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RS Aggarwal Class 6 Solutions Chapter-8 Algebraic Expressions

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Algebraic Expressions Solutions By RS Aggarwal - Free PDF Download

Vedantu provides the solutions of RS Aggarwal Class 6 Math Chapter 8. The topic of Class 6 Chapter 4 of Mathematics is Algebraic Expression. The chapter Algebraic expression in class 6 RS Aggarwal includes the basic terminology of algebra, forming expressions, and solving expressions. The way the solutions are provided by Vedantu is easily understandable. The stepwise solutions of every sum of the chapter give the student an enhanced insight into the chapter. You can download the pdf of the solutions of RS Aggarwal Chapter 8 for free from Vedantu. You can also register Online for NCERT Class 6 Science tuition on to score more marks in CBSE board examination. 

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RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6 Math Chapter 8

We have provided step by step solutions for all exercise questions given in the pdf of Class 6 RS Aggarwal Chapter-8 Algebraic Expressions. All the Exercise questions with solutions in Chapter-8 Algebraic Expressions are given below:

At Vedantu, students can also get Class 6 Maths Revision Notes, Formula and Important Questions and also students can refer to the complete Syllabus for Class 6 Maths, Sample Paper and Previous Year Question Paper to prepare for their exams to score more marks.

To Know Algebra We Must Know The Meaning of The Following Definitions

  • Variables - An unknown entity is called a variable when it changes with a change in the situation.

    • For example, Suppose 3x+6 is an algebraic expression with variable x. Now, if x=0, the value of the algebraic expression becomes 6, and when x=1, it becomes 9.

    • Therefore, the value of the algebraic expression changes with a change in x.

  • Constant - Constant never changes its value, it remains fixed.

    • For example: In 3x+6, 6 is the constant.

  • Terms - The number of entities that are either added or subtracted is called terms.

    • For example, 3x+6 has 2 terms i.e 3x, and 6.

  • Coefficient - The number with which the variable is multiplied. 

    • For example: In 3x+6, 3 is the coefficient of x.

  •  Like Terms - Terms having the same variables.

    • For example 3y, 7y, 45y

  • Unlike Terms - Terms that have different variables.

    • For example 3xy, 6x, 7y


Addition and Subtraction In Algebra 

  • Like Terms 

    • The coefficients of all the terms are added or subtracted.

    • 2x+4x-3x-6x=?

    • 2x+4x-3x-2x= x 

  • Unlike Terms 

    • All the terms with similar variables are taken together and then, the coefficients are added or subtracted.

    • 2xy-3x+4x+5y-6xy=?

    • (2xy-6xy)+(-3x+4x)+5y= -4xy+x+5y 

Applications In Geometry 


The perimeter of a Square- Perimeter of a square can also be calculated with the help of algebra. We know that the sum of the lengths of the sides of a polygon is the perimeter. So, if a square has a side l, then the Perimeter of a square= 4*l

The perimeter of a Rectangle– If a rectangle has l and b as length and breadth respectively, then the perimeter of the rectangle = 2l+2b= 2(l+b)

Example: Find the perimeter of a square with a length of 5 cm.

l = 5 cm

Perimeter= 4*l = 4*5= 20 cm


Number of diagonals that can be drawn from one vertex of a polygon = n-3 (n is the number of sides of the polygon)


Rules From Arithmetic  

  • Community of Numbers 

    • Addition: A+B=B+A

    • Multiplication: A*B=B*A 

  • Distributivity of Numbers 

    • A*(B+C)=A*B+A*C 

Formation of Algebraic Expression 

An algebraic expression is formed with the help of operators i.e addition, subtraction, multiplications, and divisions.  



x subtracted from 7


y multiplied by 9


x is added to 8


Example: Form an algebraic expression: x is first multiplied by 6 and then 7 subtracted from the product.

Solution: (6*x)-7= 6x-7

Practical Use of Expressions

Question: 2 girls go to a shop and both of them buy a pencil and an eraser. The cost of the pencil and eraser is 3and1 respectively. What is the total cost?

Answer: x= cost of a pencil

Y= cost of eraser 

Total cost = 2(x + y)= 2(3 + 1) = 2*4 = 8

Hence, the total cost of a pencil and eraser for 2 girls is $8.

Preparation Tips

  • First, go through the chapter thoroughly and cover all the topics.

  • Note down all the important formulae and try to learn them.

  • Start solving the exercise questions without any guidance from anyone.

  • Try the questions at least 3 times if you are unable to solve them.

  • Seek help from Vedantu’s solution to check your answers and solve the ones that you were unable to solve.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Class 6 Solutions Chapter-8 Algebraic Expressions

1. Why Should I Study Algebraic Expression from Vedantu? Can I Use the Methods Shown in the Solutions of Vedantu to Get Good Marks?

Algebra is a completely new concept that a student first learns in Class 6 but if we take a deeper look, we see that the students have unconsciously used algebra all this time. 

Vedantu's study material explained to the students the basic terminologies required to form an expression based on daily applications. The study material will help them not only develop basic understanding of the topic but will also help the students in higher studies.

Yes, you can use the same methods in your exams to get good marks. The answers are prepared by a group of top educators who have gained expertise in this field over the years. You can blindly trust the solutions provided here. 

The solutions are prepared to keep in mind the current CBSE marking scheme. The stepwise process of solving the sum by Vedantu helps students to clear doubts. If you practice the sums regularly from Vedantu, no one stops you from securing higher grades in classes.

2. What are the Benefits of Vedantu’s Study Material and Online Coaching?  

Vedantu provides free study material for all students and given the situation of a pandemic it has been tough for the students to ask for solutions from the teachers of their school. Vedantu has been of great help to the students to clear their concepts. Vedantu has also helped to save a significant amount of money. Online coaching provided by Vedantu is very economical compared to other online or offline coaching classes. 

Online coaching is provided by the best educators who have gained expertise in this field over the years. The study material is made according to the needs of the student and helps them to further understand the complex concepts in higher studies. 

3. Name the topics covered in chapter 8 Algebraic Expressions?

There are 10 exercises present in chapter 8 Algebraic expressions of class 6, each exercise deals with a different topic. Students can easily prepare all these exercises and topics with a little guidance from our expert teachers at Vedantu.

All the major topics covered in this chapter are named below -

  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Matchstick patterns

  • The Idea of variable

  • Standard rules for the use of variables (rules from geometry and arithmetic)

  • Expressions with variables

  • Application of expressions

  • Defining equations

  • The solution to the equations

4. Explain some common rules for Algebraic Expressions?

In class 6, three rules of algebraic expressions are explained in detail. These three are - 

  • Commutative property of addition

    • In addition to two or more variables, the order of addition does not change the resulting sum of the equation.

    • E.g. -       a + b + c = c + b + a

  • Commutative property of multiplication.

    • Similar to addition, In the multiplication of 2 or more, The order of multiplication does not have any effect.

    • E.g. -      a b = b a

  • Division of multiplication over the addition of numbers.

    • For three variables a, b and c. this rule could be written as - 

    • a (b + c) = a b + a c

5. What is Algebra and why is it called “Algebra”?

Algebra is an important branch of mathematics, in which letters and numbers are used to represent various numbers. It also deals with the rules of manipulating those symbols to get the required solutions. Algebra makes it easier to state a mathematical relation.

The word “Algebra” is derived from a book named “Kitab Al-jabr”. The author of this book was a 9th-century mathematician and astronomer, named “Muhammad ibn Musa al Khwarizmi” also known as the father of Algebra. Later, He was known as the Grandfather of computer science.