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Which of these birds cannot fly?
A. Peacock
B. Duck
C. Emu
D. Stork

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Hint: Birds have special features like feathers and wings to fly. Body mass also matters for flying in the sky.

Complete answer:
Birds are also known as aves which are evolved from reptiles. The common ancestor between bird and reptiles was Archaeopteryx. Birds need feathers and wings to fly but unfortunately all birds cannot fly. Birds with hollow bones can fly because this feature makes it lightweight and helps it to fly.
Peacock is a beautiful bird that has a distinctive blue color. The feathers also known as plumage cover 60%of body size. Due to its long size feathers, peacocks cannot fly longer distances, however they can cover short distances.
Ducks have short, strong and pointed wings. Most species of duck migrate in the winter season but few species cannot fly at all. Few species of duck can fly faster even at speeds of 80km per hour.
Emu is considered a flightless bird. The feathers are soft weak which makes it unable to fly. The legs are longer and it can run up to long distances at the time of need.
Stork are migratory birds, featuring long necks, long legs, webbed feet and red beak. They generally feed on aquatic animals such as fish, shrimps etc.

Note:Birds have particular adaptations to live in a particular habitat. Despite having all the features of birds not all birds can fly.