure that your answer sheet provides crisp, concise and to-the-point answers. It is one of the most important tips for ISC class 12 boards. Try to keep your answer sheet clean and organised. The best idea is to observe last year’s toppers’ answer sheets. It will help you understand how to present a particular answer.

9. Night Before the Exam

It is the night before the exam and it is obvious to feel nervous. But you need to take a proper and good sleep to perform well the next day. Review your notes effectively to help refresh concepts and gain confidence. But avoid reading or learning anything new as it can make you doubt your preparations. Eat a healthy breakfast on the main exam day so that you can concentrate well.

Summing Up

These are a few tips to prepare for ISC board exams for aspirants. Getting 90% in the ISC board exam requires dedicated study hours with utmost concentration. Just believe in yourself and stick to your study plan. Instead of comparing yourself with others, follow these tips and stay in the company of positive people.

FAQs on Preparation Strategy to Score Above 90% In ISC Board Exams

1. Can I Refer to NCERT books for my ISC board exam preparations?

Students giving board exams or competitive exams like JEE or NEET are suggested to read from NCERT books. They contain all the important topics and chapters with sufficient examples, MCQs and diagrams to help you clarify concepts.

2. What are the best reference books for Class 12 ISC Physics?

You can refer to the ISC Physics Book II for Class XII by P. Vivekanandan, Nootan ISC Physics Class XII by Kumar Mittal or New Simplified Physics by S. L. Arora.

3. How to score 90% above in ISC Board exams?

Create an effective study plan, revise daily, and work on your time management skills.