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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-7

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-7 Linear Equations in One Variable (Ex 7A) Exercise 7.1 - Free PDF

RS Aggarwal Class 7 Chapter 7 Exercise 7a is a perfect study guide for understanding and learning the solutions for all problems in Exercise 7.1. It explains each sum in a step-by-step process for grade 7 students. As these books are available as per Chapter and Exercise in the PDF formats, learners can understand slowly and practice in their feasible timings. Mathematics is a scoring subject, and these books help score better marks.

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Learning Objectives of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter 7 Exercise 7.1

RS Aggarwal solution for Class 7 Chapter 7 Linear Equation in one variable is the best material to learn the step-by-step problem-solving technique. The Chapter is about Linear Equations in one variable, which play a significant role in higher Classes. This Chapter deals with Linear Equations and how to find the degree of Linear Equations.

RS Aggarwal, Chapter 7A explains that Linear Equations may have one or more variables. Based on variables, they are called monomial, binomial, polynomial, etc. RS Aggarwal solutions give an opportunity to students to study various solved Examples and practice many problems. The process teaches the student to use a basic and important method that is a factor. 

Benefits of Vedantu’s RS Aggarwal solution for Class 7 Maths

The key benefits of downloading and referring to Vedantu’s RS Aggarwal solutions are:

  • Experts in the curriculum field thoroughly researched and provided highly reliable answers.

  • You can easily understand the Exam pattern by referring to the PDF of the Maths solutions.

  • The RS Aggarwal solution is highly reliable to score high marks and concept clearance.

  • It makes it easy to choose study material wisely, as all the information required to learn the concept is in one place.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-7

1. Give any two real-life examples of congruent shapes.

We have several real-time examples of congruent shapes. The only thing is it may belong to the same product and manufacturer. Some of them are- 

  • The feathers of the same kind of a fan of the same brand.

  • The size of two chocolates that belong to the same brand.

  • The size of pens which includes height, thickness, and shape of the same brand.

2. If ΔABC ≅ ΔFED under the correspondence ABC ↔ FED, write all the corresponding congruent parts of the triangles.

We can say that two triangles are congruent if pairs of corresponding sides and corresponding angles are equal.

All the corresponding congruent parts of the triangles from the given data are,

∠A ↔ ∠F, ∠B ↔ ∠E, ∠C ↔ ∠D

Correspondence between sides:




These pairs are congruent and corresponding to each other.

3. Why are solutions by RS Aggarwal for Class 7 Chapter 7 important?

When a student is in doubt, then RS Aggarwal is the perfect avenue to check the answer or to learn the way to solve a problem. For last-minute revision, the PDF available is very useful and well-researched questions and answers give an upper hand for preparation for the Exam.There is no shortage of websites that provide solutions to RS Aggarwal's book, but always look for a website that provides 100% authentic answers and is accurate as well. The solutions are provided by specialists in the field with years of experience. These solutions are very useful during Exams.

4. Which Chapters of Class 7 Maths are important from an Exam point of view?

For preparing for the Exam and to clear the basics of Math, each Chapter is important to practice. But when you can look at the question pattern and weightage of each Chapter, you can determine which Chapters of Class 7 are important from an Exam point of view. From the weightage table, we can find out that fractions and decimals, simple equations, data handling and lines and angles have higher weightage. 

5. What is the advantage of selecting the RS Aggarwal solution for Class 7 Chapter 7 Linear Equations?

A equation written in the form ax+b=0 is called a linear equation in one variable, where a and b are real number constants, not equal to zero and a symbol equal to ‘=’ are used to represent equality. The book has explained the equation in a manner where students can grasp the basics in one go.

Few major advantages of selecting RS Aggarwal solutions for Class 7 Maths over others are

  • The solution is comprehensive and prepared by subject experts.

  • The solutions are provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded and accessed anytime in online or offline mode.

  • Many formulas and quick concepts are given between solutions which help to understand the solutions easily.