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What is Wurtz reaction? Give an example.

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to know that, the Wurtz response is a natural synthetic coupling response wherein sodium metal is responded with two alkyl halides in the climate given by an answer of dry ether to frame a higher alkane alongside a compound containing sodium and the halogen.

Complete answer:
We have to know that the Wurtz response is an extremely helpful response in the fields of natural science and organometallic science for the arrangement of alkanes. In this response, two diverse alkyl halides are coupled to yield a more extended alkane chain with the assistance of sodium and dry ether arrangement. This response is named after the French scientist Charles Adolphe Wurtz, who likewise found the aldol response. Aside from sodium, metals like silver, indium, enacted copper, zinc, and iron can likewise be utilized in the Wurtz response to acquire alkanes.
We have to see the instrument of this response includes free revolutionaries, taking into account the chance of side responses that lead to the arrangement of alkenes as the item. A response identified with the Wurtz Reaction where aryl halides are utilized rather than alkyl halides is regularly called the Wurtz-Fitting response and is a vital named response in natural science.
For instance, we can get ethane by responding to methyl bromide with sodium within the sight of anhydrous ether or tetrahydrofuran. Here, a huge alkane particle is created by joining two mixtures of alkyl halide and annihilate the halogen iotas as sodium halide.

When dry ether is utilized in the Wurtz response because of the accompanying reasons: The response is led within the sight of sodium metal which is profoundly receptive, henceforth, so a dissolvable should be chosen so that, it won't respond with the sodium metal. Additionally, the alkyl halide should disintegrate in the dissolvable.