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RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 1 - Sets (Ex 1.4) Exercise 1.4

VSAT 2023

RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 1 - Sets (Ex 1.4) Exercise 1.4 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 1 - Sets Exercise 1.4 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 1 - Sets Ex 1.4 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 11 Math to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering entrance exams. 

Set is nothing but a collection of numbers, objects, alphabets, symbols or even other Sets. Sets which are empty are known as empty Sets and Sets with just a single object are known as a singleton Set. Finite Set has finite objects and an Infinite Set has Infinite objects. Two Sets are the same or equal if they have equal number of objects. 

If every element of Set A is in Set B then Set A is the subSet of Set B. Power Set A is a collection of the entire subSets of A. It can be denoted by P(A). Union of two Sets- Set A and Set B is the Set of all those elements which are either in Set A or in Set B. The intersection of Set A and Set B is the Set containing all the elements that are common in both Set A and Set B. 

The complement of a subSet A of the universal Set U can be said to be the Set that consists of all elements of U which are not the elements of A.

At Vedantu, you will find step by step solutions for every Exercise covered in Sets Chapter at RD Sharma. A Venn diagram that defines a relationship between Sets. A Venn diagram uses simple closed curves such as circles or ellipses drawn on a plane to represent the Sets. 

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The Solutions of the Exercises in Chapter 1 - Sets are Given Below

Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.2

Exercise 1.3

Exercise 1.4

Exercise 1.5

Exercise 1.6

Exercise 1.7

Exercise 1.8


Topics covered in Chapter 1- Sets 

1. Sets and their representation

  • Roaster form or tabular form.

  • Set-builder form.

2. Types of Sets 

  • Empty Set

  • Finite and Infinite Set

  • Equal Sets

  • SubSets

  • Power Set

  • Universal Set

3. Venn Diagram 

4. Operations on Sets

5. Complements of Sets 

6. Problems based on Sets 

Class 11th Chapter Sets Exercises and Questions covered in NCERT Textbook 

1. Exercise 1.1 - 6 Questions 

2. Exercise 1.2 - 6 Questions 

3. Exercise 1.3 - 9 Questions 

4. Exercise 1.4 - 12 Questions

5. Exercise 1.5 - 7 Questions 

6. Exercise 1.6 - 8 Questions 

7. Miscellaneous Exercise - 16 Questions

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Chapter 1 - Sets (Ex 1.4) Exercise 1.4

1. Mention the important topics I should focus on from RD Sharma Chapter- 1 Sets.

The important topics present in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Math Chapter 1 are listed below:

Sets and Description of Set.

Form of Sets- Roster form or tabular form, Set-builder form.

Types of Sets- Empty Set, finite Set, Infinite Set

SubSets, universal Set, power Set.

Venn diagrams.

Operations on Sets.

By solving problems based on these concepts from every Exercise of RD Sharma Class 11, students can score well in Class 11 exams. 

2. Is it a must to learn all the concepts from RD Sharma Chapter-1 ?

Yes, it is necessary to learn and cover all the topics from Chapter-1 of RD Sharma as it will be even asked in your higher Class. If you miss out on one concept then you will not be able to understand other concepts well, this way you will end up losing more marks in your exam. Vedantu provides step by step solutions to every question and as well as previous year question papers and sample papers to refer to. 

3. Is RD Sharma a good book to practise questions from Class 11 Chapter 1?

You will find a good number of  problems along with solutions provided by RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Math Chapter 1 to help the students to understand the topic in a better way and in a detailed manner.At the end of every Chapter RD Sharma provides Miscellaneous Exercise as well. Each Chapter includes Miscellaneous Exercise problems or Higher Order Thinking ( HOTs ) questions including more than two concepts. To solve Miscellaneous Exercise questions, students have to read and understand all the given concepts. Each concept is linked with another so you cannot skip any concept. Solving these problems is an extra help to your exam preparations. It will aid students to get more marks in the exam. 

4. What are the concepts covered in SubSets and operations on Sets?

The main concepts covered under this section are:

 - SubSets of a Set of real numbers

 - Intervals as subSets of R

Some fundamental operations can be performed on Sets that are similar to the addition or subtraction of numbers. These can be defined as below:

- Union of Sets

- Intersection of Sets

- Difference of Sets